Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        2 Cauac, 7 Ceh, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We come today with more interesting things for you. In previous messages, we have described how your transformation is affecting your present state of consciousness. We have explained that your perceptions are changing and that a new reality has been prepared for you. As our topic today, we intend to look at how these changes are to be accomplished. In this, the major point to consider is the way in which you are presently constructed. In this reality, you are still a limited conscious Being, divided into two parts - physical and spiritual. Your many emotional and mental bodies have been likewise divided into these two main parts, creating a very peculiar-looking causal body. It has first been subdivided into seven layers in your physical body and, then, into another fourteen layers that either surround the physical body or reach into many other realities and dimensions. It is necessary for you to integrate this massive puzzle before you can receive permission to achieve full consciousness.

      As you already know, one of the principle ways to integrate these spiritual bodies with your physical body is to raise your base frequency. In your reality, there is a cycle, based upon the number thirteen, which is the prime pattern for maintaining this segment of physicality. Thus, you have heard of your base frequency and your planet shifting when the appropriate thirteenth cycle is reached. Likewise, the galactic calendar is founded upon a cycle of thirteen and the number that regulates these cycles of thirteen is twenty. Hence, there are twenty 'encodements' in your RNA/DNA and there are twenty days in a galactic month. We mention this again only to emphasize that you are a Being living in a world of rhythms. The rhythms follow distinct, set patterns and it is this divine 'music' that, in fact, is permitting you to change. As these patterns and cycles are properly altered, you react by putting more and more of yourself into clearer and clearer patterns. It is like watching a very abstract object as it turns itself into a more easily discernible shape.

      In addition to this integration process, you are absorbing more information regarding the true nature of physicality. You are like an ever-expanding ocean sponge that uses its greater capacity to absorb more water. It is an amazing and self-organizing process. This additional data allows you to begin to establish 'blueprints' for your fully conscious self, and to start to form your many new perceptions. Thus, dear Hearts, you closely resemble a developing flower. You have passed into the stage of becoming a fully-formed bud and are just about ready to unfurl your beautifully-colored petals, creating a realm of truly magnificent, vivid pastel colors. Around your chakras, a huge number of immense vortexes is producing many sacred geometric forms. Each form is also coalescing with one another to create other, even more amazing sacred geometry. They, in turn, are greatly affecting your environment's geometric patterns, which the matrix formed from your new reality is regulating.

      This process is ultimately overseen by the divine plan. It is a special plan, containing elements that, only now, are becoming conspicuously known. Each, in turn, gives us vital information concerning the type and intensity of the data we constantly send you. This sacred information is setting up a new framework in which to alter the present nature of your cycle of thirteen as well as the many possibilities set up by its groups of twenty. This operation is most critical, for it assures that, at the right divine time, you will be returned to full consciousness. It also deeply assures that the things that you require to achieve this destined status will be divinely provided to you. For this reason, Heaven has come, with us, to your shores. We firmly intend to see that your transformation is carried out as provided, and, therefore, we have undertaken the aforementioned things. We hasten to tell you that they are, at most, a decade away.

      As you experience these changes, you have noticed that they have produced many aches and pains or the occasional health crisis. This process will continue, more or less intensely, until you have completed your transformation. Although you already know this, we are calling attention to it for two reasons. First, symptoms will tend to increase whenever you undergo the integration of another new segment of your Lightbody. Therefore, see them as merely a 'sign' that this combination is happening and react to it as you intuitively see fit. Second, because they are changing the vast body of thought-forms that engulf your physical mind and body, these modifications can cause sudden mood swings, or even alter your immediate desires. Understand, and react accordingly. Learn to trust your inner 'council'. Be ready to see it all as a challenge to go within, and learn more about this aspect of who you are.

      Already, these changes have affected your world. Consequently, the number of phenomena related to your oceans, atmosphere and lands has largely increased. Each day, moreover, your scientists are observing many strange things in the heavens that, along with facts found in your sub-atomic realm, add to the oddities surrounding you. Your reality is expressing, openly, its transformation. Mother Earth needs to turn herself into another shape, similar to the present one, yet containing new ways to sustain her. Changes observed by your scientists are further proof of the truly amazing and wondrous ways Spirit is flowing into your realm. This is all an essential part of your new reality and of the preparation that you need to conceive it.

      Your reality no longer exists. Although you still fail to notice, it has already been changed. In past messages, we have explained how your perceptions and their reinforcing thought-forms have acted together to create an illusion that, due to the workings of a special group of Beings, still holds sway on your realm. Now, they are seeing that even their strong grip can be altered. Soon, when this process reveals itself to you, you will be able to understand exactly what we have been telling you. Until then, we wish you to realize the true fragility of your reality. We intend the forthcoming procedures to alter your perceptions. In this, know that, as one major belief is transformed, the rest will follow like a house of cards in a windstorm.

      The complex integration of your physical and spiritual aspects compares to the changes that are now unfolding in the whole of physicality. Remember, dear Hearts, that every part of physicality is connected to every other. As you change, physicality also undergoes some degree of modification. Clearly, you are a major focal point for physicality's transformation. This special operation is, in fact, the ultimate arbiter of your experience. It is why everything in this procedure must be done in a certain order. It is the reason Heaven is allowing only a specific range of possibilities to manifest, which the edicts of the divine plan cover in detail and the many sacred decrees of Lord Surea and Lady Assyria further delineate. Already, therefore, your final victory has been granted.

      In this message, we have briefly covered some of the many processes that make your transformation possible. You must see these items as a whole. Remember that this procedure is holistic, with every part related, one way or another, to the final results. Accordingly, learn to view this process in terms of the vast number of events that have created it, and make your ultimate triumph inevitable. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all. Know that the countless abundance and infinite prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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