Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        8 Kan, 12 Kank'in, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We come to you with news on a most auspicious day. Many wonderful things are unfolding, dear Hearts, and many more are approaching their time of manifestation. Your reality is based upon adherence to a number of basic constructs, which have created your present world and put some very unscrupulous Beings into positions of vast power and wealth. Completely dominated by their off-world masters, the cabals have long used these resources to manipulate the financial, social and cultural aspects of your global society. Just over half a decade ago, freed from the oppressive yoke of their off-world masters, they were finally able to pursue their own heinous agendas to complete the enslavement and/or destruction of Mother Earth's human population. To them, all that really mattered was the accumulation of wealth and power. Even the destruction of all life on Mother Earth was not above them if they so desired. Therefore, many millennia ago, your local Spiritual Hierarchy, aware of the dark cabals' true plans, implemented a strategy to counter them.

      The first part of this strategy, which began many millennia ago, involved the acquisition of certain agreements that limited the extent to which your genetics could be manipulated. Accords were reached with your former off-world masters - the Anunnaki - and were solemnly devised after the first flood. These then-dark Beings were determined to carry out several programs that had been initiated during the last periods of the Atlantean empire. With its sudden demise, nearly 13,000 years ago, their depraved programs were left incomplete. The small group of limited conscious humans, who survived the catastrophic post-Atlantean first flood, seemed the prime candidates for their agendas. According to these agreements, the Anunnaki were no longer able to stop your eventual return to full consciousness. Instead, you were only to be provided with harsh experiences to educate you about your present state of limited awareness. To this end, the Anunnaki gleefully established dark realms replete with a whole cast of earthly minions. A period of deception, brutal but limited in time, had begun. This 'end game' is now taking place.

      The second part of this grand strategy concerned the star-nations where most of Earth's humans had originated. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy heard their proposal to act as a guide for their former citizens. Occasionally, their plan also included carefully selected direct interventions. After serious consultations with the local heavenly Administration for this sector of physical Creation, your local Spiritual Hierarchy accepted the presentation. Now, you possessed both physical and spiritual benefactors, whose aim was to help you, as much as possible, to begin events that would 'seed' the ideas and individuals crucial to your world. They would be able to lead you toward Heaven's great desires for you. Such a strategy meant that some members of the Galactic Federation of Light needed to maintain an extended secret presence upon your world. In the end, it was to be this long-term special presence that would lead us to our current first contact mission. This strategy possessed a third arm, which reached into the distant and sacred realms of A-E-O-N.

      Heaven was profoundly aware of your travails and understood the reasons behind them. All A-E-O-N knew of the commands of Lord Surea and Lady Assyria that there was a time for this operation to be completed. Therefore, at an appropriate moment, A-E-O-N was instructed to send vast legions of Seraphim, ArchAngels and Elohim to enable you to make the transition back into your fully conscious selves. In that glorious time, a new and even more powerful local Spiritual Hierarchy was to be constituted that would possess many grand Beings of Light from A-E-O-N, and from the great Orders and Councils of Heaven. This re-formed local Spiritual Hierarchy has been established and is working its wonders upon your realm. Moreover, the many Sisterhood and Brotherhood Councils of Ascended Masters from Sirius and from Earth have been combined to carry out these most sacred tasks. Therefore, dear Hearts, you currently are engulfed in innumerable and infinite sacred energies from the Creator and the mighty realms of Heaven.

      This strategy has led to many utterly remarkable occurrences, most of which we cannot now discuss with you. We only mention them to prepare you for events that, at first, may deeply shock you. Remember that you are here, mainly, to be prime guardians of Mother Earth and this solar system. You are here to use your truly vast abilities to eventually alter physicality. This magnificent mission is your future responsibility. In the present, it has manifested as a deepening concern for Mother Earth's fragile eco-net. It has also emerged to inform your fellows of the need to manifest greater harmony among all nations. This has caused you to search for ways to make your present economic and political systems more equitable for your society. It has also prompted you to look beyond your present concepts of self and see that you are not the sole sentient members of this galaxy.

      One of our most longed-for events is first contact. You have long been Beings over whom we have watched in secret. Our guidance has brought you ideas and inventions that have moved your global society toward a higher awareness of this Creation. During the past few decades, you have been subjected to experimentation that resulted from surreptitious intervention by several dark star-nations and that was part of your dark cabals' many secret agendas. Their sole purpose was to complete the heinous genetic manipulation begun eons ago in Atlantis. Because these acts violate sacred agreements and run counter to the mandate of Heaven, we have come to your shores. The type of world domination still sought by a very few of your many cabals has upset us and led to the negotiations to which we occasionally have referred.

      In the course of these negotiations, a number of crucial agreements were obtained that permit your world to be enormously changed. With them, we have established our new parameters for first contact and progressed on many fronts. Our liaison teams have accelerated our private contacts with many individuals and groups. We remain confidant that coming disclosures will broaden these contacts. Moreover, our fleet has been ordered to increase its surveillance missions in your night skies. We have watched you wonder at what we are doing. Our craft hope to switch our surveillance to a more open, daylight observation. However, we must make a few important announcements before this can take place. As we noted earlier, we wish not to frighten you, but to see you greet our open fly-overs with joy.

      For us, this first contact is an extraordinary experience. It has taught us levels of patience far beyond anything we have previously encountered. Yet, we welcome it, for we know that, soon, we will all be together. The vast gulf that now separates us will have been bridged. At that moment, you will cease to be planetary Beings and will assume the mantle of your galactic selves. In this, you finally will be ready to traverse the final steps to full consciousness. This time is filled with many amazing events. It signals the end to war and the start of a glorious, permanent peace. It formally brings all of physicality to your doorstep and permits you to show us your marvelous abilities. Much is still ahead. The coming days, months and years, dear Hearts, are to be filled with the actualization of divine prophecy. Truly, it is to be the best of times!

      Today, we have discussed your local Spiritual Hierarchy's wondrous preparations for your triumphant return to full consciousness. First contact is one of the final steps in this procedure. We are extremely proud to be able to carry out our role in this divine intervention. As it unfolds in the time to come, this event will signal the end of a long period of darkness in your realm and the dawn of a great era of Light. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know, dear Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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