Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 12, 2000 (13 Muluc, 17 Pop, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We arrive, today, with many interesting items to discuss with you. To begin, you have been blessed by the great Energies of A-E-O-N, which have come to reveal the next important steps in your Ascension procedures. During this next period, some amazing events will occur. Look upon this coming time as a period of divine grace, which will bestow many blessings upon you. During the next tone cycle of White Oc, these first energies are set to truly manifest. They come to bring you many important resources from Heaven. In addition, they introduce to you the opportunity to exercise your magnificent abilities. You are empowering these inner abilities with every passing day. As you grow, understand that you are reaching an important milestone in your path. This galactic year and the succeeding one are designed to usher in a series of astounding exposÚs. These revelations will form the basis for new meaningful perspectives on your reality and how you can transform it. With these events will come ways that can finally turn this into a very different, far more gentle reality.

      Look upon yourselves, dear blessed Ones, as Beings of great Light. You and your society have long suppressed this Light. Only rarely have you given yourself permission to express its mighty powers. Now, you are in a period in which the restraints of society concerning these powers are swiftly waning. Likewise, you are setting yourself the goal of exploring these inner essences. Still, you retain some fear of them. You wonder what effect they could possibly have upon you. Every day, you speculate upon how a society in which they are omnipresent can operate. Yet, you have persisted. Your determination has created the coming moments that you long for. The secret cabals that have long controlled your realm understand how precarious their hold upon you has become. You need to declare your Liberty, solemnly, and then seek a full restoration of your personal sovereignty. This operation can serve as the foundation for your new society. The time has now come for a quiet revolution, setting in motion those situations that we have long discussed with you.

      Every Being is both a collective and an individual essence. Most of you, dear Hearts, belong to special soul groupings that have been fragmented by successive lifetimes in this very limiting reality. As you come together, you quickly learn just how divisive this fragmenting has been. One of the things that we shall do is to create a grand reunion, ending another degree of the separation that your former reality's matrix used to control you. It has fed off your mutual longings and the shared objectives and collective fears that originated from this separation. As you become more aware, you will more readily comprehend the way in which this process has worked. Most of you belong to a soul grouping that consists of 8 to 12 Souls. These were created, initially, by the consciousness-limiting procedures of certain Atlantean and off-world medical researchers. Over many millennia, they became individuated and 'lost' in this realm. Still, they communicate with each other on many inner levels. Many of you now exist in this maelstrom. You seek your other parts and know not where they may be.

      To aid you, we have introduced a number of measures. The main one is a system that allows your inner councils to move you back toward wholeness. Our purpose is to prepare each soul grouping to be returned to its former state. However, you will not fully remember this until you have regained full consciousness. We ask that you move forward, in full faith. Know that this predicament can, and will, be solved. From another perspective, it has given your collective a very rich and colorful base upon which to draw some amazing knowledge. This knowledge leads to your great store of wisdom, which has the ability to change the very nature of physicality. Even though it may, at first, seem strange, every situation has the potential to co-create something unique, positive and wonderful. That co-creation leads you to your new reality. We cannot overstate to you how close you are to experiencing it. We ask you simply to continue to have faith and to stay committed to your sacred mission.

      The processes that you are undergoing are rapidly creating various new neural networks. Such networks are really organic consciousness fields, and are global in scope. See them as special electromagnetic circuitry that go beyond the fields of connection permitted by your old reality's matrix. These networks were very limited in scope, and were no more than an advanced variation of the connecting fields that presently surround your planet's myriad plant and animal species. Rather, what is developing at present is more akin to the consciousness field found in fully conscious societies. This field is able to solve problems creatively and to produce a field that prevents disharmony and social dysfunction. This type of field is forming, presently, around and about you. Its growth is making possible all the wonders that you have seen and those that will come before you shortly.

      Even as we speak, these various networks weave themselves around you. They are composed of many levels that contain great numbers of individuated layers. If you could see them, you would notice their complexity. At the same time, you would observe how great their capabilities are. To adjust these networks, we have, from time to time, brought in immense amounts of energies from A-E-O-N. These energies have balanced the networks and permitted them to grow at a more accelerated rate. Currently, you have reached a point at which these networks have allowed us to induce a period of increasing harmony upon your world. Still, your task remains to utilize this network's potential through daily local, regional and global ritual. We are quite pleased with your decisions to do so, and that you do so in a manner that further expands upon our work.

      These networks are connected to other realities and to Spirit. Their growth has led you to get a better glimpse of the follies in your global society, and a desire to markedly correct them. In addition, these growing connections have led you to seek your space and spiritual kin. This search guides you to transform your xenophobia regarding off-worlders. Each of you has a memory of the 'genetic situation' that forged your present core perceptions and birthed an immense plethora of resulting thought-forms. Now, you swiftly realize that these fears, while not previously unwarranted, can be overcome. It is time for you to take the proper precautions and to plunge fully into a new series of relationships. These relationships can pave the way to new knowledge and the means to achieve your sacred objectives.

      As you can see, much has been done. The groundwork for your new reality has been laid. What is needed is to alter those perceptions that still remain. In this task, we have co-creatively formulated a strategy that can achieve our goals. Many events are on the verge of occurring, which lead you toward new technologies, amazing resources and first contact. In your skies, in your waters and within yourselves, we visit you each day. We come to assist you in the magnificent process that you have allowed. Heaven wishes you to know our joy at what you are accomplishing. Now, you are ready to enter a new phase in this wondrous process. Keep in mind that, despite great difficulties, you are succeeding. Together, we are co-creating a new reality and changing those things that have limited you for far too long!

      Today, we have discussed many things that are happening to you. We desire that you look at these things and see how amazing they truly are! We ask that you stay the course and remain committed to your mission. Its final events are now occurring. We take our leave and bless you all! Know in your Heart, and in the Creator's name, that a new reality is close and that a marvelous period in your history is about to dawn. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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