The Location Systems Division has integrated technological innovation with operational excellence to produce VLS, the recognized leader for vehicle location systems and associated wireless two-way messaging. Over 100,000 VLS vehicle tracking units are currently operating in networks covering 10 major US cities and the entire state of Israel.

VLS is a field-proven, cost-effective, and extremely accurate terrestrial location information system that effectively tracks and communicates with mobile objects of any type. Along with its two-way messaging capabilities, VLS excels in a wide variety of applications in the public security and the commercial services markets. The VLS real-time positioning system with two-way messaging is a solution for emergency and security challenges such as:

* Stolen vehicle recovery
* Medical Distress
* Roadside assistance

VLS also provides solutions for commercial applications, including:

* Fleet management
* Cargo Tracking
* Remote data collection from vending machines

With the upcoming release of personal location units, the currently operational vehicle location networks will be greatly enhanced. Once an emergency message is triggered, either automatically or manually, assistance may be swiftly directed to the caller’s precise location.

Telematics Wireless’ transportation management products division has developed and installed systems for fleet management, electronic toll collection, cargo and logistics management, and off-line fleet management. The systems include:

* V-Track off-line fleet management and monitoring system—an extremely low-cost solution that provides accurate vehicle location and speed information at predefined time intervals
* FasTrain cargo and logistic management system for trains and locomotives—providing an electronic bill of lading for cargo trains and a communication device for downloading data collected in the locomotive computer
* LARUS real-time fleet management system;
* FastPassTM vehicle-to-roadside communication system—a state-of-the-art RFID transponder-based system for electronic toll collection, access control, and automatic parking charges

These systems, available in a variety of configurations, provide a wide range of solutions to meet the customer’s operational needs.

Major ports worldwide are striving to improve their operational efficiency, customer services, container throughput, and profitability by automating the container-handling process.

Telematics Wireless Ltd. develops, manufactures, and installs a wide-area radio data communication network utilizing advanced spread spectrum and digital communication techniques. Telematics also develops complete AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) navigation systems for major seaports worldwide.

This system schedules and controls a fleet of AGV’s for optimization of container conveyance throughout the container terminal. It also allows individual navigation and control of driverless trucks throughout the Port.

The system controls the transportation of the containers between the quay and the stacking yards. It controls the automatic loading and unloading of the containers from the cranes to the vehicles.

The system consists of the following main elements:
* A comprehensive Communication Network for data exchange between all system components in the terminal.
* An on-board Navigation System installed in each AGV for controlling, guiding, and steering it throughout the Port (with an accuracy of 2 cm).