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Imagine a program that combines the power and flexibility of vector and bitmap illustration software in one ultra-fast and easy-to-use package. CorelXARA™ offers a whole world of creative possibilities for the beginner and professional artist alike. Create stunning photo-realistic images using powerful artistic tools such as anti-aliasing, graduated transparency and stepless graduated fills. Instantly change the colors of your product illustration and artwork and save hours of work! The perfect compliment to CorelDRAW®, Corel VENTURA™ or any other DTP and graphics software, CorelXARA™ is the ideal solution for all your Internet and on-screen presentation graphics.

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Download the CorelXARA Viewer
Download the CorelXARA™
Viewer from XARA Ltd.

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Download the CorelXARA™ 1.2 Help file.
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System Requirements:
Category Windows®
Operating System Windows® 95 or Windows NT™ 4.0
CPU Type PC 486 DX or higher
Memory Minimum 8 MB RAM
Graphics VGA cards and monitor
CD-ROM Drive Speed Double-speed CD-ROM drive
Other Mouse or tablet
Sound board and speakers are optional for online documentation

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