Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 1, 2000 (2 Etznab, 3 Pop, 9 Eb)

Blessings! Today, dear Ones, we wish to discuss the nature of the transitional world that now unfolds rapidly before you. Long ago, a diverse group of off-worlders, called the Anunnaki, took control of your realm. Through well thought-out strategies and deft manipulation, they were able to steer your reality in the direction that they desired. To assist them, a group of worldly minions was formed. Each, in his own unique way, performed his master's orders. Now, you are moving into a realm in which these shenanigans are becoming increasingly difficult. A few years ago, these same off-world freebooters had a change of heart. They began to comprehend that their charade could be kept up no longer. The ever-expanding Light of Heaven had started to take hold upon your world. Realizing that their days were numbered, these same Anunnaki asked your local Spiritual Hierarchy for assistance. They wished sincerely to transform themselves into warriors for the Light. In the middle part of the last decade, they steadfastly pledged their allegiance to the Galactic Federation of Light, and to the Light.

      This move left their henchmen in the lurch and suddenly without leadership from above. Into this vacuum rushed the more powerful groups of these minions. Clandestine war began among them. In the midst of this great struggle were certain resources, which a number of specially designated Ascended Masters had established many centuries ago. These divine ones knew that what they were doing would not bear fruit for eons. To aid the cause, several Councils of Ascended Masters made a number of important 'deals' between the Anunnaki's leadership cabals and the requisite earthly minions. As a result of these agreements, a certain amount of additional Light was shed into the dark realm called Earth. It needed to grow and to slowly gather its strength. At the right moment, it had to be ready to do its handiwork. Concurrently, your citizenry became universally awakened to the cause of freedom, individual sovereignty and liberty. As with all other Earthly things, these causes were waved enticingly before you, only to be snatched away. They were replaced by rhetoric and by the tools that rendered them meaningless.

      Here, your coming enlightenment stayed until the middle of your last century. At that time, a number of activities were initiated. Each was carried out to prepare your world for its coming changes. First, various processes had to be activated that would put the afore-mentioned resources into the hands of the people. The final acts in this complex play are now taking place. Second, your world had to be 'seeded' with a special group of souls from other realms. These Beings came to use the resources to be given them to purposely alter the perceptions of the inhabitants of this presently very dark realm. Finally, a special group of galactic and inter-dimensional Beings had to be summoned to your shores. As each element was put into place, it ensured that the divine plan's sacred decrees would be carefully carried out. This process has required only a few of your decades to reach the point at which it could come together to produce the necessary outcome. This outcome is currently quite near to its precipitation.

      In your world, a great revolution is occurring. It is a quiet revolution, of which many of you know little. Yet, it is working its miracle. This spiritual revolution reached an important phase when the dark off-worlders switched sides. This reversal is due mainly to your great efforts. Your worldwide meditations, good works and firm commitment have showed them the error of their ways. Lacking outside enforcement, your secret rulers were left in a serious situation, surrounded by a growing transformation of their earthly shores. Above and below them, a vast empire of the Light stood in their way. Now desperate, they lacked the means to counter the force that gathered strength with each passing day. Their only resort remained to deny the Light its steadily growing resources. Even this strategy was extremely difficult. Many segments of these same secret cabals deeply desired to transfer these valuable resources to those to whom they were previously pledged.

      In recent years, you have seen this drama played out. It has led to the Light growing even stronger! You, dear Lights, are seeing the rapid evolution of an entire world that involves even those who lead it. New aspects in this equation are emerging every day. As they do, they permit more of the Light to assume its prophesied positions. Each of you must know that you are a very important part of these events. You represent the part of this triumvirate that contains what you call 'starseeds'. Starseeds are Beings who have come to act as a vanguard for the Light, and as teachers to this global society. You are going to teach a great healing, mixed with a profound wisdom. Out of this mixture will come your new galactic society, founded upon compassion and filled with a great knowing. Your eventual encounters with your spiritual and space kin can only expand this knowing.

      The process of integration/Ascension is changing your perceptions. Think of how far you have come in only the last year! As a people, you are changing. Moreover, your global society is accelerating toward greater harmony. These things are merely signs of what is occurring inside, where you are mutating physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are learning about your mutual connections and about the need for compassion. This is a time to be forgiving. It is a moment to think anew about the things, the events and the individuals that have shaped your Life. Understand, blessed Ones, that you are divine Beings and that physicality is simply an illusion filled with experiences. In each one of these, the person primarily responsible for every experience is you.

      These experiences are a means for you to garner knowledge and, then, to learn more about yourselves. It is time, dear Lights, for you to let them go and to permit them to transform. You do this by acknowledging your responsibility in creating them, and by releasing any power you gave them to shape your perceptions. Go within and see it as something put there for a reason. The reason was to help you to grow by seeing how your reality is being shaped by its 'matrix', and by your reaction to it. This process is now to be altered. Your changing perceptions can show you how each aspect in your life has a purpose and how you may best unlock, creatively, the reasons these experiences occurred. By employing this recently acquired insight, you will quickly discover 'hidden keys' that can unlock the many doors that contain your life's true purposes.

      As you have noticed, your world is rapidly evolving toward the Light. Very shortly, you will be possessed of vast heavenly resources. This complex procedure is being carried out to assure you that the networks of Light will be constructed, and that some truly amazing technologies can be produced. Your responsibility is to do what you have come from afar to achieve. Ours is to remain staunchly resolute, ever Loving, and able to guide you faithfully to your desired objectives. Together, we are a mighty team whose victory is close at hand. We ask you now to stay patient and committed to the completion of your goals. Around you, the final stages of a quiet revolution in consciousness are taking place. This revolution has changed your reality: it now seeks to swiftly alter your long-held inner perceptions.

      Today, we have discussed events that promise to transform your world. In them lie the means for you to forge the new reality of which we have long spoken. Use the coming time to support these changes and also to prepare yourselves for what is about to transpire. Remember that this process, ultimately, is destined to return you to your fully conscious state. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know, dear Hearts, that your heavenly resources and abilities have the power to alter your world in a most positive way! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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