Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        1 Cib, 4 Pax, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We arrive, once again, to inform you of unfolding events. For many millennia, your beautiful world has been ruled by a very powerful and specially interlocked group of families, individuals and organizations. Now, these Beings realize that it is time they let go of their authority and returned this realm to the Light. For this, we salute them and offer gracious thanks to all Beings upon this realm who so valiantly have aided us in this most amazing effort. This leads us to ask each of you, now, to come together and help us to complete these noble tasks. Use your great inner powers, dear Ones, to envision and solemnly intend our rapid success in these matters. Before you lies your grand destiny - your wondrous galactic society. Many things are being prepared to initiate a process that will announce your galactic society's coming. Therefore, you must gather and meditate upon these events. In your meditations, include all leaders of the Light upon your world who have duly assisted us, and freely give them the energies they now need to complete this most glorious mission successfully and quickly.

      As you work your collective miracle, we who now reside above you, and those who dwell among you, will work ours. We are sharing this process and, together, are creating a new realm. All involved parties have signed these important agreements, which we now are implementing with the help of our associates. At this very moment, critical meetings are being held throughout this world to ensure that many important schedules occur within the agreed-to time parameters. We are confident that these arrangements, when fully implemented, will bring us to your shores. They will also drastically alter the nature of the world in which you now live. Indeed, dear Hearts, these times are most remarkable and miraculous. We sincerely ask that, when you are finally able to carry out your true desires, you do so immediately. Forge networks that can create new healing centers. Make an intention to effortlessly create a wealth of wondrous new technologies. Then, embrace yourselves with love and truly discover the joy that flows from such tasks.

      Remember that your true inner joy is the basis for your Being-ness. You have reached the point at which you finally can allow yourselves to express this true joy openly and freely. We have come from afar to carry out Heaven's mandate and to see that this joy is expressed in wondrous ways. Those who long have ruled you understand these things. They acquired their ongoing education through the great abilities of the Spiritual Hierarchy, our own urgings and the great courage of the enlightened Beings upon your world who have stepped forward and ever so magnificently served Spirit. You are part of this mix. Your great intentions and well-placed meditations have provided the foundation upon which all of this has happened. Embrace the events to come as your just reward. See the many things that you must do as simply the realization of your deepest and truest joys. What awaits us is more than just a massive first contact, involving a vast array of fantastic, highly sentient Beings. It is, dear Ones, the true fulfillment of our shared and sacred destinies.

      In previous messages, we have briefly alluded to Earthly groups who continue to perceive us as a fearsome obstacle in their path. Their varying degrees of mischief have caused many previous schedules not to be fulfilled. Currently, we are doing what we must to correct these things and to assure you your well-deserved success. Know that your world is reaching a point where truly amazing events now must occur. These events are all part of the procedures that officially establish our existence and allow us to proceed with our many announcements. First contact with your global society has been a most interesting process. Your secret rulers have proved to be a most motley and interesting group. We are quite happy that they have cooperated and have set the stage for what soon is to follow. As in the past, we are unable, yet, to divulge these details. We do, however, intend to say more about your coming galactic society and our approaching first contact.

      First contact is your great dividing line. It is, beyond question, the definitive event. With it, you will cease to be a troubled, fragmented planetary society and become a joyous galactic society. This transformation will occur for two reasons. First, you will dramatically alter your limited conception of yourselves and your potential for rapid change. Second, you will discover that you are not alone and learn about your true history and your off-planet origins. These things will vastly alter you and permit you access to some truly astounding technologies. Within you, they will all forge a new awareness that will lead you to full consciousness and the fulfillment of your many joys. In them, you will discover who you really are. In effect, we have arrived mainly to help you realize these joys and the most effective way to express them. Remember that Spirit co-creates these things with you. We are merely its gracious facilitators.

      We know that the means for your highest forms of creativity exist in discovering this joy and in expressing your passion. Creativity contains the nutrients you need to germinate your infinite talents, which include wondrous solutions to transform physicality and unfold the marvelous union between the many realms of the physical and of Spirit. These events are part of your glorious future. In the 'Now', you are preparing yourselves for them. See yourselves as children who are quickly becoming adults. In your approaching adulthood, you will perform an endless array of splendid deeds. Now, you are attending the dark school of adversity. Soon, however, the final class bell will sound. That loud ringing, dear Hearts, will mark our formal arrival upon your shore.

      The 'secret powers' on your world understand these things quite succinctly. Hence, it has taken much education and many painstaking actions to change their former dark plans. We cannot overstate their importance. They have made possible the present sequence of events. Therefore, we acknowledge their ability to change and thank the wondrous ways of Spirit as well. Always remember, dear Hearts, that your sharp focus and continuing commitment to the Light have been vital to these proceedings. We repeat this only to make an important point. This reality is simply an illusion and requires only a powerful collective decision to be changed. As a result of your actions, it is now unfolding. Use your desire for this change to empower yourselves collectively and to permit this endgame to occur.

      We await the events to come. Soon, we plan to become more visible in your skies. In daylight and at low altitudes, it will be easy for you to observe our uncloaked craft. They come in many sizes and shapes. Some are small and approximate the size of your small single-engine airplanes or helicopters. Others are immense and many miles in diameter. In any case, we dearly wish to stage a great spectacle for you. Until the appropriate time, we will refrain from such daylight displays. However, dear Hearts, know that such things are indeed destined to occur. You must see your coming first contact as a truly tangible event. Our technologies, and others now hidden from you, are part of your rapidly manifesting destiny. Soon, it will appear before you and a glorious new reality will be able, at long last, to dawn upon your world.

      Today, we have briefly discussed events that are presently occurring. We ask you to maintain your most magnificent focus and remain strongly committed to these undertakings. Soon, extraordinary events will gloriously take shape before you. Take them as a sign that your first contact with us is rapidly approaching. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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