Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Men, 3 Moan, 9 Eb        

Greetings! Today, we bring more news to raise your spirits. Finally, the time has come for a profusion of powerful heavenly energies to descend around you, to create a new star-gate and to be integrated with that which had entered your realm at an earlier time. These energies will begin to work their wondrous magic on 1 Akbal, 11 Moan, 9 Eb, which you know as Mother's day. They are here to cleanse both your blessed Mother Earth and you. They are here to accelerate the continuing complex integration of your many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. They are also here, dear Ones, to make preparations for some truly amazing events. The time has come for you to become even more prepared for your coming first contact with us. The time has come, as well, for many great events to happen upon your world. These moments will be truly defining for you, and will become a divine bridge that can return you to your natural state of full consciousness.

      As you know, our fleet maintains constant observation of your realm. To do so, we have undertaken several ongoing geological, biological, social and psychological studies of your world and her human population. We are using these studies as the foundation for developing our special 'medical teams' and for other operations that will monitor and lessen the severity of certain sporadic natural calamities on your world. We wish to prevent your governments and international agencies from being overwhelmed. Here, we must realize that Mother Earth's natural forces and your own life contracts have provided for certain events. Although our type of assistance is limited by our obligations to the divine plan, we will continue to prevent any potentially catastrophic situation that your governments and international agencies are incapable of handling effectively. Soon, major natural events are destined to occur. We plan to mitigate their severity to the extent the divine plan permits.

      We tell you this, dear Hearts, because you are in a period that holds great potential for such events. Many wonderful things will happen to you, but you must use your dazzling abilities to help us decrease the potential for catastrophe. At this time, your Sun is hyperactive and is spewing staggering quantities of plasma and other solar energies into your atmosphere, oceans and land. They are the causes of your unusual weather patterns and the increase in the warming of your oceans. These energies, also, are changing the electric and magnetic interactions in your upper atmosphere and in Mother Earth's core, mantle and crust, contributing to more earthquakes globally and to their occurrence in unexpected places. Moreover, this is causing an increase in the amount of charge your Earth normally carries. Rather than diminish the progressive deterioration in your gravitational field's strength, it has increased it. We must conclude that further long-term delays are no longer possible, and that your planet is rapidly preparing to become fully conscious.

      Many on your world see this realm as infinite. In reality, you should see that your society and your planet are quite fragile. You are all here for a divine purpose. That purpose, dear Hearts, is not to exploit this realm and each other, but to understand how your society was created and how the forces that accomplished it are affecting your world. Mother Earth has lovingly altered herself to permit you to continue. Were she suddenly to flare into full consciousness, your physical existence would end in mere microseconds. Thanks to the Creator's divine grace, this will not happen. We ask you to extend this divine grace equally, to yourself and to others. Understand that physical life on this planet is operating according to a divine plan, following a definite timeline that is unfolding even as we speak. Soon, you will witness miracles that will allow you to unleash your glorious potential and fulfill the glorious destiny that the Creator has given you.

      What we have just said, we have told you repeatedly and for a purpose. We wish you to understand one main point. Dear Hearts, you are not alone and you possess an infinite potential. You are participating in a grand and sacred plan to restore your planet and yourselves to full consciousness. This act is the great Nirvana, the bringing of Heaven to Earth, that every major philosophy existing in your realm advocates to its followers. In this era of transition or 'End Time', wondrous prophecies are being fulfilled, such as the arrival of the countless minions of Heaven and their many physical counterparts. Truly, this is happening! To most, its exact timing can seem rather tedious, something they cannot bear much longer. In this, it is advisable to learn patience and seek the many realms of Spirit that lie within. With divine guidance, you will learn more about these timings and how to aid in properly manifesting them.

      As you grow in awareness, you will more thoroughly understand these concepts. You will have more clarity in manifesting them, and the miasma that surrounds you will evaporate. You will become a Being more able to comprehend who you are and what your role is in this grand cosmic drama. Here, understand that this reality is, in fact, an enormous stage. With the benefit of your spiritual guidance, you have co-written the transformation of this reality. Even the most dark and powerful among you have a role to play. Appreciate this, and judge it not! Be content with your specific role. Drive yourself only as you must to fulfill it. Be joyous and be able to not 'take it all to heart'. Always be ready to accept that everything happens for a purpose or a reason. Act creatively, so as to enhance your part in this drama, as well as that of others.

      The growing harmony between you has been established for a purpose. You must see the connectivity in you. Understand that this connectivity was implemented to allow you to achieve your role as Mother Earth's divine guardian. It is meant to lead you to the realization that you are not alone. It has been established so that you may understand, eventually, that your world's cetaceans are sentient, and your fellow guardians. To destroy them or their ocean habitat would be to commit heinous crimes against yourselves. Their call to you is a sign of your future responsibilities, which will teach you more about yourselves and the actual operation of this process of guardianship. In this, you need to know more about your 'heart self' and to connect to the fact that you are all in this together and that you need not exploit your environment to survive.

      This brings us back to your coming first contact. First contact is filled with elements that you do not yet readily understand. In it, you face yourselves and discover how your fears and your perceptions have been manipulated by a powerful few. These Beings have forged a realm in which you are controlled. They use everything you know to continue that control. In one swoop, we shall come to change this forever. Our coming will alter this and transform your consciousness, as well. Soon after we arrive, you will receive the glorious gift of full consciousness. Hence, everything will be changed quite dramatically. What remains is yet to be enacted. Accordingly, we have established our game plan and, directly or indirectly, you have set up yours. To quote an overly used Earth phrase: "Let the games begin!"

      Today, we have discussed your ongoing transformation into fully conscious Beings. Transformation exists at the very heart of your first contact. Learn to see this as an ever- changing world, in which many great wonders are occurring. Regardless of their consequence, they are all part of changing your world and leading you away from global conflict, illogical hatred and needless fear. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Hearts! Know that Heaven's endless Abundance and Prosperity is yours, indeed! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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