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Support continues to grow as the those nasty boys at Fox continue to shut sites down. Everyone is doing a good job contributing (in some way large or small)to the cause.... Included on this site are the list of protest and supporting sites that I am aware of, info on copyrights ,shut down sites, and a site that list some of the trademark wars on the net. Check out the Star Wars one in particuliar as it was resolved I believe to a successful conclusion.
This site has been updates as of August 2,97.
If you have a protest site E-Mail it to me and I will get it on ASAP.

Send the URL'S here
Send the URL'S here


Protest Sites:
Wagnerions SiteWagnerions Site |Pajoe's Page | Deidre's Site | Adam Lee's Site | Chael's Site | Lori Bloomers Site | Athairs Page |
Joan Leib's Site | Kelsy's Site | Charlie's page | Deb's Page | Mel's Page
Frohike/Harri page | Athair's Realm | Beth's Page | Centennium Web Site
Deirdre's Other Page | Gil Trevizo's Page | Tina Matysiak Page | Jack's Site | KateM's Page | Jason's Page | Yahoo's index page for protest sites. | Nanda (Dutch) Page | Vandal's Page | La voz está Ahí Afuera...Protejan las Páginas de los X-Philes | WWW Database: X-Files | Free Speech is Out There! | X-Files Worship | X-Protest | Free Speech is Out There...Protecting X-Phile Sites on the Web | FREE SPEECH IS OUT THERE | Simon Gouz(French)Page | Mexico |Chris Carkner Page | Jose's Protest page | Amanda's Page |Brians Page | |Brewers Page |Mulders Page

Supporting Sites!

Danny's Site | CapsLock | CapsLock (alt. site) | Cupcake | Isikeli (Australia) | Isikeli (U.S.) | Kabal | Kate | Kirsten | Kylas9 | Laith| Oz-Files | Pete Barden | Rhondda Lake | XF Romantics Protest Graphics | The Star Wars Fan Fiction Library Guide | Star Wars Fan Fiction Home Page | Archive X Frame Page | X-Files Top Ten Lists | Aaron's X-File Links Page | The X-Files Resource | Arquivo-X & Etc... | Who Am I ? | Eric's X-Files and Millennium Review and Links | Index | Beth's X-Page | Yet Another X-files Site | Rhians page |Brians Page | Support page | Aarons page | Tomcat - Spanish |James Shum Site |Wendy' Thomas Site |Legion of Believers Site |Sandra's Homepage

Site Shut Downs This page was shut down by Fox - Read it to see what Fox has in store for fans and for guidelines on how to make your site legal

More Shut down pages-- The Simpsons Archive: Guides and Lists | THIS SPACE FOR RENT

The Article's
The Hotwired Article (a must read!!!) | Total TV The Web Wars (a must read!!!) |Fox Fights Millinium Sites
Companies get Tough on Rouges |The Law and the Web
WEB WARS |The War Against Fandom

Fundementals of Copyrights (provided for reference)
Copyright Fundementals
Trademark Wars on the Web
Perspective's Copyright Article(this is a good article)

Organizations (provided for reference)
Electronic Frontier Foundations |FIST

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