European armed forces from 1920 to 1950
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What this site is all about
You are now entering a site aiming to bring together as much info as possible on the history of European armed forces of the period between 1920 and 1950. This includes also guerillas, that operated in the period. Where needed, I will also include topics, that go beyond the time-limits if needed to explain the roots of a special problem or organisation, especially where my personal interest intervenes, for example the exile armed forces of the E-European nations during WWI, that provided the base for the post-war armed forces of those nations.
Where the site is going
The site is intended as being a place for learning on military history of the 1920-1950 period. Originally it came about as an answer to a problem I saw with the internet: almost all sites focused on the German, and to a lesser extent US armed forces of the period. I intended to remedy that. One aspect is the info contained in this site, another is the discussion forum, that is part of it, where people can ask their questions and get in touch with persons who can answer them. I intend to eventually be able to provide information on all the armed forces, as well as some of the campaigns that went on in the mentioned period.
What you can do
As the matters I try to cover are rather obscure, I am mostly dependent on other peoples help for info. So if you happen to see a hole in the material I have displayed, or want to correct a mistake I have made, please contact me. You will then be listed in the contributors section if you like, and your name will be added right below the header of the page(s) you have contributed.
Same goes for if you want to contribute information, where I myself whip it into an article.
If I find info augmenting an article contributed to me, you as contributor are still listed as main source. If no author or source is mentioned, thats me.
What I will do
I will strive to provide as exact info on the topic of this site with as unbiased a view as possible. So if you have another view than mine, please contact me and argue your case, so that I may be enlightened.

That said, I hope you will enjoy and pass the URL of the site on.

Henrik Krog
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