Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        13 Ben, 16 Pop, 10 Caban        

Selamat Jarin!! We return with more points to add to our dialogue. In many previous messages, we have examined your solar system ever so briefly and seen how it mirrors the changes that now are occurring in you. Beloveds, this is a very special moment in your history. It is a time when many spiritual and physical forces are merging for one exquisite purpose - your much-awaited liberation from the continuing bondage of limited consciousness. This process involves the whole of your reality and focuses mainly upon the reordering of major precepts that surround the construction and sustenance of this reality. Whether loving representatives of Heaven or caring members of the Galactic Federation of Light, all of us fully support you in this mass transformation. It is utterly disgraceful that your world's governments cannot freely disperse this vast body of remarkable information to you. Although much of it has been suppressed, some data has been disclosed. We wish to continue to apply the requisite pressure, so that your timely liberation from this bondage can unfold as the divine plan has foretold.

      Helped along by many well-placed and enlightened individuals residing on your world, our shared efforts can only succeed. Heaven has decreed that soon, you will experience liberation. Our combined first contact fleet is continuing, and will continue, to protect this process. At the moment, it seems that we still are facing some ongoing interference. We hasten to assure you that, with your continued support, we will eliminate its remaining causes. To assist in this operation, we have asked our many first contact fleet defense liaisons to assume a more active role. We are coordinating their efforts with the wondrous help of many important persons upon your planet. Moreover, we have brought certain key ships in our fleet into closer proximity to your solar system's inner planets. There, they can more easily discourage further deployment of the scalar weaponry that your secret governments have used previously to discourage your success. Some of the small yet powerful cabals continue to feel deeply threatened by the agreements, fully blessed by Heaven, which we have forged with their accomplices.

      As a result, we wish to reassure you that any delays or continuing interference will encounter the full and complete actualization of our timetable for first contact. You, Beloveds, need to be free of the many heinous schemes concocted by this small group of evil men. Finally, at the sacred time that Heaven has decreed, you will be freed from them. A diverse group of extremely powerful women and men who dwell upon your world has very carefully carved out one of the foundations for this freedom. We fully support them in their work. A critical part of their effort is to transform the illegal tyranny that currently grips a major world government. Once a number of special agreements have been implemented, this most serious situation will quickly be corrected. One element involves formal acknowledgement of our presence and sets up the final agenda for first contact. It allows your world to move ahead, toward its destined galactic society. However, regardless of the way the approaching sequences of events unfold, know that we remain totally committed to a swift and successful first contact with you.

     We do not make these serious declarations in desperation. We offer them to assist the noble efforts of those who remain deeply committed to the quick implementation of several vital agreements. As we have noted, these agreements offer a crucial and conciliatory means for your present realm to make its transition from a highly fragmented planet to a unified galactic one. In this new reality, you will become fully conscious, sovereign citizens of this galaxy and, indeed, of all of physical Creation. It is this potential that brought us to your shores in the first place. Believe us, Beloveds, when we tell you that we come only under the righteous bidding of Heaven. We have answered its call. At Heaven's direction, we will arrive upon your beautiful shores in vast numbers. We wish you to accept the truth of this statement. Now, we also expect this one small, recalcitrant cabal to fully realize it. This being said, we will return to the far nobler occupation of informing you about your solar system and your galaxy.

      In our last message, we explained how various galactic skirmishes had badly skewed your solar system's natural 'life grid'. For this to be corrected, you must understand that every aspect of your galaxy is orbiting other nearby celestial objects. Your sun, for example, is circling the star Alcyone in the Pleiades. This star, in turn, is moving in a path centered upon the star Sirius. Each one of these stars, respectively, is part of an even larger series of star groupings. These clusters do not precisely correspond to the constellations your astronomers often use to give you the locations of stars in your night skies. Rather, energies that flow between them frequently reflect the true nodes of this galaxy. They act as our galactic transportation system. We intend to briefly describe them. To begin, forget the large distances between stars and see them only as converging points of sacred life energies.

      Energy transfer is, in fact, multi-dimensional, carried out through a system of conveyances roughly equivalent to what your scientists call 'wormholes'. Yet, in a very strict sense, they are not what your quantum physics suggests. On the contrary, they are flexible constructs formed by the geometry of physicality. Every reality in a dimension possesses a definite matrix, which constantly interacts with each other. Although the nature of their interaction varies, suffice to say that each interaction is based upon a definite formula. These formulas contain catalysts that, when activated, permit energies or even specific objects to travel, instantly, from one point to another. Thus, we can quickly 'navigate' from one point in the galaxy to another, regardless of the distances involved.

      Since your galaxy is 'off-balance', its system of matrices is not set for its full potential. In actual fact, it is set at only one-fifth of its potential. We make allowance for this in our travels to your many related realms. From time to time, the galaxy sends out energy 'waves', which frequently can cause havoc within a given solar system. In your case, however, they are designed to move your many matrices toward a natural balance. Of concern to some of your scientists is a large burst of this energy that emanates from your galaxy's central core. Its primary purpose is to conclude this natural correcting procedure. To improve upon it, the photon belt that now surrounds Earth will act as a safety blanket. As part of this extended procedure, your planet will be thrown into the photon belt proper and will emerge as a distant part of the Sirius multiple star system.

      This process of change will alter the way such energies distribute themselves in the outer spirals of your galaxy. You are, in effect, preparing the Milky Way Galaxy to alter its appearance. The outer 'spirals' seem to end in the vastness of space between galaxies. In fact, high-density 'inter-dimensional' energies connect all galaxies. These energies are forming a new 'shape' for this section of physicality, in which this galaxy will begin to assume a more 'globular' appearance. The spirals will connect and a special 'dance' between them and the inner spirals will begin. These events are hinted at by the strange measurements your astrophysicists are receiving from their observations of deep and near galactic space. We assure them that what they are seeing is simply the birth pangs of a new reality - more portents of your glorious destiny!

      Today, we reviewed some of the many events that presently are preparing you for your illustrious victory. Your ever-growing consciousness will rise to its greatest possible potential. In this wondrous state, you will attain all of the goals that the divine plan has established for you. Envision the glories that await you! Imagine your grand destiny! We now take our leave. Blessings!! Know, Beloveds, the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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