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     Welcome to The FORT!
    The staff here would like to welcome you to Fans of Reality TV (aka "The FORT"). Feel free to browse our many articles, interviews, and show recaps for all of your favorite reality shows. We also have discussion forums for other shows, including 24, ER, Sopranos, CSI, Alias, Third Watch, and more. As a guest, you may look around and read as much as you want. After looking around a few times, you may want to register. Registration is simple and free, and gives you some great benefits:
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     Exclusive Content: Recent Articles
    Survivor 5: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 5: The Potion Surprise Posted by: [Paulie] on 10-16-2002 @ 09:18 PM
    Greetings, O, seeker of knowledge. I have prepared my parlor for your arrival. I think you’ll find that your favorite beverage is waiting. I knew you’d be wearing that marvelous outfit, as well. I selected a matching turban, as you can see. Please sit down and link hands with me. We’ll stare...
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    Survivor 5: "Going going Ghandia" - Episode 4 Recap by fluff Posted by: [fluff] on 10-16-2002 @ 12:11 AM
    "Going going Ghandia" Episode 4 recap.
    Is Monsoon-y a word? Let’s assume it is, and say that we start the show with Sook Jai returning from camp on a Monsoony night after having dispatched Jed/Jeb in quick fashion.

    Lesson one – Dancing with Jake

    Whenever a question is asked of you that you...
    Read More 0 votes -  average

    Survivor 5: Standing in the shadows - A collaboration Episode 4 Posted by: [fluff] on 10-15-2002 @ 02:32 AM

    Best move/strategy:
    I just don't know how he does it. Somehow Brian is a full-fledged member of the inner circle known as the "boys club," but it is not held against him like the others. Numerous comments about both Ted and Clay were made throughout the show by all three...
    Read More 0 votes -  average

    FORT Gear For Sale! Posted by: [John] on 10-12-2002 @ 10:17 PM
    Get great logo gear from our new store! Now through October 21, get $3 off T-shirts, mousepads, and coffee mugs. Shop today, and show all of your friends how much you love the Fort.
    Read More 0 votes -  average

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