Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        11 Men, 3 Ceh, 9 Eb        

Greetings! Today, we bring you fascinating news. Your precious planet is changing. Already, in the last several months, she has relieved herself in four of her 16 major regions and, during the next few months, she will complete the adjustment. At the same time, similar adjustments are being made to her atmosphere, bringing to your Northern Hemisphere a slew of cold, wet weather and very hot, dry weather to your Southern Hemisphere. Now, as the final equinox of the galactic year approaches, it will be necessary to accelerate the warming process occurring beneath the world's oceans. In turn, this grand activity will also accompany a major increase in the disruption from the influx of solar radiation into your planet's upper atmosphere. These energies are making possible the rapid manifestation of the grid system for your new reality. At the core of this process, dear Hearts, a new reality matrix has formed that, in recent years, you have been largely unable to ignore.

      This matrix is unique. Normally, a reality matrix acts as the prime arbiter for a reality, imbuing the collective 'norms' into each new inhabitant and strictly regulating the way a reality unfolds its potential. These tasks easily allow a matrix to act as the conscience or guide of a reality. However, in your case, the process has been decidedly altered. You have, within you, the collective 'norms' of your former reality's matrix. Moreover, the Beings whom you allowed to control this matrix still retain their position of power. Your core perceptions must be transformed and the power positions held by your controllers modified. This operation, which has been underway in earnest for the past decade, has quickened the rate at which you have integrated your physical and spiritual selves. It has led to a number of ongoing negotiations among your controllers, their former dark masters and the many representatives of the forces of Light. Out of these interactions have emerged the beginnings of a new set of relationships that, now, are approaching fruition.

      In many past messages, we have described how, long ago, your controllers established the basis for your limited conscious realm. This process was based upon the creation of a grid of lack, limitation and overall powerlessness. In it, you are controlled from before you are born until you die. The system is based upon limiting the nature of your RNA/DNA 'encodements' from twenty to less than four, and keeping your spiritual 'essence' at bay. Further, a hierarchical power system was imposed, whose sole object was to create outside 'experts' on how your life is to be lived. Thus, you turn outward to receive guidance and, when you look mostly inward to find it, your 'peers' or family punish you through guilt and/or subtle pressure. Your perceptions then establish a fixed system that makes the physical appear more purposeful than the spiritual. When you believe that this reality is primarily set in form and material in content, your view of the spiritual is very stiff and unnatural. It becomes only a point for comfort and not one to seek the power that will transform your reality.

      We are correcting the processes that you need to relearn the power of Spirit. Understand, dear Hearts, that no set system of looking at Spirit is more convincing than any other. Rather, you need only to look inside and connect with your true spiritual essence. This process is the' searching' that Lightworkers often experience first, which becomes the inner drive that leads them toward their goal. That goal is to discover their spiritual selves and help to forge a truly spiritual society. Long ago, to aid you, we initiated your integration (ascension) process, which bestows upon you the full breath of your previously denied twenty 'encodements' and allows your nervous system and its many latent meridians to fully generate. This permits a 13-chakra system to be your norm once more. With this, you are ready for full consciousness - the complete integration of your physical and spiritual selves. Moreover, you become able to recognize who you are and, thus, can transform this reality into the one that Heaven has prophesied for you.

      The procedure is as complex as it is fragile. While, in your case, we have begun very subtly, our approach toward your controllers has been stronger and more complex. At a certain point, the two conflicting interests need to meet and reinforce each other. That point is now approaching. To encourage this, dear Hearts, we have accelerated your integration and increased our pressures on your worldly controllers. Outwardly, it may seem to you that little has changed, but we ask for your continued patience. In point of fact, much is happening. It is simply unfolding on levels to which you still lack easy access. Soon, our efforts will begin to provide you with this necessary access. Once given, however, understand that it comes only with a great many new responsibilities that will require you to quickly establish the networks and organizations to which we have previously alluded.

      These things are merely part of a series of major disclosures that are intended to quickly enlarge your present concepts of physical Creation. A fully conscious Being, dear Hearts, understands and easily accepts the vast diversity of sentient life. This Being innately knows how physical Creation is revealed by the divine plan. It knows why and how physicality was first manifested. This Being lives in a realm connected to all of physicality and knows the ways and purpose of Heaven. As you begin to understand these things, you realize that your purpose is part of many other purposes. They are expressed as a multitude of missions. Together, they form a truly gorgeous mosaic of Light that thoughtfully shapes physicality and permits it to graciously unfold itself according to the divine plan.

      Clearly, you are moving toward a magnificent future, indeed. It is a future shaped by the imprint that we are all giving your present. It is a process that requires your input. Currently, your input consists mainly of simply supporting each other, maintaining your daily ritual and holding your vision. We have expressed to you what our part of this mission is. We have described to you our part of this mission. Remember that it is a joint effort and that, often, what we state will occur only at the right and appropriate time. Hence, we want to emphasize to you that this time is quite close to actually happening. Many items have been put into place. Many more are being prepared, in their turn, for addition to the complex mix. As we manifest these things, the degree to which you understand your new realm will become much more clear, and will accelerate the moment for our first contact.

      In our prime scenario, first contact is timed to occur as part of a vast disclosure of our existence by your major governments. In another concurrent scenario, it is the hammer we need to ensure that your controllers manifest our part of the process at the exact time the divine plan has decreed. In either case, know that we are committed to your success. Lord Surea and Lady Assyria have proclaimed your new reality. We intend to be ready to successfully fulfill our assigned tasks. This we have faithfully assured Heaven and clearly brought to the full attention of your secret rulers. The moments to come are meant to help you learn many new things and empower your many true desires. Know that your destiny, backed by Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light, is inevitable.

      Today, we have discussed the nature of our plans and the way they fit into the integration of your physical and spiritual selves. Notice that this plan needs your ongoing support. Hence, we ask for it and praise what you have done with so little, with so much against you. Know that you will find the next period of time quite remarkable. We now take our leave. The abundance and endless prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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