Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        10 Imix, 9 Zac, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We arrive, today, to discuss news that will be of interest to you. As the moment for your coming first contact approaches, we intend you to gain a better understanding of who we really are. The Galactic Federation of Light is an organization that extends across the galaxy. During the period beginning in 5 Eb, our forces expanded to include the many fleets of the former dark Anchara Alliance and, by the end of 7 Ix, had roughly integrated into a fully unified command structure. As a result of these new members, the fleet commands consist of 24 defense and exploration sectors that correspond to the Federation's 24 Regional Councils. With the recent addition of 12 cross-sectional Science and Exploration (S&E;) commands, each of which is led by either the Main Federation Council or its corresponding Regional Federation Council, we now maintain a total of 36 S&E; fleets, a rotating combination of which is readied for first contact.

      Owing to the enormous number of requests they have received for inclusion, our first contact command board has had to maintain constant vigil over the fleet's composition. We intend, in our initial contacts, to employ personnel who strongly resemble you. We fully understand your current mistrust of species that look more like birds, reptiles, insects or the other creatures to which you feel ambivalent. Dear Hearts, we appreciate the extent of your dilemma. Although these Beings possess great Light and marvelous wisdom, their physical appearance could cause us some immediate difficulties. At the appropriate time they will appear, and you will overcome your current xenophobia and your inner reluctance to converse with them. We look forward to accomplishing this exchange. Until then, understand that you will make your initial first contact with fellow humanoids. We have much to share with each other, but first, we wish only to hug, to talk freely and to celebrate our first mass meeting with you.

      As we have said in many recent messages, we have accomplished our primary strategies by the sacred edicts of Lord Surea, the divine plan, the many high Councils of A-E-O-N, and the reaction of your worldly cabals. Our intent remains to visit your shores as soon as possible. We have one timetable that consists of many important variables and another, highly detailed one, given us by the divine plan. Presently, we can tell you that we have reached a point where we will be able to accomplish the final steps needed to secure this operation. To assure ourselves that all concerned have correctly carried out the necessary arrangements, we have sent liaison teams to oversee the day-to-day operations of several major global organizations. Although our liaisons may, at first, appear unexceptional, in truth, they are Beings of great powers and abilities. They are working very closely with several Ascended Master Councils and are wholly dedicated to moving you into a state of full consciousness as quickly as possible.

      As you can well imagine, it is an extremely complex process. Now, you are limited conscious Beings who are comprised of many different Soul groupings and several specially constructed 'starseed' Soul teams. Soon, we intend to reconstruct you into a much less complex grouping. Until that time, however, you will have to understand that a major change in how you relate to each other is on the way. This change will also permit you to better connect with the parts that exist in many different past, present and future realities. In this, you must realize that you are physical Angels whose acceptance of a most complex mission has brought you to these shores. Whether you did this recently or many lifetimes ago, you all share one essential attribute: you are here to transform yourselves into fully conscious, highly integrated Beings of Light. The process has required the help of your spiritual and space kin. This assistance, dear Hearts, we have gladly provided you.

      Your transformation program has included the use of ever-increasing amounts of sacred, inter-dimensional energy, focused through a number of expressly constructed star-gates, or through the constantly changing walls of this reality. In either case, they have given us the energies we needed to accelerate your change back into physical Angels. Once you have achieved this goal, you will be ready to accept your next assignment, and merge physicality into Heaven. Numerous other segments of physicality are now working on this procedure. It is your responsibility to complete the task. Eventually, you will forge the events that will make this great work a success. In doing so, you will complete events that allow the Light and the dark to combine in a special way. Thus, you will produce the greater Light that will bring into being the next wondrous part of Mother/Father God's Creation.

      Presently, you stand at the dawn of a time that, finally and clearly, will delineate your transformation. This period will be filled with many surprises and a great many sacred blessings that will position you to better know what is happening to your world and to you. To get you there, we are, once again, accelerating your integration/ascension process. Consequently, we need to inform you that, over the last few weeks and in the three galactic months to come, you have felt or will feel more strange aches, pains and deep fatigue. You will also often experience memory lapses, intense headaches or a strong sense that any normal activity can only be accomplished under much duress.

      As you change, dear Hearts, remember that, ultimately, you are all connected to each other. Whatever is given to you is to be used to help others. Use these resources and other, inner gifts to expand your global consciousness field, express your compassion and produce organizations and networks that can build your new reality. Within you, this process is integrating the vast whole that is you. Allow yourselves the same degree of compassion that you express outwardly to others. Bear in mind that you are experiencing this project much as a fetus growing in a mother's womb. It is a highly stressful event that requires you to recognize, each day, its enormous impact on your world, your society and you. Therefore, be kind to yourselves and learn to accept the wonder of the changes that are happening to you.

      The changes happening to you are also occurring to your Sun and your solar system and to Mother Earth, and are meant to prepare you to accept an entirely different reality. There, you will know how to combine the workings of Spirit and to create a science that works in ways that, presently, seem magical. With this technology, now-inconceivable wonders will become reality. Most importantly, you will have rejoined a vast galactic, intergalactic and inter-dimensional community that consists of multitudes of Beings and of realities that, at this moment, defy description. Each of these realms eagerly anticipates your final success. Each of its inhabitants wishes you to complete your present mission and to begin your next. Visualize the many untold wonders that lie ahead!

      Today, we have discussed many things. We ask that you remain focused on your wondrous objectives and committed to your coming success. Together, we are forging a transformation that will reshape your present perceptions of this reality and, indeed, of all Creation. Many great events are about to manifest and to bestow upon you the ability to achieve your heart's truest desires. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Hearts! Know that Heaven's abundance and its accompanying prosperity are yours. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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