Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Cimi, 14 Pax, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!!! We bring you more news. Your world is quickly preparing for its massive transformation. Now, Mother Earth is girding herself for a gigantic alteration in her surface appearance. As noted in past messages, these changes will create vast inland seas, sink large mountain ranges in an instant and remove the remaining ice and snow-pack from her North and South Poles. Change of this immensity will bring with it severe earthquakes and extremely violent volcanic eruptions. This will occur across the globe and bring to your world events that it will not easily forget. Fortunately, these much-forecast events will take place only after you have been safely moved to your new underground homes. These subterranean enclaves are guaranteed to be fully volcano- and earthquake- proof. In these surpassingly lovely, Heaven-like environs, you will achieve full consciousness. Then, you will resume your role as Mother Earth's divine guardians. Our first mission will be to act as your much-needed guides and teachers. We will come and graciously escort you to your many new habitats.

      We have coordinated this unprecedented movement underground of Earth's large population with your brethren who dwell in inner Earth. The places to which you are going are simply beautiful beyond compare. Therein will be technologies that end your need for agriculture and for housing or clothing industries. Each dwelling will contain replication devices that can produce for you, in seconds or minutes, any garment, any instrument, or any food that you may truly desire. You will also discover that you can produce even the largest building, by a similar technology, in less than a day. These are only the beginning of the wonders to be made available to you. In under a minute, you will be able to teleport swiftly from one place on the globe to another. These underground locales will have skies that project night and day. Unwanted garbage, distracting noises and other inconveniences will be eliminated. Your mission is to discover who you really are and to perform ritual that enhances the life-force and well-being of Mother Earth and her precious eco-system.

      Before we land, you will be surrounded by abundance and by a newly restored freedom, preparing yourselves to be individually sovereign. We will enter this most rewarding environment. We will come, knowing that your secret rulers will have revealed many of the truths now hidden from you. Their announcements and actions will astonish you. You will realize that your world has reached the point at which it is ready for its great change toward the Light, its freedom and the acceptance that it is not alone. Once we have been proclaimed, we will arrive and complete what has been announced. With us will come great Beings of Light who, in your past, established the grand paths of Light upon which you now walk. Their mission will be to help you to understand how your secret rulers manipulated their truths and then to proclaim ways this may be corrected. They will return, as they have promised, to serve as divine catalysts for a new golden reality that will form among you. With their blessings, you will go forth in this transformed world and achieve your magnificent destiny.

      As you move toward full consciousness, you will feel, as never before in your realm, the great energies of A-E-O-N. The continual blessings of Lord Surea, Lady Assyria - indeed, of all the great Seraphim, ArchAngels and Elohim - will resound about you. Within this heavenly Light, you will receive the great blessing of full consciousness. As a result of this coming event, we view as a sacred procedure our role as your teachers. Much thought, which derives from our many conferences, seminars and roundtables, has gone into the actual process that we will follow. We know that it will be quick: it will take only a few weeks to move you toward your 'graduation' date. This procedure will be marked by the final physical steps that Heaven requires to complete the integration of your body, mind and Spirit. Envision how glorious these final procedures will be! Therefore, it requires most special guidance for its success. This, we will give you. We eagerly anticipate all that your fully conscious selves will bestow upon physical Creation.

      Truly, this is a time that is filled with miracles! Presently, events are occurring that promise to change your world. We ask you to understand the immensity of what now is happening in silence around you. It is your sacred mission to realize your marvelous potential. It is ours to provide the means whereby it can be manifested. To this end, we are profoundly grateful to all upon your world who have used their power and abilities to aid us. We cannot thank them enough for their continuing efforts in helping to manifest this new world of Light. As these events occur, remember always the volume of work required, and the worldwide prayers and rituals that you have conducted each day. What is unfolding is the manifestation of a collective intention that began with the edicts of the divine plan. Now, by bringing this result into the physical, you are creating a wondrous new reality for all concerned.

      As you can see, our coming is simply the last series of acts in a long cosmic drama. Every step taken has been meant to test the best way for our strategy to succeed. On top of this, of course, is the mighty path taken by Heaven. Everything in this cosmic drama will occur according the script Heaven has prepared, with your assistance. We know this, and how difficult it all has been for you. It is not easy to move to the Light a realm so deeply mired in darkness as yours. Yet you have prevailed and have followed the wishes of Heaven. As a result of these burgeoning divine intentions, a new core perception for a turn to the Light has been birthed in your world. This act of manifestation has led to the great change that lies just ahead of you. Hold this intention and complete its great nurturing. It is ready, now, to pay you many magnificent dividends!

      We feel very close to the mission of First Contact, which is often the most difficult for an S&E; fleet. It contains a very specific set of involved protocols that must be strictly followed. Added to these procedures, dear Hearts, is your own particular set of circumstances. Imagine arriving in a realm that is far removed from the requirements usually undertaken in such a mission. Moreover, understand clearly our concerns when the Spiritual Hierarchy makes such requests. These considerations have established new scenarios for every future first contact mission. Soon, you will be able to establish your set of S&E; fleets and use your wonderful experiences to move first contact toward a new level. In this way, you will unite the infinite vastness that is physicality. In this way, you will perform your greatest miracle - the merging all of physicality with Heaven.

      The forthcoming announcements are extremely important to all that is to come. We sincerely request that all involved maintain the necessary courage to carry them out. These pronouncements will change your world dramatically. They indicate the dawn of the process that will complete your magnificent transformation. With it, we will make our own. We intend to watch these events closely and see that all occurs according to plan. Regardless, we are committed to arriving upon your shores within the timetable that Heaven has established. We repeat this only to remind all concerned parties of their agreements and of how deeply committed we are to their swift fulfillment. We say this, as well, to acknowledge our own ongoing commitment to your success and to the proper completion of this first contact mission. Soon, dear Hearts, we will arrive and then - let the celebration begin!

      Today, we have closely examined events that are unfolding in your world. They possess the potential to quickly alter your reality. We most eagerly anticipate them and are prepared, as well, to act in ways that assure their swift manifestation. As always, we ask you to assist us by means of your worldwide meditations and by setting your intention for our shared success. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts. Know that the great, unending Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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