s AMBER: Journeys Beyond opens, you receive an e-mail asking you to help out an old friend and colleague, Dr. Roxanne ("Roxy") Westbridge. Roxy, a renowned paranormal researcher, has recently been developing technology that will allow her to communicate with disembodied spirits. Last you'd heard, Roxy had just purchased an old (reputedly haunted) house in the foothills of North Carolina. Apparently, she thought the house would be an ideal spot for some of her infamous, and rather unorthodox, paranormal research.

Unfortunately, when you arrive at Roxy's house to check on her progress, you find that... well... let's just say that things aren't quite right. Using high-tech paranormal devices you find in the house, you'll locate and track the house's ghostly residents. Once you have the AMBER technology up and running, you'll be able to leave the confines of your physical realm and follow the spirits into the worlds that lie just beyond this lifetime. If you're up to the challenge, you can lead the spirits to whatever is waiting for them on "the other side." Oh, and while you're at it, you just might do a very big favor for an old friend.

n creating AMBER, we had two major goals in mind. Our first was to create a game with a compelling storyline: One that would satisfy the player like a good novel satisfies the reader. Our second goal was to create a highly suspenseful gaming experience without resorting to the graphic gore and violence that is so commonplace in computer games today -- instead, we aimed for the kind of understated horror that Hitchcock created. As to whether we accomplished either of these goals? Well, that's for you to decide...




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