Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Ix, 2 Kank'in, 9 Eb        

Greetings!! Today, we bring you more information about first contact. First contact is the most exciting and unique of our various fleet activities. Through it, we add to our galactic family and extend the joys of our mission to others. As these new members join us, they add their marvelous signature to our own, thereby bringing many new cultures, languages and technologies into a new mix and enlarging our potential. For you, this exposure opens up vast new vistas for you to explore and learn about. Imagine the great diversity that awaits you in this galaxy alone! You will also learn about your true origins and meet the cultures that serve as your parents. These star-nations, located in many regions near your realm, have long observed you and indirectly aided your quest to return to the Light. Now, once again, this process will become very direct. Our reunion with you will be a great 'welcome home' celebration, as we savor your freedom from dark bondage and delight in the renewal of our long-lost relationship.

      The prodigal returns, with many tales to tell and much accrued wisdom. The journey has been taken amid many recurrent galactic wars and while a great darkness rose upon your world. These events have taken their toll and, until now, have separated us. The gulf, however, was only temporary. It was limited in time and in the amount it could influence us. Heaven prophesied a special time of transformation. That moment is now, and many magnificent things are occurring. We are extremely grateful for all that has happened and is about to happen. We see first contact as an acknowledgment of our shared faith, commitment and fortitude. This process has tested us in all possible ways. It has made us all stronger and has brought together the essential ingredients for a true and lasting galactic peace. For millions of years, in countless remarkable campaigns waged throughout this galaxy, the recipe for a galactic peace has long eluded us. Now, we gladly accept the process of its transformation, of which you are the vital keys.

      Mother Earth was the great peace planet, shown to us long ago. Initially, Heaven kept her location from us, until Mother Earth had performed specific rituals and taken part in several unique situations. A few million years ago, these circumstances led us to your beautiful shores. Later, this led us to discover an asteroid belt, the strange orbital position of the planet Uranus, and the barren nature of Mars and Venus, two former water-worlds. Now, it is visible in the very nature of your star, the Sun, and in the circumstances that presently surround the existence of Mother Earth. Your world knows that her present looks and actions are unique, and has vastly altered herself for you. Mother Earth is meant to be a very different world, filled with clean oceans and untouched lakes and streams. Her atmosphere was meant to harbor her life-protecting firmament and her land to nurture a wildness symbolized by its many species of plants and animals. And, though cities, villages and other accumulations of residences were not her norm, she graciously allowed you to build them, despite your abuse of that invitation.

      Since you first began your limited consciousness journey in this realm, you have burned forests and polluted Earth's air and water. You have also battled among yourselves, little regarding your society and the environment in which you live. Yet, you believe this to be your natural state. It is NOT!! See it for what it was - a strange journey allowed, a series of circumstances granted by Heaven for a divine purpose - to teach you things you could learn only from such an existence. Its termination, dear Hearts, is merely the means by which you may transform yourselves and this marvelous planet back into a natural state. In this state, you will become physical Angels, as well as Mother Earth's prime caretakers. This divine stewardship will bring you many new responsibilities and will return you into direct contact with your spiritual and galactic families. Through this process, you will see that sentiency takes on many physical forms. Soon, these Beings will greet you and offer you their creativity, knowledge and Light.

      That meeting will vastly change your opinion of yourself, and will show you how unlimited is your potential. You are a global society in its last stages of division and limitation. This process will lead you toward harmony and personal sovereignty. Previously, sovereignty was limited only to nations or to a precious few who possessed great wealth and power. Now, that status will belong to all. With it comes a vast sharing of wealth. With it comes your freedom. This is a very complex operation that has required many millennia to appear before you. Accordingly, our task has been, first, to offer you indirect guidance and, second, to assist the sacred mission of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We anxiously await the final stage in this procedure - our appearance upon your shores. Know that we are preparing for our mass arrival and that we dearly wish for it to transform your xenophobia and your countless other fears.

      Currently, you are filled with many fears, and haunted by the misconceptions that began in your long rise from near savagery to a semblance of civilization. Along the way, your secret controllers have given you only the slightest taste of civilization before throwing you back into the primeval muck. They persist in doing this only to control you and to keep you in an environment that nurtures fear and rewards obedience. But now, the cycle is transforming and you must shift your fears into Love and wisdom. It is time for you to create a true planetary society and then, to swiftly alter it into a galactic one. View the fears that now possess you as simply great illusions that only appear real. Realize that they are merely thought-forms that limit you and prevent you from discovering who you really are.

      First contact is the next step in the process of rediscovering yourselves and reordering your reality. Through it, you can obtain guidance on the essential nature of galactic society. It also makes you a candidate for membership in the Galactic Federation of Light. Suddenly, you are not merely a united planet or even a great star-nation. You become galactic and multidimensional. You are participating on a playing-field where you quickly can achieve your true destiny. This process expands your potential exponentially and feeds you with new wisdom and technology, allowing you to leap ahead so that you may become your true selves. To us, this is an extraordinary adventure, in which you are to be given the ultimate means to see many things, to manifest many others that you never thought possible, and to help your many sisters and brothers in the Light!

      Your destiny, dear Hearts, is to transform physicality. As a result, the Spiritual Hierarchy has permitted you to come in ever-increasing numbers to these shores. The diversity of your origins is extraordinary. You have come to garner the wisdom that your reality has acquired over many millennia. Most of you have spent many lifetimes on this world, while others have come only recently to complete this sacred mission. In any case, you represent the cream of this galaxy. A long list of tasks lies before you. Our coming contact will set this process into even swifter motion. In this regard, we ask you to understand that your present perceptions will be quickly transformed. The realm that you are moving toward possesses abundance, prosperity, freedom and a vast array of new responsibilities. Enter in Joy!

      Today, we have further discussed the implications of first contact. View this approaching time with eyes steeped in joyous anticipation. Release your fears and limited beliefs. Understand that this meeting is meant to change you forever. It signifies that your golden reality is at hand. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know that Heaven's endless Prosperity and Abundance is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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