Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       1 Imix, 4 Kank'in, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive with more to tell you. This date marks the beginning of yet another sacred Tzolk'in. Originally, the galactic calendar was given to the ancient peoples of the Americas, Egypt and the Himalayas. Since that time, it has taken on many forms, titles and usages. The one whom the Anunnaki put in charge of these matters was called Thoth by the Greeks and Tehuti by the ancient Egyptians. He understood that this calendar was dedicated to the Sirian star system and to your most sacred Mother Earth. Its beginning (New Year) occurred when the helical of Sirius appeared in the morning sky. Moreover, the names and symbols included in the day count retold the story of this solar system's birth and its human habitation. These items are exhibited on many inner and outer levels. Both the shape and the ordering of this calendar's glyphs are part of how Earth's divine timekeeper recounted these creation stories. Although Tehuti was, primarily, an overseer in Ancient Egypt, he was occasionally forced, by divine circumstance, to spread his knowledge to other parts of the globe.

      Tehuti was also a master architect and builder. His chief creation was the pyramid, which he willingly built, first in Egypt and later in the Americas, China and other parts of the world. They served as time capsules and marked the points on Mother Earth at which time and energy were strongest. At these sites were found the major nodes of Mother Earth or special points for the measurement of time. Their most important locations are the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Built long before the historical time of the Pharaohs, these three pyramids were dedicated to the Anunnaki, the earlier civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, Mother Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. Within their walls, sacred ceremonies were performed. Below them was built a vast memorial that was expanded, approximately 11,000 years ago, during construction of the Sphinx. All told, these enormous structures were intended to hold both the memories of the past and the glories of the future. The Anunnaki were fully aware that, at some future moment, their dark and draconian hold on humanity would come to an end.

      Because the knowledge imparted by Tehuti pertained to the nature of eternal life (full consciousness), he was often aligned with the 'sky gods and goddesses' most concerned with the Afterlife. Like many of the Anunnaki, Tehuti occasionally chose to disobey the proclamations of their ruling council. Frequently, he was punished for this behavior and, on occasion, cast out of Egypt. In exile, he sought powerful allies by spreading his knowledge to other parts of the world. As a result, many highly accurate calendars, similar-sounding creation myths and his foremost symbol, the pyramid, were carried to every corner of the globe. The regions of which he was most fond were Egypt and Central America. He understood that they were linked by Atlantean heritage and by strategic location. Accordingly, these were the regions to which he revealed the greatest parts of his knowledge. During one of his many exiles in Central America, he began secret meetings with special representatives from the Galactic Federation of Light and Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

      Eventually, over many millennia, these many clandestine meetings led to a calendar that embodied a way to experience time and whose symbols told the story of Creation and of human habitation on Mother Earth. It also foretold humanity's glorious future and precisely described the special moment of transformation. Time was the energy by which the galaxy, and indeed physical Creation, sustained itself. The key to the understanding of this process lay in the ancient calendars and the stone structures that Tehuti built. They hold the true nature of this living planet, the 11 original orbits of the Sun's celestial daughters and the fulfillment of the prophecies for your glorious future. We reiterate this, dear Hearts, only so that you will understand that the sites of these edifices are perceived to be divine. They are special. Within them lie the many important clues that you require to discover who you truly are.

      To assist you, Tehuti buried directions on how to use these clues within his many calendars. These cues were based on Mother Earth's geometry, on sacred geometry and on the movement of the stars and planets through the heavens. To further aid you, Tehuti trained many timekeepers whose knowledge was recorded in a series of sacred texts and transmitted by an oral tradition that began millennia ago. The arrival of new philosophies to Egypt and the Americas led to the destruction of most of this written knowledge. Fortunately, the oral tradition survived and was passed down, secretly, through succeeding generations. Now, it is time to take this 'lost knowledge' and return it to you. In this, again, Tehuti and his many allies will play a great part. The Anunnaki fully realize that the knowledge they gave your ancestors needs to be revealed. It will verify what we intend to tell you.

      The earthly minions created by these same Anunnaki have long manipulated your state of limited consciousness. Now, dear Hearts, your world is collapsing inward upon itself. Our earthly allies are completing a mission begun many centuries ago by their forefathers and your Ascended Masters. That mission is to conclude an operation whose purpose is to set you free and allow you to become fully sovereign individuals. As a part of this process, the formerly dark and quarrelsome Anunnaki have turned to the Light and offered to carry out divine prophecy. Among this group, the most enthusiastic is Tehuti, whose vast knowledge will be revealed when we arrive upon your shores. His sacred tables, which we will present to you at that time, will adjust your calendars and exhibit the accuracy of the galactic calendar.

      Moreover, we are now in the process of determining how best to complete your last remaining steps to full consciousness. Mother Earth's internal and external timings will play an extremely important role in these decisions. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy and your heavenly Administration have ensured that we will stay fully informed. At present, our plan is to give you a one- to two-year 'window' once the major announcements are made. The special places built for your final transformation are fully operational and waiting for you. We mention this only so that you will know that we have taken into account every possible contingency. Our first contact fleet remains totally prepared to complete its assigned task. Every commander of every component of this enormous fleet knows how this first contact will be carried out and their own responsibilities in it.

      The level of cooperation required among the many elements that comprise this complex mission is truly staggering. This first contact is utterly unique and of absolute import to Heaven and to us. You are a specially incarnated group of Beings. Your mutation into fully conscious Beings is an essential aspect in the unfolding of the next stage of physicality. Thus, we have been exhorted to come here to apply the degrees of influence that Heaven requires of us. As we have mentioned many times, this process has been unique in our history. Never before, dear Ones, has a first contact mission been implemented as this one has. You are crucial to the establishment of a permanent galactic peace. You are essential to the union of the councils of more than 50,000 galaxies. Indeed, the adventures that lie ahead for you will be totally electrifying.

      Today, we have discussed some of the events of your day. We have explained that your former masters - the Anunnaki - now wish to help you. With their help and that of the Ascended Masters, Heaven and the peoples of Inner Earth promise to make this long-wished-for time in your history truly a period of miracles and wonders. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Hearts, dear Ones, that the countless Bounty and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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