Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        2 Ik, 5 Pop, 10 Caban        

Greetings!!! We come again, Beloveds, with more ideas for discussion. Presently, Mother Earth is preparing herself for the great changes that she will need to restore her surface to its former pristine beauty. Massive quantities of charged particles and powerful energies that stream forth from your Sun are progressively accelerating this process. This enormous sea of solar debit is swiftly changing the nature of your upper atmosphere and is beginning to affect Earth's lower atmosphere as well. As this series of actions continues, it is triggering a surge in volcanism and some major earth tremors, which can lead to what your meteorologists call "super hurricanes" or "super tornadoes". Winds from such storms easily exceed 500 miles per hour (800 kph), with diameters of well over 400 miles (640 kilometers). We are watching these developments closely and warn you now for two reasons. First, you must realize how much activity will be required to change your Earth's surface. Second, understand that this is part of a natural cycle that your present phase of development has interrupted, only temporarily.

      We mentioned this matter of severe Earth changes in our messages some years ago, but, fortunately, Heaven's efforts significantly lessened their potential. Events occurring on the Earth plane at that time enabled this catastrophic situation to be modified. Now, severe interactions between your Sun and her closest planets have again made these events more possible. We have watched serious changes occur on Venus and on Mars. Only the great protection that Heaven's direction has afforded Mother Earth has spared your beautiful world from catastrophe. The time approaches for you to move to safer ground, either above or below the surface of your precious world. For most of you, the domains of inner Earth beckon. For a precious few, the realms of the great Motherships will be your new home. In this lies an important rhetorical question: "Who will be chosen to go aboard the Motherships?" Our direct answer is, "only starseeds whose incarnation upon your world will end when you attain full consciousness".

      In many past messages, we have described how Heaven brought a great many of you to this realm from a multitude of other realities and dimensions. As a result, during this lifetime, you have felt extremely disoriented. In you, there exists a great and growing yearning to go home. As you have begun to awaken from your deep amnesia, your longing has suddenly become more magnified. This merely signifies an important fact. You came here to experience this limited realm and, at the right time, with Heaven's blessings, you will be allowed to rejoin your people. Many Motherships in our large fleet are eager to greet you. They know who you are and, when appropriate, will begin a form of contact with you. Once first contact is accomplished, we intend to evacuate every human Being on your planet to his or her assigned residence. Heaven assures us that you will know beforehand the exact specifications of your life contract. This process is part of the detail included in our plans for first contact. We hope to carry it out in about three hours, following the completion of the first contact mass landings.

      Consider first contact as the culmination of a vast exploration in the realms of limited consciousness. Now, you are receiving the tools you will need to forge a better, and fully conscious, reality. In this glorious land, Beloveds, you will construct your galactic society and become the fiercely-needed arbiters for a galactic peace. Moreover, you are destined to become great co-creators of a transforming physicality and, eventually, to merge that physicality back into Heaven. To do so, you must look with discernment beyond your present states of Being and use your great talents to more fully comprehend what Spirit has in store for you. We have come to prepare you for your wondrous destiny. To us, first contact merely signals you that, finally, the moment to bid farewell to your global society's present childish state has arrived. Around you, events are occurring whose consequences will lead you to a heightened state of preparation for our arrival. The quickening of your solar system is part of that.

      As you receive the wisdom of the many who have spoken here, realize that they have but one wish - for your successful transformation into fully conscious Beings. You are about to assume enormous responsibility, which we know full well you must accept without delay. This awareness impels our first contact mission and allows us to position our massive fleet in and around your solar system. Although this project involved a wide range of resources, we carried it out only because of your importance to the many tens of thousands of worlds in this galaxy. You are the peacemakers. We have repeatedly emphasized this one point in our many messages. We ask you to begin to understand this fully. What does it truly mean? How will we do it? You must examine these questions with care. Consider your day-to-day world and observe how your society abuses it. Finally, recognize and tune in to your own outer and inner experiences.

      The process of your ascension (transformation) is soon to be consummated. Like the legendary phoenix, the new 'you' is destined to rise from the fiery ashes of the old. This procedure is affecting your reality in countless ways. As we have noted, it is greatly altering your solar system. There have been many reports written about the bizarre occurrences upon your Moon, Venus and Mars. Your Sun's hyperactivity has reached new, even more inconceivable levels. These events are part of a cycle of change. And you, like your solar system, are being transformed. Your cells, your energy centers and even your body's auric field, are producing a Beingness within you that is even more aware and connected to Spirit. We have described this process to you time and again. Examine it holistically and begin to discern the illimitable patterns that Heaven is using to impel it toward its inevitable and successful culmination.

      Despite the pronouncements of your media, know that your world is approaching the end of its capacity to sustain your global society. The recurrent spilling of contaminants into your air, water and land cannot go on much longer. Mother Earth desperately wishes to change this. To urge this forward, your Sun is now in the process of transformation. As we have mentioned, this process requires us to tell you that we are about to more directly intervene in your realm. All events follow a divine timeline. Thus, it is imperative for you to examine even more closely your inner feelings concerning us. Many of you carry deep fears - remnants of past galactic wars and the secret, sinister interactions between your governments and uncounted, then-very dark Beings. This, we have addressed in previous messages. We raise this issue for a specific reason - for many astounding things are about to occur.

      These events are part of Heaven's vast plan. Once they have been completed, you, and everything in your realm, will have been changed. Finally, the time has arrived to accelerate certain elements in this process. Thus, our observations of you have increased, as have your sightings of a carefully selected number of our ships. You are soon to experience even more startling sightings. We eagerly await your reactions to the future. We will tell you that our medical teams are ready for action. Therefore, because we expect a full range of possible situations, we have asked our Inner Earth allies to speed up any preparations still to be made. We have also notified our various fleet commanders about operational procedures to prepare the fleet for the next stages of our operation.

      Today, we have added still more information to our exchange of ideas. Some of it we have mentioned only briefly. When the time is right, we will discuss it much more thoroughly with you. Most crucial is for you to look within and understand even more fully the great changes occurring to you and your reality. In this exists the crux of your wisdom. We now take our leave. Blessings, Beloveds! Know that the endless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours!! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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