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19th Century
South Australian Shipwrecks


...to C20th Wrecks

Name; displacement in tons; rig; Yr built; Where built; dimensions [in ft[date of wreckHow and where wrecked
Adelaide 61t schooner 1849 Woolwich 72x15.8x8.324 August 1874Capsized off Coorong
Adelaide 78t schooner 1831 Tasmania 66.5x18.7x10.217 April 1861Broke mr at Port MacDonnell
Admella 392t i steamer 1857 193x24x146 August 1859Carpenters Rocks
Aeolus 1610t i ship 1886 Glasgow 259.7x38.2x231 September 1894Struck Agnes Reef Carpenters Rk
Agenoa 53t w schooner 1855 Adelaide 55.9x19x7.814 January 1863Ashore at Pt Willunga
Agnes 330t w barque 1874 NSW 62x18x518 July 1876Ashore nr Cape Banks
Agnes 82t schooner 1840 Scotland 126.3x27.6x12.113 March 1865Wrecked on Cape Jaffa Reef
Agneta cutter9 July 1867Disappeared off Sultana Creek
Albatross 13t w cutter 1842 Victor H10 August 1848Grounded nr Onkaparinga
Albert 19t w schooner 1863 Adelaide 45.8x12.4x5.77 June 1875Parted mr Antechamber Bay
Alexandra 225t w brig 1851 102x25x14.48 August 1880Stranded nr Pt Pirie
Alice yacht20 January 1899Wrecked at Brighton
Alma 516t barque15 December 1861Broke mr in Guichen Bay
Alpha 35t w schooner 1844 WA 46.0x12.7x7.425 July 1847Wrecked in Encounter Bay
Alpheta 864t barque 1875 196.5x31.7x18.41885Disappeared en route to USA
Alternative 15t cutter 1863 Adelaide 40x12.7x5.724 September 1884Parted mr ashore Memory Cove
Amelia 25t w schooner 1858 WA 48x15.4x6.78 February 1883Sunk at Avoid Bay after collision
Annie Watt cutter4 April 1886Burnt at Port Germain
Antares1886Marion Reef
Arachne 319t w barque 1809 UK1848Broke mr Trial Bay nr Steaky Bay
Ariel 17t cutter14 May 1898Broke mr Wedge Island
Ark 44t ketch 1873 Adelaide 73.2x17.7x5.29 November 1881Stranded on Dangerous Reef
Ashmore1888Marion Reef
Athens cutter1887Disappeared nr Pt Lincoln
Athol 215t schooner 185313 March 1864Broke mr at Port Elliot
Atlanta 8t w cutter29 November 1860Emu Green KI
Bandicoot 55t schooner 1838 51x14.6x9.718 April 1861Broke mr at Port MacDonnell
Banshee 3t yacht16 December 1895Lost at Wallaroo
Ben Morowie w cutter1870Sunk at Wallaroo
Black Diamond 159t steamer 1864 122.1x19.1x6.125 May 1872Stranded on Walrus Rock Moonta
Blanche 34t cutter25 July 1865Broke mr at Wallaroo
Breeze 18t cutter 1848 Adelaide 33.9x9.4x5.95 July 1862Ashore nr American River Ballast Head KI
Britannia ps 1876 Goolwa 122x25x523 July 1888Burnt at Cragie Creek River Murray
Bunyip ps towing two barges 277t reb 1862 100¹x12¹x5.7¹ stern-wheeler8 December 1866Destroyed by fire nr Chowilla
Byron 174t brig22 May 1880Dismasted off KI­Hulked Ade
Camilla 262t w brig 182727 April 1844Ashore in Streaky Bay
Candida 1279t i ship 1875 226x36.1x22.120 February 1898Ashore on Wardang Is
Capella w yacht4 July 1896Dragged anchor in storm Wallaroo
Charles Carter 175t w brig 1833 86x22x1323 February 1854Ashore on Trowbridge Shoal
Chimboraga steamer1881Marion reef
Chittoor schooner1884Marion reef
Clara w ps 79t 1876 Swanport 99.2¹x17.9¹x6.2¹17 June 1880Burnt at Morgan
Commodore 61t w schooner 56x15x101 February 1856Broke mr at Port Elliot
Countess 83t schooner 1875 73x19x7.616 August 1876Wrecked nr Port MacDonnell
Cowry 27t w steamer 1879 62x12.4x5.56 June 1889Lost nr Normanville
Daring 7t w ketch10 August 1885Wrecked in Hog Bay Basin
Dart 108t w brig 181829 March 1838Troubridge Shoal
Dart cutter28 March 1882Lost at Myponga
David Whitton 271t w brig 183317 March 1839Ashore at mouth Onkaparinga R
Deslander1850Troubridge Shoal
Diulius schooner0?
