Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 29, 2000 (12 Men, 3 Pop, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We come with many interesting things to share. Currently, you are in the midst of an intense round of adjustments. They are planned to produce effects that can aid you in bringing in the next layers of your Lightbody. In addition, a series of critical negotiations is underway, which are expected to yield some wonderful results quite shortly. Know, dear Ones, that you are on the verge of achieving some truly amazing things. These events shape your new reality. To assist you, we in Heaven have asked the solar system's many planetary and solar hierarchies to come together to prepare the great celebration that is soon to come. Dear Ones, your liberation is at hand! We request that you follow the instructions of your Heart logic and your inner councils. Learn to trust their counsel and to act in ways that enhance your sacred mission. Each of you has come to perform your part in this procedure. Understand that this performance is rapidly approaching. Very soon, you will be more able to cast off the perceptions and beliefs that have long bound you to an old and no longer suitable reality.

      You and the mighty forces of Heaven are this reality's transformers. However, first, you must alter yourselves. This divine change is something that you are achieving in your own way and that we desire to applaud. Although it has not been an easy task to perform, you have taken on its many challenges and persevered. We are quite proud of these accomplishments. Nevertheless, more severe tests lie still ahead. As you face them, we are confident of your success. Be prepared to understand the complexities of what stands before you. You will be asked to construct the foundations for your new reality. These steps require much dedication to your cause, as well as the ability to understand how such enterprises can be successfully operated. In this regard, we have marveled at how, already, you have assembled the basis of a system that can guide you. This process will require even greater use of your ever-growing abilities. Bear in mind, dear Ones, that you are, truly, physical Angels. Within, you possess the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

      A major component of your success lies within. Here exist your True Self and the inner councils that solemnly guide you. Each of you came here on a special trek, which you accomplished to add new wisdom to your Soul and, collectively, to change the very workings of physicality. As you did so, you were caught in the limitation produced by the perceptions given you, both before and after birth. These things we have discussed in previous messages. Let us view them in a new way, as necessary experiences that you can transform individually and collectively. What is required is merely the ability to stay open, to see new possibilities, and to accept them. At first glance, this method may seem simple. These insights, however, need a new vision. To obtain it means giving yourself the ability to look at your situations not just as participants, but also as wise observers. In this position, you can laugh at what you take so seriously and notice how the drama that engulfs you was initially formed. From this knowledge, a means to resolve your difficulties can be formulated.

      These new looks at your personal and collective group realities come together to produce your reality's whole dynamic. Although this dynamic is quite fluid by nature, to its participants, at times, it can seem quite overwhelming. Remember, everything in your perception is performed as an experience. Each strong experience contains a set of knowledge that, literally, drives you toward it. Its reward is the solution to the how's and why's behind this experience. Visualize your physical life as a purpose that, now, is cloudy because of the nature of your consciousness. Presently, this state of awareness is growing in and around you, permitting you to turn this cloud of doubt and dysfunction into certainty and knowledge. This path is not an easy one. It is filled with accusations, arguments and other forms of discord. Here, remain focused upon your mission and know that, within this cloud, sits the knowledge that contains your much sought-after solution.

      Your objective is to understand that physicality is something that, previously, has bound consciousness. Currently, you are on a quest that dramatically alters this situation. Your mission is to free consciousness and to demonstrate the ways in which this freedom can be expressed in all the realms of physicality. To do this, you have come willingly, filled with much enthusiasm. Your immediate consequence was to meet the old matrix of this reality straight on. It glared at you and evinced much fear in you. Once again, you are facing this fear and its many shades. Here, it is necessary for you to comprehend that fear is not real. It is only a physical emotion that mirrors the various thought-forms surrounding your outer consciousness. Yet, it is used to shape your outer personality. The easiest way to transform it is, first, to thank it for its deep concerns and, then, in a real dialogue filled with a heartfelt Love, to transform it into something real.

      This process leads to an understanding of how connected you are to your family's generational thought-forms and to those from past lives and from this life. Together, they have kept you bound within a specific series of inner perceptions. Your initial task is to liberate them, by transformation. In so doing, you are setting the stage for a more functional world. Furthermore, this procedure shows how connected you are to your past, present and future, and to yourselves. The process further emphasizes what we are saying. You have come to transform this reality and, by so doing, to alter physicality. Within you lies the baggage of many realities and dimensions, in addition to what you acquired at birth. Think of the endless possibilities for change that, together, you possess.

      Your mission is very important to Heaven. It is one of the primary means by which physicality is merged into Heaven. Think of your integration as the microcosm of what is happening to physicality. See yourselves as true warriors of the Light. This means that you are armed with Love and with a great ability to transform the dark. Here, know that the dark is merely an illusory mirror world. In its shadows lurks the means for your great triumph. This triumph is not a defeat of the dark. Rather, it is the method whereby you have learned to take the entity that is the dark and to merge it ever-lovingly into the Light. It is this new entity that can sit as the seed for a new Creation, which carries on the Creator's divine plan. Imagine, dear Ones, the many wonders and the many great experiences that you are about to encounter.

      As you look at your environment, sense its great connections to Creation. Sense also how you have the ability to create something quite different from its present state. You have the ability to contribute much to your world, yet, somehow, you see yourself as powerless. This, in fact, is not the case. You have the ability to quickly transform this reality. Each reality is a collective contract. This mutual covenant between Spirit and you was transacted to obtain knowledge and, from it, to acquire wisdom. This wisdom aids Heaven in carrying out the many decrees of the divine plan. Nevertheless, it has yet another purpose - to add your personal touch to how Creation unfolds. This leads to the connection between each Soul and the way Souls interact with each other, and guides Heaven toward its many sacred objectives.

      Today, we examined how you are acquiring the means to transform both this reality and yourselves. This procedure has brought you to a need to better understand how you are changing. We ask that you make use of the processes that we have just suggested. Using them, you can see yourselves in a new way and discover methods that can accelerate your transformation. We now take our leave. Bless you and make use of the heavenly resources and great abilities given you. Use them to forge your wondrous new reality! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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