Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        1 Caban, 5 Kank'in, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! Today, we come to tell you more about your coming first contact. The process of Ascension, dear Hearts, is one of opening yourselves to Spirit and to your pivotal role in physicality. First contact is a major part of this process. See it as the culmination of your awakening. To attain it, you have been subjected to a divine intervention that commenced many millennia ago. During that time, you have been prepared to rise out of your present miasma. It is a complex operation that embraces your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Although this grand integration is at the crux of your Ascension procedures, many other elements are also involved. A critical part of these procedures is your reunion with us - the Galactic Federation of Light. We represent a part of you that you have long denied. Either you have considered us to be Beings who 'engineered' you for a dark purpose, or you have championed a belief in your earthly origins and viewed your rise toward higher consciousness as part of a slow evolution.

      In fact, you ought to see yourselves as divine Beings, originally from other worlds, who have come to this beautiful orb solely at the behest of the Spiritual Hierarchy. You have come, dear Hearts, to experience the challenges of limited consciousness and then to make the transition into your fully conscious selves. This immense operation needs both a divine mentor and a physical one. We are here to fulfill the second role. It is most challenging. Many times, we have intensely desired to complete a sudden, massive contact with you, but have been held back from doing so by the firm decrees of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In this, we have seen precisely how lovingly Heaven is implementing this process. You are very special. Heaven sincerely desires to free you and to establish your personal sovereignty on a global scale. For this to be done, several specific steps must be meticulously followed, each with its own definite time-frame and series of subsets. Our mission is to carry out the instructions given us by Heaven. In turn, the decrees of the divine plan list them in great detail.

      As a result of these decrees, we have made ourselves known to your secret rulers and appeared in ever-increasing numbers in your skies. Moreover, we have initiated a series of discussions, which have included information exchanges with a number of special groups and individuals worldwide, in order to prepare you for us. Heaven has cautioned us that you need to be handled more gently than we had originally planned. We have had to compensate by taking more time and by listening carefully to your protestations concerning first contact. Nonetheless, your first contact remains inevitable and deeply steeped in your ever-increasing needs. Those needs are based upon Heaven's guidance to you and include your growing awakening to Spirit and the vast changes that your physical body is now experiencing. Finally, there is the matter of your strange inability to introduce prudent procedures to sustain your present home - Mother Earth. She is now holding back on the things she needs to complete the formation of your new environment.

      The ongoing process of first contact has been a learning experience for us. It has taught us many new things and given you many new insights. This operation is the most unique in our lengthy history and has brought you to the attention of distant worlds, even to the highest reaches of Heaven. This has resulted in the issue of decrees and in many extraordinary meetings of our Main Federation Council. They have drawn us closer to you and to your grand destiny. We fully understand Heaven's stake in your completed Ascension and realize our fleet's importance in your deliverance from bondage. We also comprehend the immense task that many specially placed individuals are undertaking now, at great risk, to assist you in achieving your destiny. We applaud them and others who are helping to make this first contact possible. First contact is not only about meeting us. It concerns the many elements that are joining together to forge your new reality.

      As a result of these varied components, you are moving toward full consciousness. Through them, the prolonged and stifling grip of the dark is being loosened and then, by our combined efforts, dissolved. Although these actions may seem, initially, to be highly circumspect, they soon will be more openly revealed. Until then, we ask you to understand that what we and others are doing, can only be made known at the proper time. We also perceive your growing deep concern at having to continually deal with your society's secret rulers. Now, these cabals control your financial, legal and governmental organizations. Within them exist the means to unravel the dark's agendas for your society. Our due pressure, along with that of a number of influential others, has permitted an amazing series of circumstances to occur. Soon, these circumstances will set you free and proclaim to you our existence.

      Clearly, first contact is a complex process that currently operates on many levels, both in Heaven and in physicality. It brings together an entirely diverse number of forces and circumstances. The synergy needed for its success cannot be overstated. Think of the beauty that the Creator has orchestrated! Consider the multitude of Souls that has come from afar to aid you in your endeavors! Rejoice at the might thrown together to assure your success! Understand that your plight opened the door to an impressive and ingenious solution, which includes our fleet and its vast range of personnel. Furthermore, this process encompasses the entirety of Heaven, an assemblage that has not been seen in physicality since Mother/Father God first created it, long ago.

      This is a most amazing time in your long history. In it, dear Hearts, you will end your current isolation from the many sentient Beings that exist in this galaxy and become, at last, the most celebrated Beings in physical Creation. This is a great time. Presently, you are moving out of a period of great despair and darkness. You are being prepared to enter, shortly, a period of Light filled with much rejoicing. At that time, we will openly enter your realm. We have many rituals to perform and many more to accomplish with you. We have many technologies to give you and many more, now hidden on your world, which still need to see the Light of this truly glorious day! These events will be accomplished by first contact, but you will achieve many others before we step, joyfully, upon your shores!

      As we have stated, first contact is a grand portent, and proof that Heaven has not abandoned you, nor have we. It is a divine statement. You are being delivered from bondage and into the Light of a most glorious day! Hence, first contact has its appropriate moment and its longed-for consequences. These wondrous things await us, and draw ever closer to their fruition. We ask you to understand these facts and act accordingly. We comprehend your anxiety and know in our hearts that your longings are not easily quenched. Dear Hearts, timetables are needed, and an appropriate time to demand that agreed-upon actions be faithfully carried out. To this, we have pledged our honor and our deep commitment. When they are right, we will come and, in grace and in joy, celebrate our first contact!

      Today, we have continued our discussions about first contact. We deeply look forward to that approaching moment, which signals the longed-for beginning of the next step of our divine mission. Soon, we will arrive before you. In your skies and, then, on your land, you will see the vastness of our fleet. We come here to educate, to guide and to accept you as fellow members. We long for that day! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know that the countless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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