Dolphin cutter1872Lost in Boston Bay
Duilus 327t w barque 184015 April 1853Ashore at Guichen Bay
Edith 35t w cutter 53.4x14x7.43 August 1897Wrecked on Spilsby Is
Edith Haviland 264t brig 1865 114.4x25.5x14.418 June 1877Struck Carpenters Rocks
Electric mail lighter22 September 1870Swamped off Glenelg
Elizabeth cutter1871Lost off Whiting Point
Elizabeth Rebecca 99t w brig 182818 March 1845Ashore in Trial Bay
Emily Smith 136t w brig 1849 87.5x19.5x123 May 1877Wrecked N Cape de Couedic
Emma w schooner1839Wreckage found in Aldinga Bay
Emu 30t w schooner 1847 WA 39x11.5x5.91 May 1853Broke mr at Pt Elliot
Emu 36t schooner 1851 Tas 52.4x15.5x7.11861Disappeared off Guichen Bay
Endeavour 17t cutter10 March 1881Capsized at Pt Adelaide
Enterprise 58t i ketch 1883 Adelaide 76.4x18.5x6.66 March 1892Sank off Althorpe Islands
Euro 336t i steamer 1874 Scot 165.4x23.2x10.524 August 1881Struck rocks nr Beachport
Ewbank 17t schooner 18511886Lost on S coast of KI
Excelsior 399t w barque 128.5x27.1x16.39 May 1898Ashore at Salt Creek
Experiment 55t w schooner 1874 Tas 72.4x18.2x7.29 May 1881Foundered off Althorpe Is
Fairfield 534t w barque 1846 138.5x30.5x17.99 August 1874Struck rocks at Cape Cassini KI
Fanny 23t w schooner22 June 1838Ashore nr C Jaffa Coorong
Fanny M 678t w/i barque 1877 New Brunswick 159.3x32.2x18.215 May 1885Ashore nr Kingscote KI Bay of Shoals
Fanny Wright 107t w schooner 1873 85.3x22x9.57 August 1877Lost at Waterloo Bay
Favourite 199t w barque 1849 98.6x21.1x13.814 May 1859Ashore Antechamber Bay KI
Fides 387t w barque 183722 May 1860Ashore at Snug Cove KI
Fire Fly 51t cutter 1855 49.3x14.3x9.522 October 1866Broke mr at Anxious Bay
Flinders 103t w schooner 1863 86.2x20.7x9.228 June 1873Sank at MacDonnell Bay
Flying Cloud 235t brig 1867 105.9x26.5x13.64 April 1870Ashore off Cape Banks
Flying Dutchman 89t brig 184528 July 1851Ashore at Outer Harbor
Flying Fish 111t w brig 1843 83.4x18.9x103 December 1860Broke mr at Port Elliot
Four Brothers 43t w barge 1851 54x18x5.726 March 1879Foundered at Pt Wakefield
Frances cutter1840Wrecked on Sth Neptune Is
Francis 7t w cutter 24.0x8.0x4.529 August 1840Wrecked on Neptune Is
Freak w brig27 March 1864Ashore on Cape Jervis
Freebridge 92t 2m w schooner 1851 Durham 73.5x18.9x9.411 June 1877Lost at Waterloo Bay
Galatea 178t brig 1860 Germany 92.7x21.5x11.931 March 1876Ashore at Port MacDonnell
Garonne1879Troubridge Shoal
Gazelle 17t w cutter 1847 WA 32x12.7x5.511 September 1848Ashore on Coorong
Geltwood 1056t i barque 1876 Harrington 215.7x33.9x21.114 June 1876Driven ashore S Rivoli Bay
George Home 441t w barque 1809 Plymouth26 April 1851Abandoned sinking SSE KI
George Night1885Wrecked nr Cantara Station
Glenrosa 869t i barque 1875 Glasgow 203.7x32.3x2018 January 1890Ashore nr Cape Banks
Golden Hope fishing cutter16 April 1894Lost in Red Banks Nepean Bay KI
Goulburn i barge1856Foundered off Cape Jervis
