Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Muluc, 12 Moan, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We come again, dear Friends. In our last message, we described some of the tasks being carried out by our fleet to prepare for first contact. We also gave you a glimpse of life aboard our ships. We intend to continue these descriptions and to embellish them as we go. Furthermore, we will describe the realms of Inner Earth in greater detail. As we have mentioned, our craft are living Beings. The same sentiency that exists within us is present also within them. Only the great wish of the Creator has allowed us to discover how to produce these wondrous Beings. We are deeply honored by the manner in which they dearly desire to serve and how magnificently they have carried out this service. As you move from your present degree of technology to that which we encompass, you will discover that technology is a tool that, properly applied, can raise consciousness. This process is part of the computer revolution that you are only now beginning to pass through. A time would naturally have come, in the course of the next few decades, when this raising consciousness would have spawned what now is upon you.

      Thankfully, a divine intervention in your affairs has vastly accelerated this procedure. As a result, you are busily mutating into physical Angels. At the same time, we have arrived upon your shores to welcome you back into full consciousness. With our coming, dear Friends, we have brought our advanced technology. Actually, this technology is simply an extension of us. Like us, it is capable of things that, to you, may appear truly magical. In fact, they are part of a spiritual science that many of your scientists are only beginning to grasp. All metals, all liquids, all gases and plasmas are alive, and possess a consciousness that is part of your own. Within this connection exists a natural alchemy that can alter their states of matter, even their composition and their natural properties. The key is consciousness! Consciousness is the very essence of your Full Self. It is the ability to understand the flow of Creation, and we all possess it. It is positive and filled with infinite possibilities. We use its potential to achieve our alchemy.

      Remember, dear Friends, that the universe is composed of an infinite number of realities, which form the physical and spiritual dimensions. Realities coalesce within a conscious framework or grid system determined by its inhabitants and the divine plan. Likewise, the energy that creates matter within a reality is regulated by the consensus that constructed that reality's grid. As your consciousness shifts, you become capable of altering this grid and of achieving a degree of divine alchemy. This increasing potential made possible your present electronic revolution. It also increased the possibilities for your encounter with your galactic family. Moreover, this procedure allowed you to see the way consciousness can alter your science by changing your understanding of this universe's creation. This, in turn, led you to discover the first primitive principles of our technology. Our purpose remains to guide you toward a fuller understanding of these principles. To do so, you need first to realize that such a consciousness-based technology can only advance as you do.

      Our ships are part 'magic' and part science - that is, they operate under principles that are an extension of your present knowledge. Moreover, because they are part of our living, sentient network, they transcend their operating principles to realms that appear to be magic. Your quantum physics is at the very threshold of an understanding of these principles. The next step is the reordering of quantum physics to allow consciousness into your calculations. You, then, can produce a system of calculus that truly can mirror Creation. By applying this mathematics, you can change supposedly imaginary integrals and sets into matrix patterns that function much like a manifesting meditation. This advanced spiritual science, which is your future, is the basis for our ships' propulsion and their very form. Consequently, our craft blend into the matrix created by those who occupy them. In the same way, each ship carries out every mission assigned it through this natural blending of crew and passengers.

      To be aboard such a ship is truly a unique experience. Immediately, you sense the energies circulating through each ship. You feel the ship caressing you and lovingly adjusting its energy to your own fields. You encounter this with every step that you take and every moment that you are there. The key element is sentiency, which is expressed in the essence of its crew and in its mission. It is most important to realize that every facet of this technology is actually a unified system that works to manifest Love and achieve an environment that is dedicated to fulfilling the full potential of every Being and every mission. That energy, also, is found in the galactic societies that created these ships. One is an integral part of the other. We are immensely grateful for what the Creator has given us. Our mission is to bring it to you, in right divine time. Until then, remember all that we have told you and be ready for the wonders that await you.

      In addition to the great Motherships that comprise our vast fleet, there are the wondrous realms of Inner Earth. Here are found the last living remnants of Ancient Lemuria, a series of interlocking cities that spans the globe. Since the fall of Atlantis, these cities have acted as a subterranean planetary society that was determined to lead their surface brethren back to the Light. For nearly 13 millennia, the dark overlords of the surface realms - the Annunaki - frustrated their efforts. These dark Beings used their power and their potential for evil to divide your world into any number of widely varied societies, which were set against one another or used to glorify the Anunnaki's rule over them. At the same time, the Lemurians, guided by Heaven, worked to help humanity to achieve its grand and glorious destiny.

      The realms of Inner Earth abound in the technology to which we have just alluded. Like our ships, their cities are alive and exist to help each citizen fulfill her or his potential. Within them, the individual lives in a world that mirrors the pristine nature of Mother Earth's surface realm. Here, the sky exists according to its inhabitants' wishes. Here, dwellings conform to the desires of each living Being. This world is a paradise that floats within a cocoon of energy sustained by its technology. It is the land of delights. It is built not in a dark and limiting cavern, but instead by the desires of its inhabitants, Mother Earth and the divine plan. Within the many fields that produce it are crystal cities of exquisite beauty. For a very short period of time, they will be your home. Within these luxurious environments, you will complete your transformation into fully conscious Beings.

      Realities are consciousness. They are not permanent entities that exist outside of you. Your present perception of Creation is erroneous. The living Creator has brought into existence a universe that is overflowing with Life. Its many forms have built societies on an incalculable number of planets that exist within endless galaxies. We have only begun to understand how these Beings live and what they hold most sacred. Your quest will be to join us in ours and, together, to explore physicality. In doing so, you possess the wondrous gift that will help to guide physicality and unite it as never before. The Creator graciously gave you this talent. Consider it part of the process that will allow you to reunite Heaven and physicality. Envision the great and extraordinary adventure upon which you have embarked. We are only the next step that you will need to help you complete this journey.

      Today, we have re-examined the ships that so proudly serve us. We have also peeked at the realms of Inner Earth. Consider these two environments to be similar. One of the great illusions of limited consciousness is to separate things and then to become fearful of them. Understand in your Heart of Hearts, dear Ones, that Inner Earth and our fleet are one. Both are benevolent, and both are sacred agents of the great Divine that now deeply desires your liberation from fear and your mutation into fully conscious Beings of the Light. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know both deeply and profoundly that Heaven's Prosperity and Abundance is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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