Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Etznab, 6 Kumku, 9 Eb        

Greetings!!! Dear Lights, we arrive to instruct you in what is occurring around you presently. Your reality is in the midst of a secret crisis over the enforcement of certain agreements between the forces of Light and of darkness. Now, the dark forces have reached a point where their continued resistance to the Light's desires is losing its remaining degrees of efficacy. In this state, several important events are about to be revealed to you. Those who have employed their vast network of control to manipulate themselves into power now have charge of a major economic force on your world. Soon, a compact that assures the modification of this control will be announced publicly. Once it is in effect, a new system for funding this government will materialize. The compact will also restore its banking and monetary system to its former full constitutional status and end various emergency powers. Moreover, this process will allow a new global fiscal and monetary system to come into effect. This startling information is only the beginning.

      At this moment, our ships are regularly increasing their open nightly observation of your world. Our purpose remains to prepare you for first contact. Remember, dear Hearts, that this is an actual first contact mission and not a rescue mission. It is taking place because of Heaven's need to alter your world and you. As such, we have contacted those who rule you, both openly and in secret. We have also opened a beginning dialogue with you - the peoples of Earth. We realize that, as a result of prolonged lessons by the devious ones who control you, you have become a suspicious lot. We ask you to understand that what lies ahead can be accomplished only by Heart logic. We simply ask you to renounce your Head logic and quickly rid yourselves of all the many misconceptions about life on Earth that you have been taught and that are near and dear to you. These fallacies are simply the result of living, for millennia, a primitive existence focused totally on survival. Add to this mix, dear Lights, the state of shared amnesia called 'limited consciousness'. Truly, it is a fright-filled combination!

      Your life on Mother Earth is unique in the amount of fear that has been employed to control you. Further, yours is a society that has been focused on subsistence. Even today, most of you who live upon Mother Earth exist near the poverty line and worry constantly about food, shelter or clothing. Some of you are above these concerns, but worry about the nutritious value of your food; the many poisons in the air; and even the future of your present supplies of water. There is, moreover, the explosion of your population and a lingering fear concerning whether Mother Earth can continue to sustain you. These are signs of how far your world has separated from Spirit and just how this separation permits those in power to maintain their control over you. This is one reality that Heaven wishes, presently, to transform. In order for this to be so, Heaven, many millennia ago, began a complex program that would restore you to full consciousness. A major component in the final steps of this process concerns the return to inner awareness that you lost during the last days of Atlantis, nearly 13,000 years ago. A large part of your ability to control your own destiny will also be returned to you.

     Our purpose, now, is to help you to better understand how you can make the swift transition from your present reality to a new one. It is a difficult process if you continue to attach yourselves to present forms of reality. Every day, the seed by which you grow your food loses its ability to nourish you. Your present urban and suburban way of life is detrimental to Mother Earth. By its very nature, even a more technologically evolved form of this type of surface habitation harms her. As you become more aware, your ability to connect with Mother Earth increases exponentially. You begin to understand that you are the guardian and sustainer of this precious living entity. You realize that a new type of living is required, that heals your precious Mother Earth. You must stand aside. Use of your advanced technology will permit you to do so and to create a society that will not interfere with your planet's 'life net'. Eventually, it will create a subterranean and non-evasive galactic society.

      As you become increasingly aware, you will begin to rediscover your extraterrestrial origins. You will learn that the Creator has given you a special mission, to act as the divine steward for physicality. To accomplish this, you have graciously incarnated into this beautiful realm, under the direct supervision of your local Spiritual Hierarchy. The strange and hidden disadvantage in the case of limited consciousness is that you are quickly encased in a vast amnesia in which you easily forget your former off-world existence and assume the beliefs or 'core conceptions' of this realm. Its dysfunctions rapidly become your own. Although there are few exceptions, some do exist. We ask you to look inside. Transcend your many existing dysfunctions, and your learned core beliefs about this world. Give yourself time to meditate and to truly understand how you infinitely affect Mother Earth's ecosystem.

      Discover how a society that contains an extremely high consciousness, deep compassion and a spiritual science that comprehends the true operation of the life web, acts. In such a state, you will learn about a technology that seems to be pure magic. Imagine yourself as a fully conscious Being of Light, whose home is the cosmos. That Being has no fears - only a profound Love for the ways of Light. In these ways, that Being wishes to be a true supervisor or shepherd of the life that it has been invited to oversee. It comes to a world and learns, first, about its eco-net. Then, filled with this wisdom, it constructs the means by which to best carry out the Creator's sacred mandate. By far, the most favorable method is to construct a system of innumerable underground dwellings, Heaven-like in appearance, which produce a world that can carry out the divine mission.

      It is difficult for you to fully envision such a system. Your inner Earth brethren have existed in this manner for millennia. They have long been in open contact with us and wish to present vital information that concerns both their existence and our great, sacred commitment to your glorious transformation. We welcome their contribution to this beginning dialogue. Moreover, the cetaceans that now reside in Mother Earth's oceans are also extremely willing to add their wondrous voice to our own. Dear Lights, you must see the approaching time in your history as a wondrous adventure. You are about to meet the parts that complete you and, simultaneously, to welcome the rest of your spiritual and space families. Many miraculous events are about to happen that will sweep you into a glorious new realm.

      As you advance in your daily progress toward the Light, remain open to some truly astounding events and amazing pronouncements. They are designed to move you toward a new reality. In this, understand that you are a co-creator of physical life - a physical Angel. Your purpose is to alter physicality. Your mission is to create the means to unfold this Creation as the divine plan has intended. Do not become entangled in envisioning this glorious future through your present, inadequate 'eyes'. Look beyond! Soar! Educate yourself in the ways of galactic society. Then, your present fears will quickly subside and you will accept the fact of the wondrous new reality ahead. In that new reality, you are the Beings that you are truly meant to be. You are Beings who have mastered this reality and co-created a new and glorious one. On to Victory!!

      Today, we have discussed more of what is unfolding in your reality. As ever, we ask you to look inside for your guidance and discernment. Remember that what is happening is most unprecedented in your world. Not since the ancient days of Lemuria has such a series of events occurred. Our arrival is a first contact unlike any other that we have carried out. Heaven is guiding this procedure toward a divinely successful conclusion. We now take our leave. Blessings to all! Know, dear Lights, that Heaven's countless Prosperity and Abundance is yours, indeed! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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