Governor Gawler 15t w ketch 35.0x8.8x5.91 August 1847Struck rock off Reevesby Island
Grecian 518t w barque 1851 117.5x29x19.913 October 1850Wrecked at Outer Harbor
Grenada 156t schooner21 June 1856Ashore at Port Willunga
Guldax 556t barque 1878 149x27.7x18.32 September 1887Parted mr at Normanville
Gwydir 161t barge 187717 June 1901Foundered in Spencer Gulf
Halcyon 192 w brig 1848 97.3x21.5x13.414 November 1857Ashore on Coorong
Hannah Marie barque9 September 1853Grounded off Cape Jaffa
Harriet fishing boat1887Disappeared
Harry 199t w brig 1842 UK 85.9x20.5x14.29 December 1856Ashore at Port Elliot
Hazel Branch steamer7 September 1893Between C Jaffa & Rivoli Bay
Helen 18t steam yacht 12 February 1882Lost on Carpenters Rocks
Henry and Mary 16t cutter 1852 38.8x12x5.726 May 1861Ashore at Pt Willunga
Hero20 January 1884Lost at Glenelg
HMS Investigator¹s w cutter21 February 1802Lost nr Port Linclon
Holt Hill 2441t barque13 November 1889?
Hopper barge No 321 October 1880Sunk off the coast
Ida w brig15 January 1857Broke mr ashore at Pt Willunga
Inchmanock1880Foul Bay
Industry 8t cutter 1852 26.5x7.7x518 August 1854Ashore at Yankalilla
Iron Age 361t i barque 185415 February 1855Ashore at Cape Banks
Iron King 867t i ship 1867 196.7x31.5x19.811 December 1873Wrecked on Troubridge Is
Isabella w barque1843Ashore sth Rivoli Bay
Ismyr 610t i barque 1868 171.8x27.9x17.524 February 1879Disappeared ex Pt Pirie
James and Margaret cutter6 December 1878Burnt at Telowie Beach
Jane and Emma 35tw cutter 1835 [also called Lapwing] 37.9x14.8x7.326 May 1852Wrecked at Encounter Bay
Jane Flaxman 15t w schooner 1839 Adelaide 31.7x9.7x4.92 May 1850Lost off Sema4
Jane Lovett schooner19 September 1852Ashore at C Northumberland
JL Griffiths 300t brig18 September 1880Disapeared off KI
John Leslie Griffiths 192t w brig 1876 120.6x25.2x10.51880Disapeared
John Omerod 187t brig 1826 87.6x22.3x1522 October 1861Swamped off C Northumberland
Joseph Lee Archer 35t cutter 1848 Tas 44.6x13.5x7.49 June 1855Broke mr in Guichen Bay
Josephine L¹Oizeau w 94t w brig 1841 Seychelles 70x17x1010 July 1856Broke mr at Port Elliot
Kadina 661t barque 1853 USA 125.2x27.5x20.611 May 1875Destroyed by gale Wallaroo
Kangaroo 58t w schooner 1855-63 Kangaroo Is 80.5x15.9x7.210 February 1873Wrecked nth Cape Elizabeth
Kate 15t cutter1843Broke mr Thistle Is Spencer Gulf
Kebroyd 353t w barque 186613 February 1887Hulked at Adelaide after leaking
Kingston 24t w steamer 1878 55.5x13.2x5.814 September 1895Broke mr at Pt Caroline
Koenig Willem II 800t barque30 June 1857Ashore Long Beach Guichen Bay Robe
Lady Denison 200t w brig1850Lost at sea
Lady Fergusson 67t cutter 1868 35.3x11.6x5.816 April 1870Sank at Aldinga
Lady Kinnaird 680t i barque 1877 Dundee 190x30.4x17.819 January 1880Ashore on Cape Burr
Lady of the Lake 18t barge/lighter3 October 1877Dragged mr Victor Harbor
