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Thursday, 10.17.2002  
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XSL Transformation With Xalan - March 20, 2002
If you've been following along, you already know how to parse XML documents using both SAX and the DOM with the Java-based Xerces XML parser. But why stop there? In this article, take your Java/XML skills to the next level by converting your XML into other formats with the very powerful Xalan XSLT engine

XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces
Articles in this series:
  1. XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces (part 1)
  2. XML Parsing With DOM and Xerces (part 2)

XML Parsing with SAX and Xerces
Articles in this series:
  1. XML Parsing With SAX and Xerces (part 1)
  2. XML Parsing With SAX and Xerces (part 2)

XPointer Basics - December 12, 2001
You already know how to link XML documents together with XLink, and isolate specific nodes or node collections with XPath. Now uncover the third and final piece of the XML linking jigsaw - XPointer, an experimental technology from the W3C, which allows you to create XML links to specific points or ranges within an XML document.

XSL Transformation With PHP And Sablotron - November 30, 2001
So you've got your XML, and you've also got an XSLT stylesheet to format it. But how do you put the two of them together? Fear not - you can use PHP's Sablotron extension to perform XSLT transformation of XML data on the server. This article tells you how.

Understanding XML Schema - October 15, 2001
Imagine a technology that offered you all the power of a DTD without the associated unpleasantness of those strange symbols and arcane commands. Sounds too good to be true? Say hello to XML Schema.

XLink Basics - October 05, 2001
If XML is to get anywhere near as popular as HTML is today, it needs to address a pretty basic requirement: the ability to connect different pieces of data together. Luckily, the W3C has a solution...and it's called XLink. Read on for the scoop.

The Fundamentals of DTD Design - September 27, 2001
Ever tried to read a DTD, and failed miserably? Ever wondered what all those symbols and weird language constructs meant? Well, fear not - this crash course will get you up to speed with the basics of DTD design in a hurry.

XSL Basics
Articles in this series:
  1. XSL Basics (part 1)
  2. XSL Basics (part 2)

XPath Basics - August 15, 2001
One of the fundamental constructs for XSL transformations and XML links, XPath is nonetheless one of the lesser lights of the XML universe. However, if you're serious about developing your XML skills, you need to know it inside out - and this tutorial has all you need to get started.

XML Basics
Articles in this series:
  1. XML Basics (part 1)
  2. XML Basics (part 2)

Using PHP with XML
Articles in this series:
  1. Using PHP with XML (part 1)
  2. Using PHP with XML (part 2)

Introduction to Cocoon, XML XSL - March 22, 2001
This tutorial will guide you through setting up Tomcat and Cocoon to serve XML pages, then you will create a DTD, XML file and three XSL stylesheets so that you can view your data in your desktop browser, a cell phone browser and a pdf file.

Essential Resources for XML Professionals - December 11, 2000
Looking to expand your current grasp of XML, or perhaps just starting with your quest to XML enlightenment? Then look no further. We bring you, "The Essential Resources for XML Professionals."

XML Enterprise Content Management Roundup - September 20, 2000
Even using the best XML editor, without a delivery infrastructure in place, you're building a collection of isolated XML trees with none of the benefits of the forest. An XML page in isolation is little more than a glorified HTML page. But pile XML pages into a documentation database with the right software, and you have all the benefits of an infinitely expandable, platform-dependent tag structure with infinite reuse capability and self-testing validation and automation capacities.

An Introduction to XML - October 21, 1999
XML is an acronym for "Extensible Markup Language". XML is the latest, powerful , platform-independent and content-dependent technology in the internet development. Learn all about it here.

Related articles:

Using Perl With WDDX in Perl - August 07, 2002
Think there's no such thing as platform independence? Think again. This article introduces you to WDDX, a platform-neutral way to exchange data structures across the Web, and shows you how you can put it to work using the Perl WDDX module.

XML Sockets in Flash in Flash - April 02, 2002
The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize readers with the XMLSocket object in Flash, it's methods and properties. Teach the reader the more common methods of using the XMLSocket object, and then open the reader up to the possibilities allowed by the XMLSocket Object.

Using Perl With XML (part 2) in Perl - February 01, 2002
They say there's more than one way to skin a cat - and that's twice as true when you're a Perl developer. In this concluding article on XML parsing with Perl, find out how the XML::DOM package provides an alternative technique for manipulating XML elements and attributes, and compare the two approaches to see which one works best for you.

Using Perl with XML (part 1) in Perl - January 15, 2002
Converted your little black book into XML, and don't know what to do next? This article gets you started on the path to being an XML guru, demonstrating how to use Perl's SAX parser to parse and convert your XML into Web-friendly HTML.

Using XML-RPC with PHP in PHP - December 20, 2001
Do you want your Perl code on one server to call your PHP functions on another? "Impossible!" you say? Not with XML-RPC. XML-RPC is a standard way for any application to make requests and recieve responses from methods written in any language. Interested? I knew you would be.

Data Exchange with XML, WDDX and PHP in PHP - September 13, 2001
You may never have heard of it before - but if your job involves exchanging data between different servers and applications, you're going to be hearing a lot about it very soon. Find out how WDDX makes it possible to create and transmit platform-neutral data structures across the Web, and how it can be combined with PHP to create a whole new generation of Web applications (including new content syndication and financial update services).

Underwhelmed by WAP - Impressions from the coalface in Brain Dump - June 13, 2000
"Being able to make use of the mobile phone companys' billing systems to allow for online purchasing is an awesome opportunity. There can be hardly any doubt that somehow, somewhere, somebody will figure out how to do it right, but on the evidence to date, WAP/WML is not the answer."<br> <br> Reprinted from <a href=></a> with permission.

WAP-Enabling a Website with PHP3 in PHP - June 12, 2000
Ever wonder what it took to get a site to work on those new "web-enabled" cell phones? This short tutorial will do just that by giving you the basics of making your site WAP-enabled using PHP. Reprinted from with permission.

ENHYDRA Open Source Java/XML Application Server Available On CD in Developer News - March 08, 2000
ENHYDRA Open Source Java/XML Application Server Available for First Yime on CD, Includes Inprise's JBUILDER 3 FOUNDATION. Open Source Enhydra to be distributed at ApacheCon, bundled with April issue of Enterprise Linux Magazine.

Apache Embarks on XML Project in Developer News - November 08, 1999
The non-profit Apache Software Foundation has said that it will develop new Extensible Markup Language (XML) tools with the help of larger companies such as IBM and Sun Microsystems.

Books related to XML:
Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI
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