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full length out by december
also in the works is the wrapping up of a self released full length album to be released very soon! songs included will be all time lows, i saw it on your keyboard, shimmy shimmy quarter turn, two weeks in hawaii, oh angie, figures a and b, touchdown turnaround, if you wanna... i might, bonnie taylor shakedown y2k1, welcome to the record, and call and return. the songs will be re recorded and/or touched up by me, again. once released we will also begin taking mail orders, and will have shirts and hoodies to sell as well. we we're thinking for the title either a song title or a lyric. one that represents hellogoodbye and that we can work with in a theme for the layout. please post suggestions for titles/concepts in the "talk amoungst yourselves" thing!!! if we use your idea we'll give you a cd and a shirt when it comes out. also i just want to anticipate how much interest there is in a hellogoodbye cd. so let me know! - signed, forrest
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intensity in10cities tour!
this winter hellogoodbye and melee plan to hit the road from december 26th to january 4th. we need help getting totally hot shows in all the cities we plan to visit, floors to sleep on, and you to tell all your friends to come see us play if we hit your area! check out the tour plan to see where we estimate we'll be headed and see if you can help out! we would truely love you forever for anything you can contribute. IM me at thefinitetime or email if you can help book us a show or will let us sleep at your house (and show us around town too if you want!). - signed, forrest
related link: THE TOUR PLAN
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request hellogoodbye on 94.3!
we were played on cool 94.3 fm "go loco" (an awesome local show) last sunday night so now everyone should go ahead and call them at 714 977 1943 and tell them to play 'call and return' on sunday nights between 8 and 12 pm. lets show tazy and 94.3 how many kids wanna hear hellogoodbye, cause i don't think he likes us. haha. even if you can't pick up this station where you are that'd be super hot if you called and asked them to play us! - signed, forrest
related link: go loco site
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new website!
yea! i got the winter issue of the site up! hope everyone likes it. lemme know by clicking the "talk amoungst yourselves" link. always use that to discuss related subjects! i like to read what you guys say and its convenient for me to respond on here. just cause summer is over doesn't mean the fun should stop. hellogoodbye should be playing lots of weekend shows coming up and sneak out on the weeknights and have some fun :) - signed, forrest
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review of the chain show
holy crap guys! that show was incredible. that was the most fun i've had in a long time, and i always have lots of fun. i had a BLAST! kids danced, sang, went crazy and all of our friends we all over the stage getting naked and going wild. it was intense. i think we showed chain reaction what we can do! thanks SOOO much for all of your support! our merch sold in like 5 minutes! we will have more at the next show and if stuff goes this well for a little longer we will finally have the funds to release a cd! won't that be great!!! so keep the support going! we love you all so much. - signed, forrest <3
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