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Naval Research Reviews

Publication coverAir Breathing Chemical Propulsion: Meeting the Challenges, Three/Four 1999
(6.8 MB pdf file)

Publication coverCoastal Ocean Modeling & Prediction, Naval Research Reviews, Two/1999
(4.8 MB pdf file)

Publication coverWide Bandgap Semiconducting Materials and Device Challenges, Naval Research Reviews, One/1999 (2.4 MB pdf file)

Publication coverChallenges and Issues in Fatigue Damage, Naval Research Reviews Four/1998
(4.2 MB pdf file)

Publication coverAdvances in Manufacturing: Building Parts by Layers, Naval Research Reviews, Three/1998 (5.4 MB pdf file)

Publication coverCoastal Meteorology and Oceanography, Naval Research Reviews, Two/1998
(18.6 MB pdf file)

Publication coverArctic Studies, Naval Research Reviews, One/1998
(1.4 MB pdf file - within a Word documnet)

Publication coverBiofouling, Naval Research Reviews, Four/1997
(850K pdf file - within a Word documnet)

Publication coverRemote Minehunting, Naval Research Reviews, Three/1997
(1MB pdf file)

(Documents with .pdf extension require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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