Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

May 20, 2000 (8 Cimi, 19 Moan, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you today on wings of exuberance, filled with a great joy for what is happening in your realm. You, dear Ones, are on the verge of a series of events designed to change your present concepts of this reality. Surrounding you is an energy that manifests those things you need to fulfill your divine missions. It is our sacred purpose to ensure that this process is completed as planned. The dark emissaries of your realm have put a great deal of interference and many grand obstacles in our way. All of this was forecast by the divine plan. The time swiftly approaches to put aside any further delay of your destiny. The moment for your next stage of development is about to be ever-lovingly dropped upon you. We request that you begin to prepare yourselves carefully. Realize that the way it develops can come as a grand surprise to most of you. Heaven has long worked in your fertile fields to achieve the harvest that is about to occur. Today, we shall discuss with you how to ready yourselves for this special moment. In it also lies a great deal of inner enlightenment.

      In you, there is a great Spirit. This Spirit is your Soul - your 'I Am Presence'. You have come to integrate it into your now-limited physical essence. In doing so, you will achieve full consciousness. You will transform your limited reality into an unlimited one. You will also greatly affect the unfolding of physical Creation. To accomplish this, you have received the full cooperation of Heaven. Yet, it all needs to be done according to the sacred blueprint set forth by Mother/Father God. Hence, before conception, each of you was given a divine Life contract that clearly stated your responsibilities, as well as how you and your divine team had decided to carry these tasks out. Every aspect of your mission has a divine purpose. Your mission is to decide how best to successfully carry out your responsibilities. At this point, we need to accent the phrase 'divine team'. Constantly bear in mind that you have a divine set of wise and powerful entities that assist and guide you. They have only one purpose - your success. In addition, they can see into the future and take you where you need to go.

      When you are in distress or seemingly without a 'game plan', listen to their ever-helpful advice. It is created to lead you quickly toward a path that allows you to successfully overcome any potential obstacle or problem. Your 'divine team' is connected to your True Self and to your divine heavenly Order. Each entity in this Life-stream is always there for you. See yourselves as possessing a virtual Army of great strategists who are continually at your beck and call. Remember, dear Ones, you are really not alone. You are the one who has volunteered for this mission, and we in Heaven have not forgotten you. In fact, we greatly admire and appreciate what you are doing to advance our cause - to unfold this Creation as planned by Mother/Father God. Physicality is a most grand game. It is a truly wondrous challenge to those who choose to play. As physical Angels, you are on a playing field where you have dabbled numerous times. Only this one has the added challenge of limited consciousness - a special degree of separation between Spirit and its ever-daring child, physical reality.

      Your responsibility is to assist Heaven in adjusting your physical body. These numerous adjustments are planned to raise the base frequency of your physical body, reorder your electrical and nervous systems and vastly alter the very nature of your RNA/DNA genetic structures. In doing so, you are exposed to vast mood changes, modifications of your desires and a plethora of aches, pains, fatigue and many assorted illnesses. In addition, you have been put upon a path deeply fought against by your conscious mind. Hence, you seem to be going in several directions at once. For these reasons, we have continually asked for your commitment and your fully centered focus upon these matters. We realize that it can become overwhelming. Often, you may lose your center and feel that you cannot possibly go on. Yet, you do. Deep down, you understand why you have come here and how you are to fulfill your mission. You are Beings of Light, lost only temporarily in physicality, finding your way back to the Light.

      As you work your way toward the Light, you begin to understand the nature of physicality and its many illusions. You learn about fear, experience uncertainty and discover how any such problem can be creatively transformed into a solution. You discover your vast potential and learn about that truly amazing Being somehow locked inside of you. Your knowledge permits you to begin to integrate this into a greater whole. You grow rapidly in wisdom. You also seek out others. In this, you find out how deep the great changing of this reality has become. You sit on the edge of a new perception. Yet, you wonder how to take it up and employ it to manifest a new reality. This is the quandary in which most of you are currently mired. Much seems yet to be manifested before you can completely assume this new mantle. It appears too overwhelming to tackle. However, let us caution you that it is actually much easier then may at first appear.

      Right now, you are Beings in transition. You need to acknowledge each other. You need to understand that you are parts of a greater whole - this reality. Show gratitude for what each wisdom given you can do to guide you in your path. Allow this energy to engulf you. Manifest and expand these exchanges of energies. We in Heaven seek only to surround you in this sacred energy. Remember, dear Ones, that gratitude is at the core of compassion. With it, you can accomplish miracles. You can change how you perceive your reality. Abundance grows from an understanding of this energy and a realization that no one is exempt from it. You are all like a large school of fish, swimming in this ocean of energy that is run by ever-expanding currents of gratitude. As you swiftly come together, acknowledge your wisdoms. Much good will then come to the fore.

      Learn to listen to and discern your inner dialogue. In every moment, a multi-layered dialogue is going on within you. This usually ranges from the controlling conversation of your conscious mind's many thought-form allies, to the advice being tendered by your inner divine councils. You need to employ a discretion that centers this dialogue on your true needs. Often this process does not occur unless some form of an inner or outer crisis is underway. Then, you deeply listen by restricting the dialogue to what you really desire. From it, a strategy is picked, seemingly in a random fashion, which leads you to a solution. When this solution is carefully followed, success is assured. You need to learn to use this same procedure without the pressure of some overwhelming crisis surrounding you. This is the path to your true enlightenment.

      At the beginning of this missive, we said that it is imperative for you to prepare yourselves. These events will come at you swiftly, and at full bore. We wish you to remain centered and deeply committed to your mission and to the fact that it requires collective action. The degree of change that you are encountering is vast. Since it has been 'spoon-fed' to you up to now, most of you have not been too overwhelmed by its effects. Indeed, you feel that very little has changed. In many ways, it could be compared to an ocean voyage. Outside, each day appears to be like the one before. Yet, in reality, you have sailed even closer to your destination. Likewise, your inner perceptions are moving, every day, ever more swiftly toward their transformation. Yet, you feel that little is changing. We ask simply that you keep these things in mind and understand how wonderfully connected you are to each other.

      In our message, we have discussed the next part of your transformation and offered you some advice on how to prepare for it. We request that you look inside and discover your many truths. From this discernment, take effective action and, most of all, connect with others. Learn to show gratitude for each other. Within you are many amazing wisdoms waiting to come to the forefront. We now take our leave. We bless you all, dear Ones. Use your great abilities, as well as the Power and Supply of Heaven, to forge a most welcome new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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