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stories arranged by date posted. An enourmous thank you to Galia and Julie for the new collages for Flavours. New Story added 10/18/99 to the short stories section.

Finding each the midst

Short Stories

By the Water
This was my first post, stepping into the land of fanfic. Rated NC-17. Note: 'Wet Mulder=Sexy Mulder'. A find and a celebration, in the rain.

Mourning the Living
NC-17. Scully and Mulder, with some help from the Gunmen deal with the aftermath of Mulder's disappearence, presummed death, and return to the world of the living.

PG. Summary is impossible for this short piece. The title is telling.

Ruminations on Dead Cows
PG-13 (lots of bad language and a modicum of dead animal ooginess). Dead cows, lots of dead cows. And Scully-angst, lots and lots of Scully-angst ( Darkstryder gave it a 5 of 5 for angst) . However, this is also my most humorous piece.

Verse Two Written with Suzanna Post
PG. It's been one year since that Christmas when Scully learned the truth in the cliche 'be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.'

Strange Currencies
NC-17. Three years ago, Scully made a deal that kept Mulder alive, but separated them. Now, the terms of her contract seem to be changing, affecting both their lives and bringing them together again, under most unusual circumstances.

Portrait of a Family
R. Colonization has been thwarted, Samantha has been found. But the story is only beginning.

Longer Works

Collages by Galia

Reinventing the Future
A two-part work. My Masterwork to date. Rated R. "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -WMM
Bitter and Butter Pecan and the four-part Flavours follow up. R. I was very angry with Mulder after One Son. This story reflects that. Scully receives a series of unusual birthday suprises.


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The Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted This site is the best X-Files site around. A true haven for shippers. Karen filters through the sea of fanfic to find the true gems. Amy, a true webgoddess, is also resposible for the incredible collages here.

X-Files Intellegence: Views and Phenomena Another great site. Not shipper-exclusive, but definately shipper friendly. Weekly debates and chats, featured essays on the X-files, trivia, a growing fanfic archive, a wonderful message board, and an 'advice' collum are just a few of the treats you'll find at Julie and Jan's great site.

John Byers, Reluctant Conspiracy Theorist I adore the gunmen. Particularly, I adore Byers. This site is new but growing under the devotion of a webmistress who's as big a fan as I.

X-Files University I love this place. The concept and the realization are both incredible. And a heck of a lot of fun.

Links to Fanfic Archives
Karen and Amy, Julie and Jan are not the only ones who have archived me. Being archived is a great compliment. A big thank you to those who host me in their own lairs. Visit them all. They have some incredible works on their shelves.

Darkstryder. In addition to her own fanfic, she has a great collection of other's works. All stories are rated according to their angst level. If you like the darker side of the X-Files like I do, this is a great place to visit.

X-plicit Disclosures. 'Dedicated to Angst, Conspiracies, and the finer things in life' according to RaeLynn, the site's host. Check out her incredible images while you're there.

The Truth Distorted. 'When ordinary angst just isn't enough'...., check out Anna Otto's site. A trove of stories in which Mulder and/or Scully join the Consortium. Check out Anna's own stories too.

Visions of the Truth is Galia's fabulous archive. Visually a delight and chock-full of fabulous stories.

Beaker's Reading Corner meemeemee mee. Beaker's got a great little archive and a fabulous alter ego. Drop by for a four foot prune and some great stories.

Other Author's Archives: My Big Three.

Rachel Anton, Shalimar , Lydia Bower .
I couldn't choose a favorite among these. Rachel Anton writes incredible sex, makes you laugh, and I read every story over and over. Shalimar is the queen of bitter, angry sex, but she can also write the sweetest story I've ever read ('Camp'). Lydia... what can I say about Lydia? I think every story she wrote and will write has won an award, with good reason. Go find out for yourself.

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