Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        5 Ik, 10 Ceh, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! Today, we bring you more fascinating news. In many of our previous messages, we have discussed the numerous changes that are occurring to your solar system, your society and you. In this message, we intend to concentrate on how your actions are transforming physicality. To start, consider physical Creation as a most magnificent construct. Despite its illusory nature, the purpose and divine mission of physicality is to give Heaven important physical experiences. Knowledge is thereby acquired and crucial wisdom formed. This wisdom's sacred purpose allows Heaven to do its part in the unfolding of Creation. Hence, Mother/Father God has divided physical Creation into different realities and dimensions. Tying them all together is a divine Light that appears in physicality as a multi-dimensional electromagnetic spectrum that has also built the vortexes that are creating for all of physicality.

      This sacred illusion was given several special characteristics, each of which was combined in countless different ways to produce the basic building block of physical Creation - reality. You, for example, inhabit a reality in which limited awareness has combined with certain specific hazards to forge a very unique and challenging realm. Your mission or divine task is to understand these risks and acquire the wisdom needed to transform its present purpose. Events such as these are constantly being undertaken in other realms. What makes yours very special is that you are actually the fulcrum point by which all realities in physicality can essentially be transformed. Thus, your mission is very critical to the unfolding of Creation according to the divine plan. Consequently, your reality has reached the point where it is to be observed each day by all of Creation. This process has brought us to your shores and has permitted a great many of you to be incarnated at this time. It has also brought the vast legions of A-E-O-N here to help you.

      Physical Creation consists of this sacred Light, the divine intentions of Heaven's Orders, Councils and Administrations and the provisos of the divine plan. You, with your special capacities to observe and experience these realms, have been thrust into this formula. Each of you has used your talents to assess these places and garner key information. With others, you have gathered and analyzed these assessments. This has forged the many organizations, networks and movements that have reshaped your reality. In this regard, closely keep in mind that, every day, energies from other realities are seeping into yours. They have cross-fertilized your reality and either seeded or propelled these modifications in your reality. Moreover, your multidimensional Self has intruded upon you. It has guided you and others on how best to transform your varied situations. Change occurs in your realm through the exchange of energies within your reality and by the way it mixes them with those from other realities. Hence, you live in a special vortex in which you are already influencing physical Creation.

      Clearly, physicality operates simultaneously on many different levels. Your Full Self also operates holistically within this vast illusion. Moreover, this great Soul confers with the vastness that is Heaven and then acts in an appropriate manner. Out of this continual passing of information and energies, you derive the basis for your various actions. Your present limited degree of awareness has confronted you with an immense challenge - you lack full confidence in the messages from 'Spirit'. You feel that, from time to time, these special instructions require corroboration. In this, you need to develop inner trust and become more deeply aware of how the process functions. Many changes occur in your reality after an extended series of events requires that they be addressed. Other times, change takes place in a very small and powerful circle. These actions result in conditions that will quickly alter your environment.

      These forces are driven by the great potential that exists in your reality and in all of physicality. Their purpose is simply to forge situations that can move you toward your desired goals. Each reality, dear Hearts, possesses a highly detailed, exceedingly flexible plan that is acted upon by all the countless number of variables that we have just described. You sit at the crux of this 'situation'. You have graciously called upon your Full Self, many parallel Life-streams in Heaven and the divine plan for help in this process. Your request has brought you a great reward - the favor of Lord Surea and Lady Assyria. It has also given you many divine gifts and a great dispensation from Mother/Father God. You have been declared the special agents that will transform physicality. Your special actions will enable physicality, once again, to merge with Heaven.

      Change is a process that works in a totally unique way. It requires that its seeds be spread to all aspects of your reality and to the other realities and dimensions that most affect it. The process stirs and stirs until an appropriate time when it 'flowers'. Then, once in full bloom, it comes forth and quickly changes your realm. What is unfolding now needs to occur on a much grander scale. You find the process confusing because it seems vague and scattered to you. In fact, this is often caused by the very broad-based brush that brings change into focus. At this moment, you are teetering between uncertainty and quick acceptance of the process. You are now also undergoing a lengthy series of alterations that often leave you barely able to cope with these procedures.

      You are being bombarded by elements that make your transformation inevitable. It is a very complex process. We wish you to begin to understand the immense number of integrations that you currently are accomplishing. You are integrating your physical and spiritual selves. You are reuniting your many conscious aspects and moving back into full consciousness. You are re-ordering physicality and preparing it for the next steps in its merger with Heaven. You have volunteered for a grand and enormous mission. You have been granted all that you require to complete it. Moreover, the way in which it is happening to you has been greatly accelerated. This fact has increased the importance of your intention and set its divine timing.

      When you begin to realize all the many factors involved, you must comprehend, dear Hearts, that they have a sacred purpose. Every aspect occurs because of its connection to a vast number of others. Look upon this as a divine play that is nearing its last few scenes. When it has ended, it will set the stage for the next play and its many sacred parts. Each part is a segment of a divine plan. Within this drama, you have many roles to play. You have done this magnificently. Now, it is time for you to become much more aware of these things. See that this operation requires you to stay focused and fully ready to act when you are called upon. Maintain your marvelous sense of inner commitment. Know that you are about to experience truly wondrous things and participate in truly miraculous events.

      Today, we have briefly surveyed your transformation. It is a remarkable and complex process that you do not yet fully understand. We know this, and comprehend that you are about to overcome this situation and blossom into the great Beings that you truly are. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Ones, from A-E-O-N and, indeed, from all of Heaven. Know in your Hearts that you have been given the abundance and prosperity of Heaven. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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