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SmackDown! Results, 8/15/02
The Rock brings it to Chris Benoit! 
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Paul Heyman escorted Brock Lesnar into the ring to kick off SmackDown! from the KeyArena in Seattle! Heyman recounted Lesnar's dismantling of Hulk Hogan last week. Heyman said that Brock's performance was impressive, but that it was just a stepping stone for the Next Big Thing. Brock took the mic himself and promised to end The Rock's title reign at SummerSlam! Rikishi interrupted Brock and strolled into the ring despite Heyman's repeated warnings. 

Rikishi ripped the microphone away from Heyman and said he would back that ass up and make Brock kiss his phat ass! Rikishi and Brock came to blows and the Phat Man knocked the Next Big Thing over the top rope and nearly gave Heyman a Stink Face. Luckily for Heyman, Brock came to the rescue and the two backed up the ramp.

Billy, Chuck & Rico def. Shannon Moore, The Hurricane & Hardcore Holly 
With the referee distracted, Billy snuck up behind Shannon Moore and slammed the newcomer, allowing Chuck to get the pinfall. Afterwards, Billy, Chuck and Rico ganged up on Shannon, but Matt Hardy sprinted into the ring and helped Hurricane and Hardcore Holly clear the ring!

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon reamed out Dawn Marie for allowing some highly sensitive documents fall into Eric Bischoff's hands last week. The documents were a contract that allowed RAW Superstar Rob Van Dam to get a shot at Chris Benoit and the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. Stephanie told Dawn that if she wants to continue working for her, she needs to dress more professionally and if she screwed up again Stephanie would fire her. 

Matt Hardy told Shannon Moore, Hurricane and Hardcore backstage that he's glad to see them and they didn't need to thank him for helping them out. The three exchanged quizzical looks as Matt left.

During a backstage interview where Kurt Angle talked a lot of trash about Rey Mysterio to Marc Loyd, Mysterio came up and challenged Angle to a match at SummerSlam. Mysterio said he would beat Kurt again and shut him up once and for all. Angle accepted and repeatedly made fun of Mysterio's size. Angle then turned around to find Mark Henry looming over him. Henry called Angle a little man, prompting Angle to question if Henry's the World's Strongest Man in weightlifting or in body odor!

In Stephanie's office, Chris Benoit told the SmackDown! General Manager that he would take care of RVD at SummerSlam, but would first make The Rock tap out once again during their match later on!


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