Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        12 Ahau, 8 Kayab, 9 Eb        

Greetings!!! We arrive to explain more events in your world. Presently, the dark Beings that control your world are proceeding to fulfill their many agreements with us. We can only express our deepest pleasure with this course of action. Soon, dear Ones, you will be able to accomplish the tasks that are needed to carry out your many missions. These missions are all part of a vast master plan that the Creator put forth many eons ago. The time has arrived for you to complete these missions. The magic moment for our meeting approaches. Until then, we ask you to remain focused on one important item - the imminent success of all of the projects we share. Over the past few decades, a great and wondrous energy has dawned upon your world, which is the great awakening that each of you is experiencing in your own unique way. Each day, you receive more positive energy and Light from all of Heaven. Consider that these days are your final tribulation, in which much is due to unfold. From this emerges a discussion about what you are soon to encounter.

      Currently, your world is adrift in its transition between Light and dark. As we have said many times before, this moment embodies a sense of being both changed and unchanged, at one and the same time. In this realm, you drift between incontrovertible knowledge that this transition is real and fear that it will not happen at all. In this world, much evolves in its own way, according to patterns determined by each person's collective and individual consciousness. View this process as vast and multi-leveled. As each stage occurs, it forms a unique and sacred aspect - a divine geometry. At this very moment, that geometry is changing your perception of this realm. See it as an inevitable process that makes your success a certainty. Moreover, understand that, as you become more positive and accepting of this change, the rate at which it moves increases. Presently, its rate is growing exponentially. We have explained this in detail in many past messages. Now, let us examine it in a different way, as part of our first contact sequences.

      Under normal circumstances, first contact is carried out when a star-nation has been achieved or is ready to form. In your case, you are generations away from such an event. Instead, under the aegis of the divine plan, Heaven carefully decided to suddenly jump-start your present evolutionary development. Remember, dear Hearts, that you are special. You have come here to complete a very important mission and enable your realm to return to the Light. Therefore, we have come. The interaction between us lies in establishing the sacred mosaic to which we have just alluded. Our presence is a major factor in the agreements that are changing your world. Our purpose is to act, first, as a catalyst for change and, then, to meet directly with you. The 'powers that be' in your world understand this process. They also realize that to stall or delay simply heightens the effect that their actions have on the process. That is, it increases the intensity of the change. Much is happening. It gives you a degree of freedom and sovereignty greater then you have ever imagined. Think of it: soon, you will be able to participate in a realm that stretches throughout physical Creation!

      This grand potential is shaping your destiny and ours. We are fully aware of how the next stages of this plan will be played out. It is meant to surprise you. Therefore, the degree of detail has to be kept at a certain level. As a result, we are determined to complete our role and, simultaneously, to give you as many clues as possible. A major one is your connection to the realms of inner Earth. Your sisters and brothers in the inner Earth realms have long observed you and played their part in accelerating your development. They are most excited about their approaching reunion with you. For this reason, they have taken great pains to see that the environment prepared for you is as magnificent as we have described. Besides inhabiting a wonderful land, you will also have access to the vastness contained within our Motherships. There, you will discover who you are and the many heavenly life-streams that inhabit your beautiful Mother Earth. Remember, dear Hearts, that you actually are a diverse group of very powerful physical Angels.

      The final aspect of your journey is to be fully aware of your history and to transform those parts of it that long have separated you from your spiritual and space families. This procedure is both extremely complex and very simple. In carrying it out, you will end your reality's present nature and transform it into something akin to what we have discussed in previous messages. This mutating effect is tied to the unwinding of your history's forgotten sagas. Many facts concerning it are now passing into your range of vision. Since some tend to conflict, you must employ your inner discernment to determine what is true. We ask you to realize that soon, artifacts and discoveries will be revealed to you that will verify a completely different concept of your history. They illustrate yet another example of the way the earthly cabals that now 'run' your global society have limited your concepts of yourselves. In this, it is vital that you not be judgmental. Be ready, instead, to use your inner grace and learn to forgive their transgressions.

      Our purpose is to prepare you for first contact. As we have noted, the process is multi-layered. We have accomplished the first stages and the middle steps are now underway. The last parts will directly involve both you and us in a spectacular adventure. We repeat this now, so that you will better understand the main underpinnings of our operation. We have not come to frighten you or to intervene willy-nilly. We come, dear Hearts, as part of an enormous spiritual change. This transformation is our primary concern. It is the reason we have not acted as swiftly as we would wish, but have remained, instead, under the firm, loving hands of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is they who have authorized us to increase our activities and to make sure that what we do has the desired effect. We can state that your world is ready for its prophesied changes. This transformation will immensely alter your world and you, and is essential to the revelation of the rest of this present Creation.

      As you investigate our contact with you, you can determine its mysterious nature. In past messages, we have made brief mention of this. We have stated that this is due to two major factors. First, official 'cover-up' surrounds our endeavors, which is further exacerbated by the aggression shown by your major governments. Their secret activities have created an alliance that we must alter. That action is now underway. Second, it is a fact that many of our activities involve operations supportive of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We cannot openly reveal and verify these activities without running afoul of the secret government alliance we mentioned as a key part of factor number one. This has created a most interesting dilemma for us. To openly and safely admit our presence has required the right use of our diplomacy and might. It has also meant that we have had to employ a strategy that has delayed our open appearance in your skies.

      Ultimately, this delay is divine and is being watched over by Spirit. Soon, Spirit plans to transform the way power is distributed upon your world. This process promises to mutate the manner in which you live on your world. It will set the stage for several important announcements, to which we can only vaguely refer. Soon, when they are made, a great many events will happen. Your major governments' hold on power will shift, as will the way most official financial, cultural and social organizations are 'run'. Such change is designed to swiftly alter your perception of yourselves and of those who now control you. Heaven has conceived this process to confuse your mental logic. Even its timings appear disjointed. It seems to make no sense, yet its ultimate sense is divine. Remember this, as the events of the coming weeks and months unfold. Finally, keep in mind that the coming new galactic year will be a most auspicious time!

      Today, we discussed the principal factors underlying first contact. In this, we ask you to 'stay on course'. Keep up your truly marvelous work! Remain focused and committed to victory. Understand how amazing are the things that Heaven is about to bestow upon you. Understand, also, that Mother Earth is preparing to display her exquisite and glorious new self. Know that your work has made all of this possible. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the endless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!)

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