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This page lists some of my favorite HP48 web sites as well as some public domain HP48 software. Some is written by myself, some by others. The HP48 is one of the coolest hobbies around, and I've enjoyed playing with it. Thanks HP!

Last updated October 18, 1999, but I didn't really do much...

Some good HP48 links, in no particular order:

Detlef's World - HP38G / HP48
James Donnelly's Calculator Page
Joseph K. Horn's Home Page
Jack Levy's HP48 Page
Keith Maddock's HP48 Page.
HP48 FTP sites
HP48 Best Programs List
HP's Handheld Devices page

Misc Info

comp.sys.hp48 HyperFAQ by Andre Schoorl. If you're new to the HP48, be sure to read this!
GX Tips A document describing methods for writing code that works on the SX and the GX.
Battery Drain Table A document showing the drain on your batteries during different operations.
A cool bitmap

Assembly language games

Diamonds 1.2 with the D.C.S. (SX only -- the D.C.S. works on SX/GX)

Diamonds 2.0 logo

Diamonds 2.0 play

VB Image here
Diamonds 2.0 with source code (SX/GX)
A new twist on the breakout concept! You must break out each brick, depending on your current brick mode. There are 50 levels included, and each one is an increasingly harder puzzle to solve. (But it's easy if you know how to cheat!)

I got the main ideas for Diamonds from Oliver Dreer's Macintosh Diamonds game. If you haven't tried his game, then I highly recommend it! It's definitely one of my favorites.

Diamonds for windows! This Visual Basic version of Diamonds 2.0 is by Carles P.V. He wrote the game in VB, and it works great in Windows on a pc. He did an excellent job, with great graphics, and great sound! Source code is included.

Shapes! Shapes! with source code (SX/GX)
A mastermind game, complete with scoring and a timed bonus.

Vaders 2.1 Vaders 2.1 (SX/GX) Get the game or get the source code.
A great Space Invaders clone by Joe Ervin. One of the HP48 original classics!

User-RPL games Who says you can't use User-RPL to write great games!?

Skunk Skunk (SX/GX)
Don't roll ones! A great game of chance that involves a certain amount of skill.

Magic Square Magic Square (SX/GX)
A game of logic that will drive you nuts! An example of interesting graphics done completely in User-RPL.

Miscellaneous Other

Bouncing ball animation (SX/GX)
Tank battle animation (SX/GX)

Factory Animation The Factory (SX/GX)

Backflip Animation Backflip (SX/GX) (SX version by Randy Ding)

HP38G Games

Diamonds 38 logo Diamonds 38 v1.0 (38G)
Thanks to Jean-Yves who came up with an Aplet frame without the bug where you can't delete the game. Thanks Jean-Yves! This frame, along with other 38G games are available on his page, shown below. Diamonds 38 v1.0 Source code is also now available.

Other good 38G pages to see:

Detlef Mueller has already ported a Hapaman beta, and he has some good info on 38G programming.

Jean-Yves Avenard has also done some great games for the 38G. (Arkanoiid, Xennon, Skwik, and more!)

Jim Donnelly's HP 38G Page is a definite must! He's got some great 38G information.

Colin Croft's HP38G HOME View is very complete. A great 38G page.

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