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SmackDown! Results, 7/04/02
Edge and Hogan win the Tag Team Championship!
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In a locker room, Chuck was stretching for his title match on SmackDown! when Billy entered the room. Billy said that since it was the Fourth of July, they were going to have a picnic right there. Billy then produced a couple hot dogs and the two started munching down before Rico showed up. Rico was furious that the duo were eating junk food and not preparing for their Tag Team Championship Match against Hogan and Edge.

The Tag Team Championship was on the line, as Billy and Chuck defended their title against Edge and Hogan, who made his way to the ring accompanied by his "Real American" theme song, an American flag and red, white and blue feather boas! Chuck gained control with a double-arm suplex on Edge midway through the match. Billy tagged in and followed with another suplex and got a two-count. Billy held Edge outside the ring while Chuck distracted the ref, allowing Rico to get involved. Rico aimed a kick at Edge, who moved and watched Billy take the brunt of the kick!

Edge continued to fight. He hit Chuck with a facebuster and managed to tag in his partner. Hogan dropped both Billy and Chuck with right hands to the head. He then smashed the champs' heads together and nailed a Big Boot to Billy. Hogan went to hit the leg drop, but Chuck thwarted the attempt with a superkick! Hogan struggled to his feet and tagged in Edge, who leaped off the top rope and hit a double clothesline. Rico once again got involved, tripping Edge from outside the ring. This time, the Hulkster grabbed the stylist and planted him onto the ring apron. Hogan and Edge teamed up in the ring to each hit a Big Boot on Chuck then crashed down with a pair of leg drops which allowed Edge to get the pin! Edge and Hulk Hogan are the new Tag Team Champions! The new champs celebrated with a waving flag and the arena singing along to Hogan's "Real American" theme song.

Chris Jericho took on WWE newcomer John Cena, who was competing in front of a hometown crowd in Boston. Cena took down Y2J and delivered a series of right hands to the head. Cena catapulted Jericho into the turnbuckle and smashed him with a facebuster. Jericho fled the ring to regroup and Cena followed, only to be struck down with a tough clothesline. Back in the ring, Cena countered Jericho's axe handle from the top rope with a drop kick. A bulldog got him a two count. Cena almost got himself in trouble, but managed to reverse Y2J's attempt at the Walls of Jericho into a rollup that again got a two-count. Cena got another two count after a spinebuster soon after. Cena fought hard, but in the end Jericho cracked Cena with a Flashback and put his feet on the ropes to get leverage for the pinfall! After the match, Jericho held out his hand but smacked Cena when he went to shake it. Cena retaliated by whirling Jericho into a spinning body slam that caused Jericho to tumble out of the ring.

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