Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Etznab, 1 Zac, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive! Much is occurring in your realm, dear Hearts, and much more in the universe that surrounds you. In our last series of messages, we have described the operation of your reality and how you use it to sustain yourselves. When you become fully aware that this reality is purpose-filled, you will begin to consider physicality in a new light. You will notice the workings of its collective matrix and more easily recognize how its covert power structure manipulates your everyday life. Once you have discovered these things, you will come to understand how very pliable this world really is. Then, you will perceive what a difference your concentrated focus can make. This realization will confirm one of our basic principles. The control that your many cabals have over you is actually very fragile. Your determination and support can transform that power. That process of transformation is now under way. It is taking place on many levels, the most important of which is your own. You are a major component in the consensus that will determine the organization of your new reality.

      As you observe your reality, remember that it is made up of a series of layers. Each layer adds more form, texture and substance to the one just below. Even you, dear Ones, are built in such a way. These layers are composed of different aspects of divine Light. Each one is part of a blueprint that is preset following the basic 'rules' that were used to create this reality. Every atom and molecule, and even the spaces in or between them, were ordered according to these 'fundamental precepts'. Thus, with the help and guidance of Heaven and the divine plan, you have co-created the world in which you now dwell. This reality is extraordinarily fragile. Only your belief that it is not prevents you from readily changing it. This core belief is the reason that you now are involved in such a profound degree of alteration. It is why Heaven has sent us across this galaxy to your beautiful shores. It is also the reason that we have not simply shown ourselves and made it blatantly clear to all that we exist. The process that is now under way must reach a certain point before these wondrous events can unfold.

      First contact remains one of our basic objectives. Another is the difficult work that we are carrying out, in secret, to manifest many important projects. The goal of these projects is to promote world peace, alter your social, cultural and economic structures and permit Mother Earth to transform herself. We are determined to perform these tasks and are fully aware that they must be achieved quickly. The many rumblings of the 'old ways' on your world are, in fact, their individual death rites. Some have produced needless wars, unjustifiable deaths and unnecessary sufferings. Others have led to various levels of emergency diplomacy and the need to transfer funds to sustain the innocent. This has created a cloud that obscures one's view, making it seem as if nothing is changing and that the conventional worldview is still operative. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your world IS changing rapidly and those in power realize it. They know that the great struggles of the 'old guard' have delayed the inevitable. And inevitable it is. Your alterations are approaching. In fact, it is a 'done deal'.

     The remaining aspect of Heaven's plan involves both those who have recently incarnated and you. Each of you belongs to three grids that encircle your reality. These three circles represent consciousness, and consciousness constructs physicality. One set concerns the maintenance of your world and this solar system. Another involves your world's ecosystem. A third, dear Hearts, is intended to oversee humanity and your fellow cetaceans. These grids are crucial. Each is interconnected. Together, they form the constructs that rest upon the foundation of 'primary rules' that formulate your reality. Owing to the levels of sentience possessed by humanity and your cetacean kin, you are a decisive component in each of these grids. Our method is to oversee how these things are 'playing out'. When required, we add our energies to the mix and assist in making certain modifications to these grids. Now, one of these grids is reaching a point where we require some urgently needed focus from you.

      This is the primary grid, composed of soul energies from each one of you. Currently, Heaven has changed the form of this grid, which, as we have mentioned, oversees humanity and your fellow cetaceans. This grid is unique, for it alone 'overflows' into the many realities that cluster around you and the rest of physicality. With other such grids, it forms what we call 'the web of living consciousness', which is also connected to your Full Selves and to Heaven. Through this web run the energy and information that order physicality. Another massive series of waves have forced this grid to increase its energy potential on your world. Its inhabitants must now 'reorder' it. To do so, you must simply visualize the energy web and ask to join its 'reordering'. With your energy, Heaven will accomplish the task. Once the task has been completed, the new grid will begin to 'reorder' its companions in this reality.

      'Reordering' is achieved in several different ways. First and most important is a simple energy and information exchange, accomplished by the way the circuits or 'grids' are connected. Each grid is joined at a nodal point. Nodes are similar to a 'smart' junction box in an electrical circuit. That is, they control the flow of information and energy by ensuring that only certain types of energy or information are transmitted from one grid to the other. If the type is inappropriate, the node will block the exchange. Your joint consciousness constantly reprograms each node in this system. Heaven watches these 'reprogrammings' closely. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy observes your actions and corrects them when necessary. Primarily, your joint efforts are allowing a new reality to be forged.

      Another method employs a special form of osmosis. Each reality and its associates operate at a certain frequency and energy potential. When required, Heaven can use a sympathetic frequency that will carry the necessary energy and information to the desired location. This method is chosen only when a temporary breakdown has occurred in the principal route for these exchanges. Regardless of the method employed, Heaven sees to it that the information and its corresponding energy flow from Heaven into the designated aspect of physicality. This approach is monitored according to the decrees supplied to Heaven by the divine plan. Remember that physicality is an illusory construct formed by the Creator and that Creation unfolds as a result of the 'give and take' that occurs between Heaven and physicality.

      The unfolding of Creation is the main objective of both Heaven and physicality. Every moment brings to light yet another step in this miraculous process. Each moment reveals the alteration or complete transformation of another aspect within physicality. This gives rise to the appearance of a special rhythm in physicality. Every aspect of physical Creation possesses a subtonic of this divine harmonic. One such subtonic dominates your reality. To monitor these waves of time and Creation, special calendars were brought into being. To you, we have given such a calendar. We ask you to understand and apply it. At first, you will stumble on its seemingly exotic terms and unfamiliar day counts. Soon, however, you will be confident in its use. Then, you will be able to follow its counsel and intuitively apply it to your life.

      Today, dear Hearts, we have discussed further the operation of your reality. We ask you to take the time to tap into your reality's grids and assist us in transforming them. Together, we are truly a divine team. Remember, your success is inevitable. Together, we shall triumph! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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