Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        3 Ben, 1 Mac, 9 Eb        

Greetings! On this day, we bring you some more encouraging news. As you know, in our previous messages, we have discussed the incarnation of various groups of 'starseeds' upon your world. These Beings have had little experience in dealing with a realm such as yours, and feel more at ease in environments where their awareness is much higher. Nonetheless, we have plunged them into limited consciousness. The resulting massive disconnections from Spirit have greatly confused them. Some of them, however, are part of another experience, in which they have been given the wonderful option to reconnect with other star Beings from their previous lives on other worlds. Indeed, some have even been permitted to receive visits and have communications from these star societies. At the proper time, these starseeds intend to step forward and help your society to better adapt to our existence. Further, a small number of these special Beings have recently been allowed to emerge from their seclusion and describe, on various websites and in books, their amazing experiences.

      We in the Galactic Federation of Light have used these selected Beings, as well as our carefully trained liaisons, to prepare many different levels of your society for our coming. First Contact, over the last two galactic years, has diverged in many ways from its initial concept. We now see it as the interregnum between your present level of awareness and full consciousness. Moreover, we have become defenders of the positions that Heaven has espoused to your secret leaders. In this particular role, we have demonstrated to your secret rulers the nature of Heaven's divine timeline. To further emphasize these points, we have openly shown them why their many dire schemes cannot possibly succeed. Our first contact with your global society is designed, dear Hearts, to expand your personal sovereignty, improve your living standards and increase your global harmony. It will also enormously alter the ways in which your various governmental, social and cultural elements relate to each other. This process means that your world is changing radically from the one that you are now used to.

      We have worked on our first contact for nearly a decade and, during this time, have developed, then discarded, a number of possible sequences. All of this preparation responds to one basic factor - your ascension/integration process. Moreover, we have adjusted, according to your secret rulers' changing reaction to us. Remember that these 'powers that be' upon your world have known about us for many millennia. They have also known about a number of star societies that represented the 'dark side', and have employed this fact to maintain their balance of power. Now, the scale has finally tipped against them. Our intervention on your behalf has caused us, again, to alter our scenarios. However, how we intend to actually arrive has not changed. As before, we plan to inform you of our coming in a global telecast of unprecedented proportions. As before, we will neutralize any potential threats to our landing. As before, a whole host of Celestial Beings from Heaven will accompany our craft. As before, this coming will be massive and global in scale.

      As the music of celestial peace plays, we will land and, then, present ourselves to you. Our prime intention remains to show you that you are not alone in this galaxy. We deeply Love you. We have come from afar to teach you, dear Hearts, and then to learn from you. It would be much easier if your governments ended their global cover-up and trumpeted our existence to you. In any case, we will come and fulfill the sacred mission that Heaven has given us - to help you. This mission means that we need to distribute our information to your society. We must approach those in power in a special way. After all, it is they who control the power that 'runs' your governments and your economy. Consequently, we have told them things to which you are not yet privy. In this, we ask you to understand two important points. First, Heaven decreed that we should appear before these Beings in a certain way. Second, we are doing this to lessen the impact upon you of our coming first contact.

      At present, segments of your society remain unready for contact. They inhabit a realm of denial and are the chief causes of the planetary xenophobia still gripping your society. We profoundly desire to alter these things. Our master plan encompasses special public announcements by your governments and other specific key cultural and economic elements. Here, we have achieved a number of key agreements on the timings of these announcements. When they have been concluded, we will show ourselves more openly. Then, you will be allowed to gaze upon the wonder of our vast fleet of craft, whose different sizes, shapes and colors are truly wondrous to behold! After a set time, and in keeping with these agreements, we will stage partial landings and/or maneuvers. At a prearranged time, we will land on your shores in a massive display. At that moment, your present realm will end and, with it, the last part of its transition to your new reality.

      As we continue to move ever forward, we become more aware of the secret, yet powerful allies who have long worked to champion your liberation. These many Beings of great wealth and power have shown us that they possess a strong moral element as well. We are ever grateful for their assistance, but they must remain anonymous until we finally are able to land and transform their current need for great secrecy. Until then, we acknowledge their existence and thank them, graciously, for their efforts. In turn, we solemnly pledge to protect them and to continue to aid them in their noble work. Much is happening, dear Ones, that you cannot yet be fully told. We regret this situation and know that it is soon to come to an end. The things that Heaven has truly promised you are actually very close to happening.

      Our plan is to keep our fleet in a constant state of readiness. We are fully prepared, dear Hearts, to land massively upon your shores in less than two hours. We are monitoring, without hesitation, any potential threat in your progress toward full consciousness. If any threat becomes an actuality, we will use what is necessary to counter it. We have shown these facts to your globe's military forces, who now understand that their present overt and covert weaponry will not deter us. We intend to approach cautiously, however, as we do not wish to alarm your planet's populace unduly. We wish to show you that you are to be freed from fear - not to arouse it in you! In the recent past, this has created some situations that have limited our options, but we have now learned how to remedy these states of affairs.

      As always, we are carefully observing Mother Earth. We know that she needs to make drastic changes in order to return to her fully conscious state, and that this growing need is greatly increasing the number of sudden movements of her surface's tectonic plates. In recent years, this has produced several quite large earthquakes on her continents and islands and in her seabeds. This dangerous activity will increase during the rest of this year of 9 Eb. Moreover, her atmosphere and her oceans are experiencing unusually long episodes of strange, uneven heating and cooling. This phenomenon will produce some unusual weather patterns, which will continue beyond the coming galactic year of 10 Caban. Mother Earth is simply altering the way she operates. She needs to modify her geomagnetic fields and change how she relates to you. Do not be unduly alarmed. Know that we are with you.

      Today, we have discussed your coming first contact, a complex process that is moving forward on a sacred timeline. Soon, it will be possible for our existence to be proclaimed to you. Soon, we shall celebrate our arrival with you. We ask that you hold this vision and maintain your wonderful good works. Together, we are joyously co-creating the conditions needed for first contact. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know that Heaven's unlimited Abundance and Prosperity is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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