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  Maptest Monday - Give it a go! - CS_Strike  Posted Monday, October 7, 2002 - 6:59 PM CST by BlueMania
After a few hours of work, ive churned up another counter-strike map. This one is a lot smaller than my other maps, mainly, de_milano.
The map centers around a manor in the country-side with poorer shanty type houses surrounding the hillside. The map features plenty of trees, a nice terrorist base, fast fighting action and lots of suprises.
It should be a real treat to spice up another night of counter-strike.

Approximate start time will be 8:30, but more likly 9pm.
Check the forums here for more details such as the server IP.

Hotfix: Midnight Sky is missing, go here.
Select your Counter-strike directory for the archive.

  UT2003 Skirmish Tonight  Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2002 - 4:29 PM CST by Aravi
There will be a UT2003 skirmish tonight at 8PM, you can vote on the gametype here

  Small updates  Posted Sunday, September 29, 2002 - 3:09 AM CST by Jay
Well there's a few old news things in here, but I know there's a few of you who never pull your heads out of CS to notice anything so they're included anyway.

DGA 16 - Registrations Open
Another DGA Lan is on the way thanks to tn1 and the gang. Better get those regos in before it's too late. It's being held on the 19th October at the Greek School - more details and registrations at the DGA site.

Asheron's Call 2 - Public Beta
A public beta is open for people to give this MMORPG a whirl before it comes out and is pay for all on the shelves. The link to the download is a fileplanet link, if you have a better place to download from please say. Download the beta here.

Mandrake 9
Mandrake 9 has been fully released to all those Linux junkies out there, and for those who are willing to give open source OS's a whirl for the first time. See Mandrake Site for more details and available download mirrors (try your ISP first).

Tribes 2 - Patchz0r
It's only been about 7 months since the last patch for Tribes 2, not a suprise that this recent patch fixes quite a few things. Download

Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball
There's quite a few of you out there who enjoy Volleyball. I'm sure though many more would enjoy volleyball after a few hours of playing the latest Techmo offering for this well endowed game series. Too bad it's for the X-Box only. A new movie has been released from a recent Gameshow. Check it here.

UT2003 Demo Patch
Although the full thing is going to be released soon around October 11th. Lots of people are still pounding at the UT2003 so there's been a patch released. Get it.

Discuss this news in this forum thread

  5p33k 7h3 l33t????  Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2002 - 8:50 PM CST by Monkey
Seeing that there has been very little news posted I have taken it apon myself to add something for you all to think about.....

"'l33t1 speak' is a unique language because it cannot truly be spoken out loud nor can it successfully be handwritten; it is an Internet-based language reliant on the keyboard. It is, however, simple to learn and has much room for creativity."

Re-educate yourself

relax....we understand joo

l33t m45+3R

  New Server!!! - GU Tribes 2 Server  Posted Monday, September 9, 2002 - 8:17 PM CST by Jay
Thanks to Mephiston we now have a new server running under the Gamers Underground flag.

The server:

GU Tribes 2:

Note: You have may to upgrade your copy of Tribes 2 any way possible if you hvaen't touched the game for a while.

For any questions or problems contact Mephiston or in the relevant topic in the Servers section.

See here for more information.

Also for more technical problems, stability and performance of the server - harass SlyFox.

  MS Finally Plugs SSL Cert Vulnerability (Sort Of)  Posted Friday, September 6, 2002 - 5:16 PM CST by Aravi
Fixes for the SSL Certificate vulnerability in Internet Explorer, MS Office and Outlook are now available for WinNT and WinXP users. However, users of Win2k, Win98 and WinME will still have to wait.

Patches Available here

Sure took them long enough ;)

  Miscellaneous news items  Posted Thursday, August 29, 2002 - 8:49 PM CST by Aravi
Thomson and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, who own the patents to the MP3 and MP3Pro audio formats have changed the licensing terms on MP3 and MP3Pro decoders, Where previously decoders were exempt from licensing fees, there is now a small fee per decoder.

More info

Seagate have overcome a significant barrier in magnetic storage densities, while current technology can only support upto a 50 gigabits per square inch, their new HAMR technology can support upto 50 terabits per square inch

More info

And a way has been found to encode Dolby Digital 5.1 sound in AC3 format and burn it to CD-R in such a form as to be playable by a DVD player.
More info

  THG have reviewed the ATi Radeon 9700  Posted Wednesday, August 21, 2002 - 10:28 PM CST by Aravi
Toms Hardware Guide: ATi Radeon 9700 PRO - Pretender to the Throne

The articles title is somewhat misleading, as it does achieve a commanding lead over the GeForce 4 Ti in most tests. It appears do a better job of scaling to higher resolutions.

The review details the Radeons strengths and weaknesses rather well.

EDIT: A few more reviews, it is always better to take your information from multiple sources.

Sharky Extreme: ATi Radeon 9700
[H]ardOCP: ATi Radeon 9700 PRO Benchmarks
AnandTech: ATi Radeon 9700 PRO - Delivered as Promised

I would say that, at least for now, ATi are king of the performance hill.

