Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

May 2, 2000 (3 Lamat, 1 Moan, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you, dear Ones, with much to say. As always, we are quite grateful for the many wonderful works that you are performing every day in Heaven's name. In so doing, you are carrying out the sacred mission that we have been mutually assigned by the great Orders of A-E-O-N. In this regard, Lord Surea sends you his many blessings and his sacred decrees that state that all commanded by the divine plan is to be accomplished. To assist you, many great Seraphim and countless Legions of Angels and ArchAngels have descended from the highest realms to carry out these divine orders. Many of those who now rule you secretly have felt their presence. Each aspect of your many secret cabals has undergone a series of educative experiences concerning these important matters. We are determined to move your reality toward its glorious destiny. Moreover, we are committed to restore you to full consciousness. These tasks are aspects of a much grander mission - to reunite physicality with the multitudinous realms of Heaven. The accomplishment of these things is a 'done deal'.

      Creation unfolds in quite a magical way. Each step is carefully designed to follow upon the energies of the other. These energies are constantly cascading throughout Heaven and reverberating in every segment of physicality. This sacred rhythm drives the potential that reveals Creation. It is like watching a whole field of flowers bloom and marvelously display their great beauty. It is to this energy that your present cycle of integration has made you most sensitive. Now, you can feel its glory and marvel at how it is assembling you. As it does so, it swiftly alters your perceptions and opens you up to new possibilities. It is these items that have led you on your recent vision quests. It is these quests for knowledge and for direction that permit you to open yourselves up to a greater acceptance of Spirit. As more of you follow this path, the many follies contained within your global society become more open to change. It also increases the strength of the chaos field presently surrounding you. It is this illusory field that presently serves as your greatest challenge.

      Chaos is a tool that physical realities have long used to express a need for profound change. This transformation often occurs when the many elements of society quickly become too dysfunctional to operate. Hence, a society seeks a proper palliative for these dysfunctions. Previously, it was just the necessary patch that allowed your society to continue to move forward aimlessly. Very rarely, these things require a great degree of modification. Then, some type of revolutionary movement is born and proceeds to effect how society reacts to these grand dysfunctions. Occasionally, these may even lead to a successful political or social revolution. In the present moment, you have arrived at one of these extraordinary times. The very premises of your global society are being challenged each day and you are at a loss to know how to react properly. The only apparent solution seems to be spiritual in nature. Yet, the traditional religious approaches do not appear to you to be completely satisfactory. Another type of spiritual road clearly needs to be traversed. However, you are still largely unsure of how to go about it.

      It is this growing need to proclaim a new form of spirituality that drives your chaos field. It can only be transformed into order by accepting who you really are. You are a physical Angel! You are a great Being of Light! These statements are a portent of what lies ahead. In many previous messages, we have ever so slightly discussed these issues. Dear Ones, you need to comprehend fully the immensity of who you are. In it sits a great, untapped power. Long have you ignored this aspect of yourselves. This part of you can also lead you to see how connected you are to each other and to all life. Physicality is a great gift that the Creator has lovingly bestowed upon you. It comes with many responsibilities. It comes to bring you into a world of exquisite beauty, filled with unique experiences. These are without equal, since only you can experience them in your specific fashion. Yet, you have the magnificent capability to share them freely with others. This learning and sharing can lead you to great wisdom.

      These numerous forms of acquired knowledge have another aspect. They can teach you more about yourself and your illusions. Everything in physicality is a form of illusion. Physical reality is simply a huge shadow play. Its substance is derived only from what it can teach you about who you really are. Beyond this, it can merely deliver those things that can react with your emotional and mental bodies to produce fears, uncertainties or, frequently, a lessening in how you perceive yourselves. This tool can be most useful in developing your sense of self and in manifesting your Beingness in different realities and dimensions. It is a most grand playhouse! Yet, to most of you, it remains a shackle that has limited your ability to truly understand your inner selves. This time is one to put this all aside and to think anew about physicality. It is the moment to see it as merely a challenge to which you possess all the resources required to transform easily.

      Physicality has the potential to become overwhelming, if you let it. A major point is to stay centered and in full command of yourself. Physicality works by distraction. It seeks to teach you through great sensory overload. Every microsecond, you are bombarded by it. Physicality leaves you no quarter. It seeks to be the controller. It works by making you aware of its existence and its direction. Yet, you are its master. It is you who have helped to create it. You have the power to collectively transform its environment and even to alter the tools that it employs to affect you. In short, you are its controller and you set its many parameters. Keep this in mind whenever its sensory tools begin to overwhelm you. Then, seek quiet and restore your inner peace and centered-ness. With it, you can greatly alter its effects upon you and turn them positively in your chosen direction.

      As you grow in the ways of physicality, you become wiser about the nature of Creation. It is this wisdom that has brought you to physicality in the first place. You have come to change physicality and by so doing, to alter drastically the order of Heaven. It is this continual change that permits Heaven to properly reveal this Creation. Heaven is like some large ocean. Within it is a structure that flows and changes according to the responsibilities that the divine plan has given it. Physicality is a most wondrous tool for helping Heaven to comprehend how best to carry out the Creator's grand decrees. You are those special ones who have been chosen both to experience and to regulate physicality. Always know that these tasks are part of your sacred mission to joyfully assist Heaven in completing this Creation in the manner so stated by the divine plan.

      The process that you are currently going through has a divine purpose. It is allowing you to begin to understand your responsibilities and to know who you really are. In this message, we have emphasized the fact that you are not alone and that you are experiencing a world of shadows that appears real. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, bear in mind that you are not alone. You have all of Heaven to turn to. In addition, you have many in physicality who sincerely wish to assist you. You, dear Ones, are part of a grand team that possesses countless members. This group is dedicated to your success. A prime element is your sincere need to make use of them. Here, keep in mind that this call for assistance needs to originate in the heart. Once this is done, it will be granted graciously. You are much Loved and supported by Heaven and by your compadres!

      Today, we have discussed many things. Most of all, we have talked about the need to understand physicality as a grand illusion. Here, it is necessary to learn more about yourselves and to act collectively to transform what now surrounds you. Dear Ones, this reality is not meant to overwhelm you. It is merely a tool of the Creator that you may use to garner a needed wisdom. We now take our leave. Bless you, and know that your great abilities and the great Power and Supply of Heaven are meant to forge a most grand new reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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