Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       4 Ahau, 3 Chen, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Hearts, with much to tell you. In our last series of messages, we described the mechanisms that are changing your reality and the reasons it is being altered. Now, we intend to look more closely at the ways these changes are affecting your galaxy. To your scientists, this is simply one of a countless number of spiral galaxies. Indeed, thousands of similar galaxies are found in the space that is a mere 50 million Light Years from the Milky Way Galaxy. There are well over 100 billion stars in your galaxy. There are also well over 100 billion similar spiral galaxies in this present universe. Do not be shocked by these numbers. They are simply proof of the immensity of physicality. Countless such universes exist throughout physical Creation. The Creator has given form to this totality, using what you refer to as 'sacred geometry'. The basis for this geometry is harmonics. A set of golden ascending and descending quarter and fifth tones exists, which corresponds nicely to the polygons of 'sacred geometry'. Your scientists refer to the bridge between them as 'fractals'.

      This universe is alive and very conscious. As you know, it functions according to a divine plan that the Creator established at the moment of its birth. Up to this moment, six such Creations have occurred. The present one is approaching its instant of transformation. At that point, this sixth Creation will end and the seventh will begin. Each Creation is established to play out a specific drama. In the case of the sixth, it occurred when Light and dark began as foes and, in moment of transcendental awareness, will discover how to merge. Out of this union will arise a 'greater Light' that will allow it to unite, once again, with Heaven. In that instant, it will be transmuted into the seventh Creation. Clearly, this Creation sits on the brink of that magic moment. Together, dear Ones, our mission is to assist this Creation to unfold according to the divine plan laid down by the Creator from the very outset. If we are to accomplish this, you must appreciate one essential fact. The present Creation began not with a massive explosion, but with the gracious inrush of consciousness that cascaded from all previous Creations.

      The major factor in all of this is consciousness. We are carrying out a series of conscious actions that will permit physicality to achieve its divine purpose - to assist Heaven in gathering up the Creator's wisdom. Therefore, all events in physicality have a purpose. Every step contains an infinite number of conscious actions. Every lifetime that we have lived has allowed us to expand our understanding of this divine wisdom. In turn, this has made it possible for us to demonstrate to Heaven how best to unfold physicality. This shared course of action rests at the very heart of our divine knowledge of physicality. As we grow in consciousness, we affect physicality, ourselves and, most of all, Heaven. This is an ongoing process that occurs in specific cycles and frequently is caused by specific circumstances. The physical universe in which you dwell is both random and ordered. This apparent anomaly is extremely important. By understanding it, you are able to let go of your outer control and learn to better trust inner logic. In it, the two seemingly contradictory aspects of randomness and ordering collide.

     Here, your special inner logic takes hold. By applying it, you are able to work more in harmony with the universe, rather than against it. From this cosmic rootstock, you discover a stable foundation for your developing consciousness. Heaven's task, and ours, is to place the many possible options at your disposal. To that end, you have undergone an extended series of subtle mutations that are beginning to transform your society and its governance, its cultures and its economy. Similar operations are taking place on innumerable other worlds and in countless other realities. As you change, so, too, does the Creation in which you dwell. Changes noticed by your scientists to your planet, your solar system and your galaxy have been observed, as well, by many medical researchers. Transformation occurs, simultaneously, on many very different levels. This holistic procedure is part of the divine plan. As it unfolds, your consciousness acts upon it, as does a vast, collective consciousness. This process is yet another essential feature of this divine procedure.

      A crucial part of this is to be able to travel continually between the macro-possibilities of the universe and the micro-possibilities that exist within each of you. Each set of potential is interconnected. Ultimately, Creation is holistic in nature. The lifespans and energies of immense galaxies are tied to the lifespans of every conscious Being that they contain. You live, and you are conscious. Thus, you help to reveal the potential within Creation and the innate order that accomplishes this revelation. The operation is carried out in a number of unique ways. Most important are those that uphold the divine decrees of Heaven. Remember that all of you are physical Angels. Each of you holds within you a pattern that assists this divine mission. As you increase in awareness, this pattern will reveal itself and show you, as well, how to carry out most effectively your contribution to the unfolding of this Creation.

      The sixth Creation is approaching the magic moment to which we have alluded. Consequently, we have come from afar to your beautiful shores. You are reaching a point in your development where you require both an indirect and a direct form of divine guidance. In past messages, we have indicated that Creation is complex and joined together in special patternings, which are revealed through the use of harmonics. At the beginning of this message, we mentioned this once again. Let us further describe how this works. Previously, we explained that your reality is built around a defined geometric pattern. Other realities possess either similar, or very different, methods of construction. This master series of ordered yet random designs is repeated infinitely within each reality. These 'realities' vibrate, and a master series of harmonies is also emitted.

      These master frequencies are extremely important because they determine how each set of constructs affects the others. Every dimension in physicality possesses a vast and infinite set of possibilities, each of which has an ordered potential. The random and somewhat ordered interaction between each possibility's potential is determined by its harmonics. Moreover, the harmonics of each 'reality' are consciously altered by its inhabitants. This interactive operation is brought about by the divine plan and by those authorized to carry out its new sequences. This process is, in fact, not as chaotic as it initially may seem. A natural 'right' order exists, and its overall potential is consciously adjusted so that it eventually will prevail. As this 'right' ordering succeeds, it affects the rest of physical Creation, which, in turn, causes a 'right' chain of events to consciously occur in other 'realities'.

      This collective cascading effect is merely one of the more notable methods by which this aspect of physicality is disclosed. Your 'reality' is destined to be transformed. We have tried to give you a better understanding of how this process operates. Consciousness is the way in which Spirit works its magic in physicality. Each action is purposeful. Like a stone rippling the water in a lake, consciousness affects the medium into which it is tossed. How and why this occurs is due to Spirit's need to create a 'conscious' action. These actions are unfolding every moment, in every reality and dimension in physicality. The 'ripples' affect you as your ripples influence the vast collective that surrounds you. This is the way physicality is divinely influenced, and the reason you are so important to the achievement of the divine plan during this sixth Creation.

      Today, we have continued to discuss the operation of Creation. You are of unsurpassed importance to what now is unfolding around you. We ask you to continue your great work. Know, dear Hearts, that your efforts are progressing favorably and about to manifest abundantly before you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the boundless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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