Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

April 8, 2000 (5 Kan, 17 Mac, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We arrive before you on this day with much to say. Right now, you are being prepared to encounter a much higher degree of spiritual energy than you have previously experienced. To accommodate these procedures, we fully intend to greatly accelerate our worldwide adjustment schedules throughout the coming galactic month of Kank'in (April 11th - 30th, 2000). By so doing, we can start the preliminary work needed to put you into the next layer of your Light Body. We are steadily monitoring both your individual and your collective progress. We can report that you are advancing toward your goals quite nicely. Our Galactic Federation medical teams and your many inner councils have reported these facts to us. We very deeply feel that the outcome of what we are doing together is inevitable. What remains are only the final touches needed for us to assure ourselves exactly how our final scheduling can be put together. In this matter, we know that our current estimates will most probably be the ones that can be followed. Hence, we would like to discuss very briefly some of the things that are now occurring.

      One of the major elements that we are working on is your ever-rising awareness. Your global awakening to the fact that you are drastically transforming is one of the two main foundations upon which our processes are based. Another is your evolving need to form a global network of Light. This network is designed both to serve and to support organizations dedicated to raising your global consciousness field. Let us look more closely at them. They now resemble a disconnected circle. This circle is meant to become rapidly more coherent and be able to turn itself into an ever-growing upward spiral. Presently, you are beginning to transform your segmented circle into a spiral. This circle contains six major components. These are: regional and local consciousness organizations, regional and local information networks, global websites dedicated to consciousness, infrequent meetings of various individuals and committees helping to tie many regional organizations together, the formation of globally-oriented organizations, and a way to swiftly finance their rapid growth and eventual merging.

      These things have been aided by the continuing work being done upon your secret rulers. As you begin to grow as a people, you open yourselves up to greater anticipation and with it, the possibility of experiencing greater disappointments. Your secret cabals can readily utilize some of this to instill in you anxieties, divisions and denial concerning what is happening to your planet, your society and you. This dynamic is one that has been an important aspect of a strategy that your covert worldly oppressors have followed. Added to this has been their constant disavowal of the existence of your galactic kin. This procedure has been aided by the general skepticism found in most of your mass media. Our process is founded upon a strategy that can easily permit those who control your world to successfully alter this strict policy and allow you to discover facts that can end your long history of planetary xenophobia. This can permit your now-forming organizations to see that the forces of the Light really have two elements - the Celestial Hierarchies, and the Galactic Federation and its many intergalactic allies.

      The structures to which we are alluding have many growth stages left. A vital element in this equation is you. In this matter, we have no qualms about your talents and abilities. You are great Light Workers! Despite a tremendous lack of fiscal resources, you have been able to build some truly remarkable organizations and create a growing global network quickly. This complex process has been fed by the rise of some quite competent individuals who have used their many inner and outer abilities to weave together various global events. It is our intention to employ these events to demonstrate to your many secret cabals that there is, indeed, a rising support for the creation of a new reality. It is this process that you really have the ability to affect. We strongly urge you, dear Ones, to come together and support all such efforts. They are being used to increase the strength of your developing planetary consciousness field. This simple action can show all in power how strong you now are and how swiftly you are growing.

      To help this process, we have established procedures meant to provide you swiftly with divine resources founded upon the great Supply of Heaven. Many centuries ago, certain Ascended Masters incarnated into your world and solemnly established secret funds or world trusts for a specific purpose. This sacred purpose was to formally provide large sums of money that can permit the Light Workers of this world to form highly evolved worldwide organizations and other necessary social structures. These things were done to insure that your fledgling organizations would be successful. We in Heaven understand completely how important these funds are to our sacred timetables. We know fully that your many secret cabals have long delayed these funds. To this end, we have negotiated with them and obtained certain promises. It is these sacred promises that they are currently carrying out and they promise soon to have these items in your hands.

      As we stated at the beginning of this message, we have much to say. So far, we have shown you only a mere glimpse of our sacred strategy. We have impressed upon you how important your participation in many meditative global events is to us. We have finally told you in no uncertain terms that certain necessary resources are indeed on their way. Dear Ones, you are creating many things that are part of your new reality. This process has greatly stressed and worried many of you. Events or situations have occurred that have severely tested both your strong commitment and your continuing ability to focus upon what lies before you. These challenges have either passed or still envelop you. Nonetheless, they have demonstrated how your society has reacted to Heaven's challenge and allowed you to move forward ever stronger toward your divine destiny.

      Your world is indeed destined to greatly change. This present period in your history is surely that magic moment. To most of you, what is happening now has appeared to be mainly subtle. In fact, such has really not been the case. In a very short time, the powerful dark forces that supported your secret rulers have been soundly thwarted and moved toward the Light. In addition, the basic foundations for your new reality have been laid. Through the efforts of your secret rulers, a generally accepted public knowledge of these things has been repressed. Yet, they know profoundly what has truly happened and realize that their continued suppression of these facts cannot go on much longer. Certain events wait upon their horizon that make their eventual disclosures inevitable. These things involve the great fleets now cloaked high above you.

      Long ago, celestial prophecy revealed that a special moment would come. This crucial time is that special moment. High above you are poised the many fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light. Safely surrounding you are the countless mighty Legions of Seraphim, ArchAngels and Angels from A-E-O-N, which have come at Lord Surea's sacred request. All of these things have come for a great moment. This moment is also one that the sacred decrees of the divine plan have long pledged. We await this sacred time, and have employed our processes, procedures and strategies to bring it about. This fact is one that all of you need to understand. Your new reality is really quite close to coming. Its inevitability is part of the unfolding of this sacred Creation. Dear Ones, you need to grasp this fully and faithfully, and do your part to bring it about.

      Today, we talked to you about the events that are making your new reality inevitable. We have very briefly underlined what is being done to bring this about. We ask you to look within and add this to what we have told you previously. Acknowledge it in your own way and then act, and act decisively, to bring it about. We now take our leave. We bless each of you and thank you graciously for all that you have done and presently are doing. May we all work together, using our great abilities and the Power and Supply of Heaven to establish your new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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