Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Cauac, 7 Pax, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!!! Once again, we appear before you with more items to discuss. In previous messages, we have spoken about your coming first contact. In those updates, we mentioned a process that is meant to produce a definite result - your galactic society. You will have to construct it, literally, from 'thin air'. With these proceedings, we have every intention of giving you all the guidance and information that you will need. Be aware that, prior to the completion of these complex processes, your present governments will have to carry out several vital agreements. These arrangements will prepare you for a global initiative that can quickly reorder your world. Into its glorious arms will come world harmony and the longed-for end to many potentially dangerous conflicts. We will swiftly transform your global society from its reliance on unnecessary competition and from the countless unwarranted divisions that have caused conflict, hate and rancor to run rampant across your realm. They must soon be transformed. In society's new form, old divisions and ongoing hatreds will cease.

      In their stead will come an understanding of just how unnecessary these innumerable beliefs and their violent consequences really are. Moreover, you are soon to meet your inner Earth relatives and become a sovereign part of their astonishing subterranean realm. In this world, you finally will realize the utter folly of countless millennia of worldwide conflicts fought over 'sacred land rights'. These bloodstained lands will be returned to their true inhabitants - Mother Earth's flora and fauna and you will resume your sacred mission as their ever-watchful guardians. In effect, Heaven is propelling you toward your real tasks upon this globe. To do this, you will need again to feel abundant and to see yourselves as powerful, sovereign Beings of the Light. Those in power felt that this task would take many decades, or even centuries, to perform. Our answer, and that of Heaven, is that Love, respect and abundance, together with a true sense of your inner power, are all you really need. Once they are yours, your memory will blossom swiftly and you will then be able, collectively, to perform 'miracles'.

      The inner Earth world is a vital part of our carefully laid plans. For many millennia, these Beings have closely watched over their surface brethren. They know, dear Hearts, of your pain and your suffering. They also know that these conditions are meant to be only a temporary state, with a definite time limit for its miraculous transformation. That time is now. Our fleet contains a special component that is made up of these Beings. They have longed for this special moment in which to peacefully reunite with you. Once you have successfully migrated to your glorious new residences, your planet's surface will have to undergo many changes. The present appearance of whole continents must be transformed. A new firmament will have to complete its re-formation. Now-extinct flora and fauna will have to reappear to rebalance Mother Earth's ecosystem. Once all of this has been accomplished, you will suddenly see before you a new and pristine world of unparalleled beauty. Your mission is to complete your swift evolution into fully conscious Beings. In this new state, you will be able to take your rightful place as prime caretakers of Mother Earth.

     Ahead lies a grand plan whose every detail has been approved by Heaven and the divine plan. Look upon the coming events as simply the portents that will lead you toward the completion of your glorious transformation into physical Angels. In this last stage, you must realize that we exist. With this important disclosure, you require knowledge of the creation of your present predicament over many millennia and how you can co-creatively resolve it. In order to do this, you will need the resources to reform your world and vastly change your collective conceptions. Thus, for all of us, first contact is a vital step. Consequently, we have established a liaison mission with your world. Part of this process involves agreements that we have negotiated with your 'secret' government's true controllers - the many cabals who are in charge of your financial, political, military and cultural lives. We have also carried out increased observation of your world and contacted specific groups and individuals.

      We have mentioned these points previously, but state them again for a purpose. We believe that you need to fully understand the reason we have operated in this manner. First, these Beings currently 'run' your world. By changing them to a state in which they condone and later encourage our efforts, we will be able to carry out our first contact mission with the broadest possible degree of 'on planet' support. Second, a vast plan to bring a number of astounding resources to you was already underway when we put our plan formally into operation. Our support has greatly aided these noble efforts. In any case, these projects are part of the way to return your realm to a condition of natural abundance and sovereignty. It is a welcome precursor to actual first contact, along with our negotiations, which took these efforts to their next logical step - the creation of a galactic society upon your world.

      You may view all of these events as parts of an interconnected plan. Each component has been handed to a number of specific liaisons and corresponding enlightened Beings upon your world. They, in turn, have interacted with several important groups, individuals and families who constitute the 'powers that be' upon your world. Because this process remains an immense effort filled with intrigue, it therefore requires a high level of internal secrecy. For this reason, we have limited your briefing to a bare minimum. Again, we will simply state that, at the appropriate time, we will reveal more. Think of what is occurring now as a special, many-layered onion. The structural integrity of this onion has been accomplished. Now, at specially designated times, a few of its layers can be peeled back until all is revealed. What lies ahead is intended to achieve this quickly.

      Think of what lies ahead as a long row of dominoes. As one begins to topple, it leads quickly to another. At the completion of first contact, you will dwell in a transitional world filled with great promise. This world will give you your last great challenge - to adapt quickly to its tremendous promise. Once you have recovered from the impact of these announcements, dear Hearts, know that we intend to make our presence known all over Creation. We believe deeply that you will need to understand that you are not alone and that we have come to assist you in this grand transition. Moreover, the great religious prophets of this realm will return as they long have promised. They will support you with grace and help you to discover your inner truths. This is a time for miracles and for a great change! It is also a time when you will meet us and learn many amazing Truths!

      We are excited about what is about to happen. The present time is actually the silence before the breaking of the dawn. Many events are unfolding that can only lead to glorious celebration. Our fleet is ready to appear en masse before you. Our captains and commanders await their orders to dance in the skies above you. We wish to do this, dear Hearts, knowing that our performance will be followed by solemn ceremony. Several sacred spots on your world want to be fully re-consecrated by our sacred ones and yours. We definitely intend to do this as soon as it becomes feasible. We remain committed to preparing your world for its new reality. A major part continues to be educating you about who you really are and what is to happen when we complete your first contact with us. Remain centered and dedicated to this glorious outcome!

      Today, we have discussed elements that underlie your ever-approaching first contact. By nature, this is a very organic process - that is, it possesses intelligence and a means of fulfillment. This divine purpose has brought us to your shores and prepared for our divine appearance. We ask you to use your great abilities to complete our shared and sacred mission. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know, dear Ones, that the unending Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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