Lady Wellington 142t w brig 1813 77.0x20.5x12.031 August 1838Cond at Pt Adelaide
Lapwing 62t w cutter 1808 Cornwall 61x20x105 September 1856Ashore at Port Elliot
Laurel barge27 November 1896Burnt at Murray Bridge
Letty 158t w brig 1863 99.9x24.9x12.711 November 1866Ashore at Red Cliffs
Little Orient 23t w steamer 1879 54.8x12x5.320 November 1883Exploded at Adelaide
Livingstone 531t barque16 December 1861Broke mr in Guichen Bay
Loch Sloy 1280t i ship 1877 Glasgow 225.3x35.6x21.224 April 1899Ashore Maupertius Bay KI
Lotus 91t ketch 1874 Adelaide 79.3x23.3x7.623 June 1892Wrecked at Pt MacDonnell
Louise 29t schooner 1869 Tas 55x13.6x5.81878Ashore at Point Rickaby
Lucretia 67t w schooner 1885 NSW 73.8x20.4x6.58 July 1899Buffalo Reef nr Spilby Is
Maid of Australia 45t w ketch 1869 64x19.2x5.98 July 1899Ashore on Wardang Is
Maid of the Mill 11t cutter27 February 1856Ashore nr mouth Onkaparinga R
Maid of the Valley 128t brig 82.6x21.6x10.613 November 1857Ashore at Pt Willunga
mail lighter1860Capsized off Adelaide
Malvina Maud 51t w schooner 187520 February 1876Burnt & exploded Point Jarrold
Manhou c900t w ship21 August 1857Cond after ashore Pt Willunga
Margaret Brock 245t barque 1848 91.5x23.6x13.623 November 1852Struck reef off Cape Jaffa
Maria 10t cutter16 June 1879Disappeared nr Pt Adelaide
Maria 136t w brig 1823 70.2x21x10.91840Aground on Margaret Brook reef
Marie 400t w barque19 September 1851SSE Pt MacDonnell
Mariner 46t schooner 1839 42.3x16.6x9.17 November 1845Ashore on Coorong
Marion 197t steamer 185411 July 1862Ashore nr Cape Spencer
Marion 919t w ship29 July 1851Struck Trowbridge Shoal
Mars 487t w barque 1877 150x29.9x16.815 June 1885Ashore nr Cape Borda KI
Mary 17t cutter 1856 38x12.4x6.311 February 1859Wrecked off Pt Willunga
Mary Ann c20t w schooner 37.0x13.0x6.51842Laid up at Pt Adelaide
Mary Ann c32t cutter1843Wrecked at Coffin Bay
Mary Ann cutter1885Sank off Black Point
Mary Grant brig23 September 1865Fouled mr at Yankalilla
Melbourne 153t ps 134.5x17x8.316 November 1859Wrecked in Murray Mouth
Miami 229t w barque 1848 91.2x23.7x13.624 May 1861Broke mr at Port MacDonnell
Midge 15t w cutter29 June 1853Wrecked at Cape Willoughby
Mimosa 81t ketch 1874 85x22x7.214 April 1884Parted mr in Stokes Bay KI
Minnie yacht22 April 1886Lost at Glenelg
Miss Kilmansegg 229w brig 1863 107.2x24.5x12.929 September 1882Ashore at Semaphore
Moolgewanke 271t ps 1866 137.3x22.3x8.121 July 1874Boiler explosion at Swan Reach
Mozambique 402t w barque 18321854Ashore on Coorong
Mystery 17t w cutter1871Lost at Port Walcott
Nashwauk 765t12 May 1855Ashore nr mouth Onkaparinga R
Nene Valley 333t w barque19 October 1854Wrecked at C Northumberland
Nimrod 12t cutter 1866 32x11.8x5.527 July 1875Foundered NW Adelaide Light
Nora Criena 172t brig 1834 82.6x20.4x14.21 January 1859Struck shoal in Guichen Bay
OG 20t w cutter 1839 28x10.5x4.51854Ashore Pooles Flat 2nd Valley
