Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Cimi, 9 Pop, 10 Caban        

Greetings!! We come with more interesting topics for our dialogue. As you know, many intriguing changes are taking place in your reality. One item of particular interest involves our activities on Mars. Over the past few galactic years, we have been preparing the Martian surface and its atmosphere for a return to its original condition. Further, we have also expanded our base on Venus and reactivated the electromagnetic qualities of her inner core. Presently, these two worlds are examples of the extremes often left behind by the galactic wars that long have ravaged this section of our galaxy. We look, with great anticipation, upon the grand peace brought about by your awakening. As a result of these events, your galaxy has been unified and a long period of peace and growth has begun. On Mars and on Venus, we are constructing a new memorial to peace to signify the arrival, at long last, of an unparalleled moment in our common experiences! To help you to better understand, let us examine the history of these worlds and our plans to correct it.

      Approximately one million years ago, the dark forces of Anchara savagely invaded your solar system, leaving Mars with a very thin atmosphere and destroying her vast oceans, lakes and streams. And, by burning off Mars' topsoil, these attacks left behind a planet totally inhospitable to life. Any remaining life went underground and has stayed there, in its vast interconnected caverns, for nearly a million years. Just beneath her surface lie the remnants of Mars' formerly vast reserves of salt and fresh water, initially exploited by her dark conquerors for almost 100,000 years. At that point, the forces of the Galactic Federation of Light drove the dark invaders from your solar system. Although we were initially appalled at the levels of destruction endured by your solar system, the Main Federation Council, after some consultation, decreed that both Mars and Venus should remain in their current devastation as memorials to victims of the attacks upon your solar system's four water worlds.

      Only two water planets, Maldek and Mother Earth, retained their water atmosphere and life-giving topsoil. Attacks on Venus severely distorted her electro-magnetic fields, causing her to overheat and quickly turning her leftover, acrid atmosphere into a hot, vile concoction. Most of her formerly abundant water reserves drained into deep crevices formed by the attacks and mixed with gases and burnt topsoil remnants. This sticky mess remains. It contains microbes and other organic substances that, eventually, will be able to recreate her former glories. Mars is much more encouraging. It teems with life and needs only to recreate its complex atmosphere and restore its formerly enormous supplies of surface waters and topsoil. We presently are carrying this out in well thought-out stages. We do not wish to alarm you, nor do we desire to fail to achieve our most elaborate plans. Therefore, we have begun a method to increase surface waters and to return Mars' craggy surface back to usable topsoil.

      The key to this activity lies in making the best use of Mars' continuing water cycle. Presently, her waters are trapped in underground streams, lakes or oceans or encased in glacier caps located near her North and South Poles. Our task is to fill her atmosphere with water or dust, thereby reworking her surface. This procedure has produced several surface areas where a degree of life has returned. Moreover, her atmosphere is gradually able to retain the more stable temperatures that will allow life to exist and flourish. To further these efforts, we have established a large presence upon your nearest celestial neighbor. At this time, we maintain over 16 of these bases and plan to add yet another six very soon. The largest underground base is greater in area than the whole of Los Angeles County. Created in the 1950s and enlarged to its present capacity in the late 1990s, it serves as a headquarters to coordinate our first contact with you.

      As Mars moves into position to be 'terra-formed', we also are evaluating her sister, Venus, and judging how best to proceed. Our answer has been the recent hyper-activation of her volcanic cycles, which we are using to begin the process of preparing her surface and her atmosphere for life. Although to your scientists, the organic chemicals we are now introducing may appear inert, to ours, they are indispensable to our next step. This leads us to emphasize how vital it is that we work closely with a planet's Spiritual Hierarchy. Venus' divas have long kept alive the sacred energies of her flora and fauna, which they showed us when we began to plan the process of 'terra-forming' her. In size and appearance, Venus is closest to your present home-world. Her existing decay will be quickly redressed in the year that follows your first contact with our ships and personnel.

      Until then, we have decided simply to prepare your worlds for their coming transformation. An interesting example exists on the former world of Maldek. Originally, it was over 29,000 miles (more than 46,000 kilometers) in diameter. Like your world, Maldek contained many oceans, continents and lakes. Its atmosphere consisted of a three-layered firmament that, along with a specially designed atmosphere, kept its surface conditions nearly semi-tropical from pole to pole. Unlike your world, it became a planet on which reptiles and various species of dinosaurs achieved high levels of sentiency. It reached a level of diversity in these creatures roughly equal to that experienced in your world during the late Cretaceous period. However, they became a society that was encouraged and later exploited by the dark forces that hurtled into your reality about one million years ago.

      Part of our task has been to monitor the movement of large asteroids throughout the solar system. Some originated at your solar system's birth. Most resulted from the galactic wars that destroyed several of your solar system's moons and utterly destroyed Maldek. The dark forces heavily armed this large planet and made it their headquarters. For forces of the Federation of Light to move into this galactic sector, Maldek first had to be neutralized and a large battle planet was assigned to the task. It succeeded, but only by blowing Maldek into literally millions of pieces. Its moons were dispersed to other worlds in this solar system and its destroyer was assigned to duty as a protector. However, rebel groups captured it about 13,000 years ago.

      You are quite familiar with the sorry tale of this battle planet-world. Let us merely say that, due to the influence of your solar system's Spiritual Hierarchy and the demise of its dark allies, those who dwell in the realm that you call Niburu have turned to the Light and joined the Galactic Federation of Light. We have fully welcomed this wondrous development, which is yet another sign of the transformation of your present darkness into Light. You should realize that your own changes reflect the shifts in your reality and are part of our complex preparations. Underlying them is the sacred hand of Heaven. Everywhere, the decrees of the divine plan are visible. Always remember, Beloveds, that the sacred work of the Creator is carried out according to a divine timeframe. The moment for your final transformation is fast approaching.

      Today, we have discussed current events in your solar system. They are a sign that your preparations are approaching their culmination. As they do so, we are increasing our care and effort. We are determined to complete this operation in the time that the divine plan has assigned us. Know, Beloveds, that many marvelous surprises are converging on you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the endless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

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