Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       10 Cib, 19 Moan, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive, dear Hearts! As a number of momentous events build toward their inevitable disclosure, let us continue a discussion of our fleet and what lies ahead for you. At present, our fleet is primarily engaged in two activities. The first part involves the widespread, careful monitoring of your planet and its peoples. The second concerns the overseeing of certain events that will be needed before we commence our long-awaited first contact operations. We consider first contact, inevitably, to be a three-stage procedure. The first phase occurred when you undertook the final steps of your Ascension/Transformation in the late 1980s. The second began the present configuration of our first contact mission, and was formerly authorized by the Galactic Federation of Light's Main Council in the mid-1990s. The third stage started when we entered into negotiations with our earthly allies and this planet's secret cabals in the latter part of the galactic year of Eight Manik. These talks advanced a number of important subjects dear to our hearts, which include the ending of a global UFO cover-up.

      The formal announcement of our benevolent existence is of immeasurable importance to us. It will end the official belief upon your world that we do not exist and, at the same time, will permit a wealth of useful technology, which your secret governments have either developed or suppressed, to be put into use. These devices will quickly revolutionize your energy production and rapidly advance your various methods of transportation. Once they have been used, aircraft as you now know them will disappear. You will move toward "magnetic lifters", as well as primitive craft that resemble our own. The large electrical power plants that now fuel your cities and industries will disappear. In their place will be decentralized units connected to every factory, building and home. Such advances will be accompanied by a radical change in your present religious struggles. The many great heavenly Masters who were instrumental in creating these philosophies will return, transforming conflict and division and creating a new unity. This extraordinary process will commence soon after the formal and public announcement of our existence.

      With the conclusion of these announcements, we shall make our own. Several possible scenarios are now being considered. The main one is to begin flyovers above certain cities. Included in these plans are television broadcasts, originating from our scouts or from our large Motherships. It is important that we show you our technology and that you realize that we are here only to observe and interact, according to the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The extent of our initial contacts will be restricted by the wishes of our heavenly supervisors. Another crucial factor is the condition of Mother Earth. Her Spiritual Hierarchy is ready, when necessary, to request a mass intervention. The existence of these options has allowed us to prepare several different liaison teams, which will act with the local and regional units that you will have provided us. Remember, dear Ones, that you remain the focal point in this entire procedure. You, who have incarnated upon this realm, are our primary concern. Thus, we ask you to join together and form groups that are dedicated to serve humanity and your beautiful, fragile home.

     These groups will become a link between your communities, you and us. Together, dear Hearts, let us dedicate ourselves to communicate what is taking place. Around your world, many important events are about to be revealed. Once this occurs, you must be ready to spring into action. You must be prepared to become both an informant and a support resource for your community. Events will proceed quickly and sporadically. That is, divine timing is responsible for these present occurrences. Some events will need to remain secret while others will require complete disclosure. Your task will be to assist local residents in coping with whatever transpires. Our task will be to aid you. Our liaison teams resemble the medical teams we have deployed to your world for more than a decade. Their lead will be the decrees of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the messages that we will deliver to your world. Most important, the length of this stage of our contact mission will depend upon the timing for Mother Earth's changes.

      Changes in Mother Earth's surface will be very dramatic. Thus, it is crucial that you not be on her surface when they occur. We regard your living planet's acute need to change as a turning point in your interaction with us. We intend to limit this association until it is time for us to move you either to the ships, or a new habitat in Inner Earth. In this regard, look upon these dwellings as if they were surrounded by force fields, holographic technology and a Loving resolve you have not yet encountered. You may exist in an environment that resembles your present one but that is both independent of, and a living adjunct to, this world. Consequently, it will be safe from any dangers this world presents. Within this cocoon, you will transform into fully conscious Beings. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to begin your next assignment on this world as the physical Angels that you truly are.

      As physical Angels, you will create a unique galactic society that will be a glorious blend of all those that have preceded it. You will transform the barbarity and discord of your present world. We have foretold you these things in many earlier messages. You must fully understand that what lies ahead can occur suddenly and without warning. The ways of Heaven are guiding these events that, in right divine time, will come about in an immense burst of many concurrent events. For this reason, we ask you to be prepared to act in a similarly swift and coordinated manner. Our announcements and liaison teams can provide a useful resource to assist you. Still, because the weight of these events is upon you, we say again that you need to join together to form compassionate groups.

      Activation of your planet's people concerning first contact is among our most sacred tasks. In these messages, we have alerted you to the fact that our arrival is both inevitable and close at hand. We are extremely pleased with present events on your world. The alliance we have formed with various earthly allies is beginning to change the make-up of your world's governments. A new era is dawning upon your world. Many welcome disclosures are at the point of being made. These events are making available to you a new world of freedom, harmony and prosperity. They also are bringing a most astonishing announcement - our benevolence and our existence. This public statement will change your world in all the ways we have mentioned. It also will bring you the re-emergence of God's Divine Will. The time of darkness is ending, at last.

      As we also have mentioned before, this approaching new era is filled with grand new responsibilities for you. Have faith. Focus, always, on the positive. Understand that the darkness that has surrounded you for so long is now quickly vanishing. Its transformation has occurred only as a result of your own inner changes, which began more than a decade ago and have enabled you to begin a quiet revolution. At this very moment, that revolution is succeeding. In all of this, remember that as these events began with you, so you must also complete them. You are the foot soldiers and the generals in this campaign. We salute you, dear Hearts, and ask you simply to remain focused, centered and fully committed to the task at hand. Bear in mind that, together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have discussed some of the events that are going on around you. We have focused on our intended actions and on our highest recommendation, that you form groups and join together. The time has come for you to set aside your differences, to become one and to realize how truly powerful you really are. We now take our leave! Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the unlimited Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is truly yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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