Omeo 40t schooner 1854 44.3x15.3x6.61866Disappeared off Corny Point Yorke Peninsula
Osmanli 403t i steamer 1846 180x23.7x?25 November 1853Struck reef at d¹Estree Bay KI
Panama1850Troubridge Shoal
Parana 36t ketch 1874 62.4x16x5.210 July 1882Ashore at Point Lowly
Parsee 349t w barque 183117 November 1838Troubridge Shoal
Phaeton 1032t w ship1 February 1857Guichen Bay Robe
Pioneer 6t cutter24 July 1887Ashore at Marion Bay
Pioneer fishing boat24 July 1886Ashore at Marion Bay
Polly 5t cutter5 November 1894Ashore at Rapid Head
Post Boy 59t schooner 187412 December 1876Swamped off Glenelg
Prima Donna 50t ketch 1870 69.2x18.2x5.51880Disappeared off Coorong
Prince of Wales 238t 3m i brig 1845 135.5x22.8x12.520 June 1873Ashore at MacDonnell Bay
Rambler 24t schooner 1871 54.7x13.5x6.217 January 1877Lost off Wool Bay
Ranger 8t w sloop 1843Encounter Bay
Red Rover cutter1887Disappeared nr Pt Lincoln
Resource 13t w cutter 1842 33.6x10.6x6.91851Wrecked at Rivoli Bay
Rivals1840Cape Jaffa
Roma 67t ps 1884 67t 79.4x20.9x4.226 December 1886Burnt at Tailem Bend
Rose 40t schooner 18531858Disappeared off Adelaide
Rose 43t w ketch 1875 64x18x610 December 1875Capsized at Normanville
Roseanne 28t w cutter1851Crushed by Selma at Pt Adelaide
Ruby 21t ketch 1871 53x16.1x51890Disappeared off Coorong
Salve brig25 October 1878Beached at Pt Augusta
San Miquel 535t i barque 18647 May 1865Wrecked on Tipara Reef
Sanspariel schooner30 January 1855Aground on Cape Jervis
Sarah barque21 December 1876Lost at Point Lowley
Saturn 484t barque 18777 January 1888Burnt at Pt Pirie
Schnieder w barge1856Ashore at Port Elliot
Secret 19t w cutter 1857 41.5x12.3x720 July 1873Lost off Point Bollingbroke
Sir Charles MacCarthy 188t brig17 October 1837Grounded Holdfast Bsy cond
Solway 337t 18291837Ashore at W end Encounter Bay
Sophia Jane 13t w cutter 1840 33x11.4x5.71844Wrecked off Coorong
South Australian 236t 18198 December 1837Ashore at W end Encounter Bay
Southern Cross 435t barque 1851 144x26x147 January 1880Struck reef off Cape Douglas
St Marc 269t barque28 September 1876Parted mr at Port MacDonnell
St Vincent 12t w cutter 1839 32x9.7x5.51844Broke mr at Encounter Bay
Star of Greece 1257t i ship 1868 227x35x22.213 July 1888Ashore at Willunga
Stranger 17t w cutter 1884 41.1x9.6x914 June 1898Parted mr struck rock off Wedge Is
Sultana 349t w ship 183728 September 1849Struck Trowbridge Shoal
Sultana 588t w ship27 April 1857Ashore Cape Dombey Guichen Bay
Susannah 514t 3m w barque 1844 111.5x26.7x19.727 April 1857Robe
Tam-O-Shanter 15t cutter 1879 44.8x11.9x4.87 May 1880Struck beacon stump Pt Adelaide
Tenterden 1339t i steamer 1883 246.5x33.5x19.923 December 1893Wrecked on Breaksea Reef nr Cape Northumberland
The Triumph 46t schooner 1863 64.7x15.3x7.71874Disappeared off Glenelg River
Thistle 29t w schooner 18433 March 1886Lost nr Cape Jervis
Thompsons 37t w cutter 1847 46x14.3x7.710 September 1849Wrecked in Guichen Bay
