Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        9 Muluc, 12 Pop, 10 Caban        

Greetings!! We come today with more news concerning your solar system. In our last message, we described your nearest planetary neighbors - Mars and Venus. Now, we will expand our discussion by examining what is occurring to the other members of your solar system. In order to do this, we must first take a brief look at the Sun. Currently, your Sun is extremely busy. She is in the midst of a great cycle of change that is characterized by many periodic and massive ejections of solar plasma; a large increase in the number of sunspots upon her surface; and huge alterations in the density and polarity of her corona. These elements change the basic environment in which her many planets, planetoids, asteroids, et cetera reside. Previously, we explored the conditions existing now on Mars and her sister planet, Venus. We showed how the Galactic Federation of Light is preparing them to be 'terra-formed' back to their original state of being. Now, we will embark upon a tour of the rest of your enormous solar network, to see what is occurring there. Many interesting events are unfolding that your media rarely report.

      These situations begin to emerge when you consider the present nature of your outer planets. Pluto, farthest from the Sun, is, in fact, a former satellite of Neptune. Uranus is turned on her side, while every planet from Jupiter to Neptune possesses some sort of planetary ring. These phenomena are partly natural and partly a result of various galactic wars. In fact, more than a quarter of the moons now orbiting your planets originally were formed as moons circling other worlds. The outer rings surrounding Jupiter and Neptune were created when the five moons orbiting the planet Maldek were violently ejected into space. The trajectory of the two largest moons set them on course to their eventual destruction, with the resulting debris encircling these two worlds. Uranus' present odd state is the outcome of battles that led, finally, to Maldek's violent destruction. Everywhere, Beloveds, your solar system is strewn with forgotten monuments to these skirmishes. Our task is to catalogue them and begin a process that will restore your solar system to its former glory.

      Your inner planet, Mercury, once had a small sister, known to many of your astronomers as the 'lost planet', Vulcan. She was lost during a brief skirmish between a small Galactic Federation battle fleet and a dark Ancharan fleet in the latter part of your Nineteenth Century. We intend to restore her to her original orbit when we 'terra-form' Venus and then re-establish Mercury's small, acrid atmosphere. Vulcan's purpose was to act as a filter for some of the energies that streamed from the Sun to her four, fully conscious water-worlds. Vulcan, therefore, became vestigial and was no longer needed. Its end remained only a matter of time. Soon, however, its embryonic purpose will have to be reinstated. This, Beloveds, we will do at the appropriate time. A somewhat similar condition exists in the outlandish orbital mechanics currently exhibited by Uranus. Those large outer planets, with which you are familiar, have an important purpose - to act as energy and mass counterbalances to your Sun and her four inner water-worlds.

      A wide variety of life forms are poised to emerge from these water-covered worlds. Life demands a special series of conditions, both physical and spiritual in nature. Your science has barely established the physical conditions for organic life to form. They still need to explain life's spiritual parameters. Life contains a vital essence that is, actually, a multi-dimensional Light. It contains consciousness - the deep, inner-awareness of self and its connection to its Creator. It forms in physicality when the energy that emanates from a star and its inner planets are exactly right for the creation of the simple cell systems of primitive life. At this point, the star-planetary energies generate a 'life grid' that allows for the formation of more complex multiple organ 'bodies'. Then, at the appropriate time, highly sentient life evolves. The entire process exists as a result of the divine plan, set up for physicality by the Creator and apparent from the first formation of the multitudes of solar systems, teeming with life.

      This special balance is due to the unique energies that are produced within a life-containing solar system. Each solar system possesses a special set of vibrations that also are found within and above your presently known electromagnetic spectrum. Thus, solar systems that seem to lack certain specific characteristics identified by your scientists are overflowing with sentient life forms. Many important, currently immeasurable conditions existed that made life upon these different worlds possible. A prime example of this is the star, Vega. To your scientists, it seems too young for life. Yet, this six-planet solar system is the true origin for humans, as well as for many cetacean-like and highly sentient Beings. It also serves as the main headquarters of the Galactic Federation of Light. That balance existed in your solar system long ago, and needs to be fully restored. This, Beloveds, we presently are doing.

      We are emphasizing this balance for a specific reason, because a special 'life grid' must be maintained. Because of the vast number of skirmishes fought in your solar system, the grid there is now clearly skewed. At present, there are too many moons orbiting your outer planets. Your inner planets, meanwhile, lack such necessary balances. A moon-planet system is very special. More than a mere electro-gravitic entity, a moon behaves much like a typical sentient male-female relationship and produces a 'balance'. That essential balance is the reason we have called planets 'female' and moons 'male'. This energy, when combined with the creative dance between a Sun and its planets, produces the grid for life. Thus, we call a Sun and her planets 'female', since they creatively nourish and sustain this 'life grid'.

      As we have noted in previous messages, your solar system needs soon to be restored to its former glory. Its vast potential has forged a special beacon. Long ago, this beacon led many fleets, Light and dark, to come here and create special colonies. You are the result of these events. Your destiny has been produced by what is most inherent within your extraordinary solar system - the conditions that are about to lead to the unfolding of the rest of this Creation. The Spiritual Hierarchy of your solar system is fully aware of all of these facts and has long supervised the carrying out of the divine plan's sacred edicts. Consider what we have mentioned so far today as the foundation of what you will need to know. See the events that occur each day in your solar system as part of a complex 're-balancing'. By our present actions, we are moving the process forward.

      As you ponder this information, remember the old phrase from your reality, "As above, so below". Whatever occurs in the solar system happens also to you. Much like your Sun and her enormous set of electro-gravitic entities, every individual consists of a vast collection of energies, atoms and cells. Each of you is being divinely directed toward a special omega point. When that point is reached, you will be transformed into a glorious Being of Light. This entity is the purpose behind all that is happening to you. As we prepare ourselves to restore your solar system into 12 wondrous orbs of Light encircling a magnificent Sun, you, also, are being transformed into a Being based upon a 12-strand RNA/DNA. The magic of which we speak is divine. The time-track on which it is set will bring together all of its infinite components on schedule. What a great spell awaits us all!

      In this message, we have examined the changes that are required to restore your solar system. Our mission is particularly complex. In future messages, we will review it with you in more detail. We ask simply that you use this knowledge to better understand the astonishing intricacies involved in Creation. Soon, you will use this wisdom to complete your grand mission. We now take our leave. Blessings, Beloveds! Know that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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