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Mary Gussler (Lithopolis, Ohio)

I am tired of seeing 45% of payroll check each week being consumed with taxes while I struggle to make ends meet. I am tired of being a slave to my government.

2002-09-26 Party Goer #60

Troy Clopton (Magnolia, Kentucky)

I found it amusing, but we need to do something real. If we wait much longer we will be a socialist state.

2002-09-24 Party Goer #59

Wanda Maier (Timberlake, NC)

Entertaining, educational, how do I send it out to all my family & friends to view?
Federal government: all their salaries are paid for by private business/enterprise. Government produces nothing, but they "legally" ?? take from those employed/engaged in nongovernment business. This idea sounds like the "mafia" to me. I vote for nat'l sales tax, and I think 10% is way too much. How about 3%. Then, get rid of the Job-security for a federal worker. How did that concept come about anyway? Once a federal worker, always a federal worker, even when the work is shody and the worker is a slacker? Never happen in the private sector. Work on that one CSE.

2002-08-29 Party Goer #58

Brian Briles (Monroe, Iowa)

It's time to put an end to the out of control growth of our government and the outrageous levels of taxation that our people endure day after day!!!

When Members of Congress and the Senate and the employees of the IRS start doing my job full time, then they can have as much of my money as they desire, until that day occurs, they should keep their grubby mitts off of my hard earned money!!!!

2002-08-28 Party Goer #57

Tom Schneider (Riverton, NJ)

Now that you've dumped the tea come on over to - Have a Sam Adams and check out the new Republican Babe-of-the-Week!

2002-08-21 Party Goer #56

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2002-08-14 Party Goer #54

Bryan Morton (Stuart, Florida)

Why does our government penalize success? There should be NO income tax at all. I would stand behind a fixed pecentage, Federal sales tax. Let's assume 10% to make the math simple. If you can afford a loaf of bread for a dollar, you pay $1.10. A dollar for the bread and 10 cents to support your government. If you're well off and can afford a three dollar loaf of bread then you pay 30 cents in tax. You don't have to. It's your choice. Don't want to pay 30 cents, then buy the cheaper bread. If you can afford a $50,000 vehicle then you pay $5,000 in taxes. Don't want to pay $5,000 in taxes or can't afford to? Buy a $2,000 vehicle instead and pay $200 in taxes. Sound simple? Sound fair? Those who can afford to pay more and are willing will pay more. Those who can't or won't don't have to.
Dump the IRS and support the National Sales Tax. It's the only fair tax.

2002-08-14 Party Goer #55

David Smith (Carthage, TN)

Never seen you guys before. Interesting website, although it seems a bit amateurish. But I like the idea and concept. Good on ya, CSE! You little rippers.

2002-08-07 Party Goer #53

Jenna Ashley (Raleigh, NC)

Keep up the good work!

2002-08-05 Party Goer #52

Chris Jones (Arlington, VA)

Rock on, CSE!

2002-07-16 Party Goer #51

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