Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        12 Lamat, 16 Kank'in, 9 Eb        

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Hearts, to enlighten you further. Currently, your solar system is approaching an important milestone. Events to commence on 6 Men, 3 Moan, 9 Eb will mark the construction of a new star-gate, which will be ready to go into full operation by 13 Ik, 10 Moan, 9 Eb. When combined with other already opened star-gates, this most necessary process, which is to continue throughout the galactic months of Moan and Pax, will signal an initial acceleration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansings. These procedures are preparing you for important events to which we have alluded in previous messages. Above all, you must understand the importance of remaining open to these events, which are very close to unfolding. Many situations are now being enacted at a variety of secret venues, involving organizations and individuals who normally work in private. Hence, you will not know the real outcome of these matters until they have openly occurred.

      At this point, we need to reiterate our policy on first contact. First contact is a 'done deal', to occur at a prescribed time. Presently, we have worked out several vital agreements with your worldly cabals. If they do not take these documents seriously, we will revert to policies that ensure that our mass landings occur according to our original plans. To the Galactic Federation of Light, our first contact with you, dear Hearts, is a very important issue. We will tolerate no tinkering with the presently agreed-upon time schedule. The uncontrollable members of certain cabals are well aware of pre-conditions they were given at the opening of our recently concluded round of negotiations. To this end, we have kept in play contingency plans, which are to be implemented at a moment's notice. All fleet commanders in our First Contact Team are prepared, when necessary, to issue these orders. We are determined that they never be needed. Nonetheless, we wish you to know that we remain resolutely committed to completing our first contact within the time frame that Heaven has given us.

      Ahead of you lies a new and golden reality. But, although that wondrous moment is to be manifested at a definite time, we cannot yet divulge its schedule to you. Negative energies still remain in your realm, which can frustrate any reason such a public pronouncement might be made. Accordingly, we ask only that you realize that its time is swiftly approaching. In fact, your reality already exists. As we have stated previously, your continued adherence to a certain series of collective core perceptions keeps your 'old' reality seemingly intact. Our purpose and Heaven's is to do whatever allows you to 'release' them and accept new ones. This is the major reason for your present ascension into the wonders of full consciousness. Its coming promises you an almost unimaginable reality. Moreover, full consciousness gives you a number of wholly amazing gifts and a most exalted destiny. Its splendid promise extends also to us and to the rest of physical Creation!

      Physical Creation awaits your transformation with eager anticipation. We know how profoundly your achievement of full consciousness will affect us. You are to be given a great many added responsibilities. Remember this, as you look about your world and see what seem still to be increased dangers and escalating chaos. These events are merely signs that your world is in flux. Your present reality is not what it once was. Clearly, conventional wisdoms about it are failing. Your world is moving toward a greater harmony, although many powerful elements on your earth profoundly wish it were not so. They yearn to throw your world into physical and economic disarray so that they may benefit from their misdeeds. While this concept is still possible, we, with several other well-placed, like-minded individuals on your world, intend to prevent it. To do so we must extend to these negative Beings a proper degree of secrecy and perform in it a powerful series of well-placed actions.

      You may be experiencing aches, pains or even sudden memory lapses, but you remain stubbornly loyal to your old core perceptions. You let them tell you that only a series of some truly shocking events are needed before you change them. In fact, only your inner willingness to believe and act differently can end many millennia of their heavily imposed lack and limitation. We say this, knowing how committed you remain to these mental and emotional 'scallywags'. To remedy this, Heaven has set you out upon what seems to be an extremely perilous journey to a new realm. But this glorious odyssey is not really as dangerous as you may think. It is meant to be a joyous adventure, and the means by which you will achieve your long-sought freedom and sovereignty. This period marks your transition between an old reality and a new one. It also signifies a future in which many wondrous surprises will occur.

      This time is also your present time. Dear Hearts, you reside in a world in which untold wonders are occurring. Each day, events unfold that could drastically alter your reality. They are part of a much grander design, and are pinpoints upon which the fabric of your new perceptions is being woven. In time, they will become clearer to you. Until then, you are largely ignoring them. We ask that you continue to develop your inner heart logic and learn to trust its messages. At every turn, your mental logic masters will spin special tales that they have created to keep you entranced. You must focus on moving beyond these stories. Instead, learn to rely on your inner, intuitive logic, whose many nuggets of truth can move you to see the falsity of those who now control you.

      We issue our messages to inform you of these things and to tell you about your coming first contact. In them, we ask each of you to understand your own importance to this process. Your realm's transformation is a complex, multi-level operation. You remain its most critical elements. Understand this, dear Hearts, and remain duly committed to this vast shift. Certain vital resources are on their way and many other things are now about to be manifested. Every day, you transform in some way, making you slightly different from the person you were yesterday. Normally, you would reject these changes until you could no longer deny them. Within or around you, the process creates some very odd but preventable health, mental or emotional crises.

      Clearly, you are working to co-create your environment. Collectively and individually, you possess the ability to alter it. Moreover, the decrees and commands of Heaven and of the divine plan are uniting to forge your world. Similarly, they can make your reality what you most desire it to be. Presently, a massive alteration is taking place, in which all of these pieces will interlock. As you know, this operation possesses many parts and has gone through many stages. Over the course of our messages, we have restated these facts many times, specifically so that you will realize that the main mission of this procedure is to modify your present core perceptions. This is the major objective of everything we are doing. Soon, they will transform and your new reality will suddenly blossom before your eyes.

      Today, we have discussed the components that, together, are acting to forge your new reality. In accordance with divine prophecy and the divine plan, Heaven has promised you this wondrous future. Surrounding these decrees are the actions of your core perceptions. Although they have, thus far, prevented it, events now in progress will permit your grand transformation. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts, to you All! Know that Heaven's countless Abundance and Prosperity is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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