Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       5 Ix, 17 Chen, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive with more information for you! During the past few weeks, many wonders have occurred in the silent, secret world that rules this realm. These events have created the circumstances for some extraordinary phenomena. Soon, they will become clear to you. Until then, we simply wish to alert you and ask you, now, to intensify your meditations and rituals so that they can be manifested as we all intend. Meanwhile, your precious planet and its present ecosystem remain gripped in crisis. The extinction patterns for a wealth of plants and other species of wildlife progress at a very rapid rate. Earth's atmosphere and her ocean's circulation rate continue to alter unusually quickly. At the same time, the basic rhythm of the inner 'sun' (core) of your world is changing. These events reflect what we have already told you - that Mother Earth is preparing to make rapid changes in her existing appearance. These shifts are related to the way your planet and her Sun connect to each other. We intend presently to reveal these processes, which differ quite radically from your 'scientific' perceptions.

      The energy system that envelops your world originates in the interaction between your Sun and Mother Earth. While the Sun provides about one-third of this energy, the rest cascades from your Earth's inner core and from energies that stream in from many other realities and dimensions. Earth's central core acts as both a dynamo and a transducer. It uses its own life-force energies and then integrates them with those from other realms. Your Sun's major effect concerns the atmosphere and Mother Earth's ecosystem. The Sun nurtures them by contributing the crucial balances that determine how the ecosystem will mature. Contrary to your science's present beliefs, Mother Earth provides most of the warmth to her atmosphere and to her oceans and landmasses. The Sun merely grants special kinds of radiation to trigger specific types of climatic conditions. These conditions are determined by a system of balances forged from radiation that is emitted by the Earth and directed toward her by the Sun. Now, let us consider this process more closely.

      The balancing system between your Sun and Mother Earth is actually operated by types of radiation that your science cannot yet fully measure. Your science has relegated it and its accompanying higher forms of matter to the designation of 'dark matter', or simply unknowns. Its properties run counter to your present 'physical laws'. Let us examine them to see how they affect you. First, understand that matter possesses 'density', which emanates from its overall potential. Second, see that all things in physicality are actually composed of inter-dimensional Light. When you combine these two concepts, you realize that 'physical reality' is, in fact, the vast total of all possible realities. Within this reality are many sub-realities, the majority of which impinge upon your own. Because they are beyond your 'rules of perception', you cannot easily observe them. Nonetheless, they exert a considerable influence. Since everything in this universe is interconnected, an endless stream of energies and information 'packets' constantly passes between your reality and theirs. This is what your planet harnesses to balance herself and her ecosystem.

     This energy is aligned according to 'Ley lines' and their intersecting points ('nodes'). Nodes also act as points at which this balanced energy is initially injected into Mother Earth's living field. This field can be measured, in part, by verifying the strength of Earth's geomagnetic fields and its natural pulsations. There is also a rhythmic pattern that derives from the transduction of the energies to which we have just alluded. This process cannot yet be fully measured by your conventional scientific instrumentation. However, we can safely tell you that a high percentage of the energetic events upon your world stems from this procedure. Your planet's core greatly attracts certain types of energies and repels others. This operation results in the collection of certain energies in her fields. Their entry and exit points are planetary nodes. If an imbalance exists in parts of these fields, Earth's climatic conditions change and her ecosystem's precise balances are upset.

      Mother Earth's ecosystem is derived from a specific energy patterning. She takes the energies that stream in from all realities and from your Sun, combines them with her own energies and creates a special web. Within this special 'eco-web', life, as you know it, originates. It is an extremely fragile web that requires special and constant attention in order to survive. During past galactic wars, the 'eco-webs' of Mars and Venus were virtually destroyed. Here, on Earth, this web is fully functional and has produced an infinite diversity of life-forms. For two reasons, Mother Earth's ability to sustain this web is shrinking dramatically. First, the life-threatening effluents produced by your industrial society have excessively imbalanced the web. Second, the need to transform the planet to full consciousness means that her eco-web's present composition must be changed. Because this procedure involves both positive and negative factors, we must consider the process more closely.

      Clearly, both you and the divine plan are transforming your planet's eco-web. It is a highly complicated operation. At the time the divine plan first began to reshape your world, its decrees forced an acceptable level of imbalances to occur. The past century's rapid industrial growth and the vast expansion, in the last fifty years, to previously untouched regions of the globe quickly raised these levels. This was extremely harmful to the continuing imbalances that were required to transform your present reality. Over the past five decades, we have used our rather limited open contacts with you to warn your global society of the consequences of its actions. As a result, the apparent negative actions undertaken by your industrial society briefly countered a positive balance.

      This divine operation of bringing your eco-web into a state of imbalance in order to transform it was carried out according to order. Your actions have greatly accelerated our need to complete this activity. Therefore, you have shortened your own timeline for changing from a fragmented planetary society to a fully developed galactic one. You have also allowed us to begin to more directly intervene in your society. Thus, we have arrived on your shores with the clear mission of a massive first contact and the imperative to assist your rapid transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. Events on your planet and in your solar system are helping the task along. It will not take decades for them to occur. With every passing day, you draw closer to the manifestation of these wondrous events.

      The approaching times will be filled with minute points that change the transformation of your planet. These points are considered in the divine plan. Our mission, now, is to use our 'good offices' to help you through these most challenging times. At the appropriate moment, we will use these upcoming events to lead you graciously toward a massive first contact with us. We know, dear Hearts, that present events are only part of the divine operation supervised by Heaven. Therefore, its exact timings remain somewhat fluid and are based upon factors that you can barely imagine. This leads us to ask you to accept this information and use your heart-logic to better comprehend its meaning. Realities are constructs of consciousness. The way in which they become transformed is due to 'facts' that are better understood by the heart (Love) than by the logic of the head.

      Today, we have discussed events that are transforming your reality. We have asked you to see your reality in a more expansive mode. Use your inner, intuitive logic to explore this reality of yours. Discover its complexities and its connections. Most important, learn to accept your approaching transformation and your magnificent destiny. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the boundless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is truly yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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