  $116 trillion lawsuit filed by September 11 attack victims.  Posted Monday, August 19, 2002 - 5:15 PM CST by BlueMania
The victims intent is to sue Osama bin laden, associated family, companies, the taliban and government to gather the funds.
If you cant beat em, sue em?

CNN Story here: http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/08/15/attacks.suit/index.html

  SSL Cert. Vulnerability in IE and Konqueror  Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2002 - 5:21 PM CST by Aravi
There is a recently discovered flaw in Internet Explorer and Konqueror that could allow SSL Certificates to be faked.

Story here

Although I doubt many of you use Konqueror, the fix for the problem is already in CVS, more details here

  Winamp 3 Release & Others  Posted Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 11:05 PM CST by Jay
Winamp 3
Winamp 3 has now been fully released it is available for download at the Winamp site so go and download it now if you haven't already.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 1.04
Since the release of 1.03 online gaming for JKII has that bit more tolerable of course you are going to get the occasional try-hards who still find a way to use the occasional backstab but it's seriously better now. It has also seem to cut down the player base by a huge majority, of which now that cut player base seem to all be playing on 1.03 servers. Funny isn't that.

Anyway dust off your copy of JKII and give 1.04 a whirl online. Patch here.

Tribes 2
Seems that barely anyone plays Tribes 2 online these days. Of course there's a new patch out again which seems have balanced a few things out of course though there's probably still the mortar spammers. Although proper clan wars in Tribes 2 is pretty different story. Here's another game to dust off if you're looking for a nice variation from Counter-Strike evil. Of course vehicles rule, CTs drool. Then again you could just plain play like Dan. Patches here thanks to Ausgamers

Video Ezy Ex-Rental Sale
I'm not sure about the current state of Darwin Video Ezy (or if it's still there for that matter) but around Melbourne I've attended the local Video Ezy's Ex-Rental Sale. There was quite a few copies of lots of quality games going for very cheap. I saw Warcraft 3 going for about $40, Morrowind: Elder Scrolls 3 for $25, Operation: Flashpoint for $20, Jedi Knight II collector's going for $20, and C&C: Renegade for $16, although there are many others. Myself I picked up a copy of 'Devil may cry' and I'm loving it, there was a mad rush on the opening of the shop so if you haven't already been and planning to go see what they have now, don't be disappointed if you're left with the scraps. There's also a whole boatload of very new DVDs and Videos, too bad LoTR came out a little late.

nVidia DetonatorXP 30.82
They have been released and I'm sure they have some sort of stability and super performance increase again in these driver updates. Check them out here. If there's anymore nVidia bashing I'm going to call the wrath of the gods upon you (you all know who you are).

Again if anyone hasn't tried it yet. Try out the Lavasoft Ad-Aware. Crunch the spyware.

Discuss this news here.

  Eminence RePlanning  Posted Thursday, August 1, 2002 - 5:31 PM CST by Jay
Check out the Announcement in the Eminence section of the forums.

Coming soon is a soon skill points system, along with hopefully *cross your fingers* forum user integration.

Just me or people lost their replying skills.

Check it here.

If anyone is wondering why the GU forums have died. I think it would have to be thanks to the DGA Lan being on this weekend.

  Gamers-Underground  Posted Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 5:11 AM CST by Jay
Thanks to Imitation (you go girl) we have a IRC Channel running on the oz.org server.

Join: oz.org #Gamers-Underground

Hopefully with the proper use of this channel it will help this community grow. Other than the usual trout slapping that can happen it can be used for more a more interactive communication with people you need, and admins.

If you are having trouble connecting to the IRC Channel or haven't got a clue on how to use mIRC post or see this Topic on the Forum. Right Here

  WARNING! Virus at Hand!  Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 - 4:09 PM CST by Jay
If you have received an email from me be warned. Also as I am receiving about 20 emails from different people who obviously don't know they have it.

It is a virus called W32.Yaha.G@MM it is particularly annoying as it works to stop antivirus software. The virus tries to gathers email addresses from MAILTO links within *ht*, and *HoTMaiL* files, the Windows Address Book, and the MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo Pager contact lists. It will attempt to mail itself to these addresses, using SMTP.

Attachments are in the email and automatically subjects itself as Who is ur Best Friend, make ur friend happy, True Love, Dont wait for long time, Find a good friend, Best Friends, I am For u, and about a million others.

READ HERE! ---> McAfee

!!You do not have to activate the attachment to contract!!

Please take note there are also several versions virus.

Go to this site and download the Yaha.x removal tool by Symantec. Removal Tool Many of you may have got this virus from someone you know who knew me or the person who gave the virus to my machine.

See here for LOTS of information about the virus. May try to delete processes in use.

For more and please post comments here

  LindowsOS  Posted Friday, July 5, 2002 - 2:17 AM CST by paladin
Lindows has received its first reviews, and doesn't fare so well in them.
here is the newsforge review and here is the newsalert review.

  DGA #15 and Evolution 2 registration open.  Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 - 12:57 PM CST by tn1
Just a quick note to let everyone know DGA will be hold two LANs over the next two months, first of the list is DGA #15, the registration page is open you and you can sign up here, also the DGA Evolution 2 LAN is all set to go, you can sign up here and head over here for all the Comp details. Unseen and Crazy C will be the Comp admins, so email them if you have any questions.