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WDe V0.19 14k **** Home Docs 08/24/2002
WDe is my disk editor which I've written in pure assembly, so it's very small (9k). WDe still lacks a few minor features, but is still loaded with plenty of powerful functions for editing physical/logical/cd-rom drives such as dumping CDs as ISOs, saving/restoring bootsector/mbr/fat/root, and search functions for finding strings, directories & bootsectors (and loads more). WDe is free for personal use only, otherwise it must be licensed.

UnFormat V0.14b 3k **** Home Docs 02/05/2002
A beta release of my UnFormat command, which I've written in pure assembly, so it's very small (2k), to undo formats on Fat12/Fat16/Fat32 partitions. The current release is quite functional and seems stable, though it is mainly for testing as it is the first official public release and likely has a few bugs.

UnDelete V0.83b 15k *** Home Docs 02/01/2001
An UnDelete program I'm currently working on - although this version is a (seemingly stable) beta version, I aim to have it working well on all systems after I've gotten enough bug reports and ideas for further development. This version should be considered a test which *should* work on FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32.

SRCTools R5 8k **** Home Docs 01/01/2002
I've written SRCTools to save, restore, and check your boot sector, mbr and fat table to and from files to replace the old "stbfp" utilities that didn't support fat32. They can be used (for starters) to check for known/unknown bootsector/mbr virii or manually restore your second fat to the first (or vice versa).

Unerase V1.0 305k *** Home Docs 05/26/2001
Norton Unerase is this particular unerase program, and it's not all that bad. Though it's quite bloated (600k), it does have a nice dos text interface; the most important fact is that it supports FAT32. Other advantages over the microsoft undelete is that it shows the condition the file is in, you can view the file as text, and it lists all the files rather than having to specify what you want to undelete.

FP.SYS V1.5 2k **** Home Docs 12/17/2001
I have never seen ANYTHING like this particular freeware device driver. While only weighing in under 2k, and taking up about 3-5k of memory, this little device driver scans your entire drive for lost partitions, it then assigns read-only drive letters to them to allow you to recover data.

LFN-Tools V1.71 265k **** Home Docs 12/17/2001
LFN-Tools is a package of DOS command clones written to access "Long File Names" in native DOS.

DOSLFN V0.32e 131k **** Home Docs 06/22/2002
DOSLFN is a TSR that provides Real Mode DOS with LFN support, similar to the way it is in an MS-DOS Prompt window inside Windows 9x.


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