Three Sisters 15t ketch 1874 49x19.4x4.710 March 1899Smashed agst jetty Lipson Cove
Tigress 218t brig26 September 1848Ashore at mouth Onkaparinga R
Tipara Steam launch2 September 1877Foundered off Wardang Is
Trader 151t w schooner 1854 95.7x24x8.86 September 1866Ashore at Pt Willunga
Treasure Trove cutter21 May 1884Lost at Kingston SE
Trial 10t w cutter2 May 1854Swamped nr Adelaide Lightship
Troas 663t w barque 1857 152x31x20.514 May 1865off Beachport
unknown1840Ashore nr mouth Onkaparinga R
Unknown poss American whaler1836Head of the Bight
unknown vessel 40t23 October 1876Sunk nr Carpenters Rocks
unknown vessel 50t1882N of Cape Jaffa
unnamed fishing boat24 June 1872Swamped off Rapid Bay
unnamed fishing boat owned by Fleming1839Swamped off Holdfast Bay
unnamed w fishing boat1839Capsised off Holdfast Bay
Vale 65t w schooner 1876 76x18.9x71900Abandonned nr Wedge Is
Vanguish 128t brig 18464 December 1864Ashore on Cape Jervis
Varoon 598t ship 18531856Wrecked off C Northumberland
Venture cutter14 September 1858Lost at Snapper Point KI
Verone barque1858Lost W of Cape Banks
Vesta 29t ps 1867 72.4x11x4.28 July 1882Struck sandbar Overland Cnr
Victoria 28t w schooner 1837 44.6x14x69 June 1846Overturned at Cape Jaffa
Vulcan 35t schooner22 April 1845Ashore on Flinders Island
Waitemata 59t w schooner 1852 62.5x18x7.420 May 1859Leak‹grounded on St Francis Is
Wallaroo 532t barque 1854 125.2x27.5x20.611 May 1875Destroyed by gale Wallaroo
Walrus 88t schooner21 February 1862Foundered off Pt MacDonnell
Walter & John 15t cutter 187021 February 1871Lost off Point Bolingbroke
Washington1852Troubridge Shoal
Water Witch 25t w cutter 1834 35.6x16.0x6.75 December 1842Sunk at mr Moorundie
Wave Queen 250t barque 1861 118.8x24.8x14.719 August 1874Parted mr at Rivoli Bay
Welling 10t cutter19 July 1892A. sinking off Althorpe Islands
Wildflower 10t cutter11 November 1877Lost nr Whiting Point
William 20t w cutter1838Ashore at Yankalilla Bay
William Henry 6t w cutter1844Lost at Boston Island
William Phillips 79t 1874 78x19.9x9.525 February 1884Disappeared en route to WA
William w cutter23 August 1847Wrecked on a reef at Hog Bay
Withers brig0?
Witness 121t schooner24 May 1853Wrecked at C Northumberland
Yare1845Troubridge Shoal
You Yangs 690t steamer 1856 185.2x27.9x1514 June 1890Lost nr C Gantheaume KI
Young Australian i steamer0?
Young EB 23t ketch 1882 48.2x14.7x530 June 1888Wrecked at Marino Rocks
Young Edith 13t cutter21 October 1880Parted mr ashore at Wallaroo
Young Hebe 39t w schooner 52.9x12.4x6.71849Lost Adelaide­Hummock Harbor
Young Lion 30t ketch 1874 55.6x16x618 October 1882Wrecked at Cape Elizabeth Reef
Young St George 15t cutter 1856 35.1x12x63 January 1878Ashore on Althorpe Is
Young Survivor 23t w ketch 50.8x13x5.91 November 1899Foundered in St Vincent Gulf
Zanoni 338t w/i barque 139.2x23.4x14.611 February 1867Capsized off Ardrossan