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"Dream as if
you'll live
Live as if
you'll die
--James Dean

Jennie's Remote Holder

Pattern By: Jennie Gaskin (jgaskin@camtel.net)

Use worsted weight yarn and a G hook;
I'm sure it didn't take more than 1 ounce.

Chain 12, skip 1 ch and 3 sc in next ch. Sc in next 9 ch, 3 sc in last ch.

Continue working in free loops on other side of ch and sc in each loop. Don't join to first sc - you will be working in rounds. Now just sc in each sc until pouch is the length that is comfortable for your remote; you'll want it to be shorter than your remote so it will be easy to get out (don't want to slow those men down !) I think mine has 22 rows.

If you have wood turnings on your recliner: end your last round about 1/3 of the way across a long side by sl st in the next sc, don't break off, make a chain about 12" long and sl st in each ch back to the pouch, sl st another 1/3 of the way across the flat side, make a 12" chain, sl st in each ch back to the pouch, sl st in next sc and break off.

Now you can use these chain ties to tie it to your recliner like a holster If you have fabric furniture, follow the instructions up to the top of the pouch, then sl st in the next sc at the end of a long side (it doesn't really matter if it's not the end of the row; who's going to know with sc rows?). Turn; ch 1, sc in each sc on the long side. Repeat this last row until you have a flap that you can pin to your furniture with those upholstery screws that look like tiny corkscrews with a clear plastic cap.

Double Holster

To increase the size of the pouch, just increase the number of chains in your starting chain. If you want to put 2 remotes in the same pouch, what I would do is make a _wide_ pouch (more than twice as many chains) and then run a stitch down the middle by hand when you're through, to make it a "twin" pouch.

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Last Updated: March 4, 1998

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