Gnubies meets the second Wednesday of each month at the IBM building 590 Madison Ave.

Wednesday October 9, 2002 Gnubies Meeting - Alex Khalil

Gnubies in the News at Newsforge

"Software Freedom and the GNU Generation" GNUbies talk by Bradley Kuhn (Executive Director of the FSF) in Ogg Vorbis format:
Part 1, Part 2

Peruvian Congressman's Open Letter to Microsoft
Go to links to recording of Eben Moglen on "Freedom and the Future of the Net: Why We Win" at ISOC-NY
Alerts on Technology and Civil Liberties (EFF)

Linux Distribution Comparisons
IBM Tutorials mentioned at September 2002 Meeting

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IMPORTANT! Please note the post-September 11, 2002 procedures for meetings at IBM


The GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners Group
What we are all about

New York City

Thanks to IBM's generously providing us with the space as part of
their support for Linux, we have been meeting
at the IBM building, 590 Madison Ave. in NYC.
the second Wednesday of each month
We plan to have additional meetings each month pending additional space

Some of our upcoming meetings will be as follows:

(Note new procedure)

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

6:30 General Q&A

7:00 Alex Khalil


An Overview of GNU/Linux for Gnubies

at the IBM building, 590 Madison Ave.
(57th Street and Madison Avenue)

(Note Security Procedures below)

Security procedures for meetings at IBM

Due to the recent WTC tragedy, Since Sept 11, 2002, IBM has implemented new security measures. We are now required to provide a list of attendees to our meetings in advance. If you are planning on attending this meeting you will need to mail us your name (follow link and make the first line of the message your full name with Subject "October 2002 Gnubies" .) for this list of attendees. (Our contact at IBM has told us that the names will only be used for security purposes.) You will also need to present a photo ID when you come in order to be let in to the meeting at which point you will be given the room number. (We are sorry we have had to implement these procedures in order to hold the meeting. We hope that these measures will be temporary and that future meetings can once more be fully free and open to the public.

If you know of other additional space available please let us know. Suggestions are welcome.
(Of course, the only information we will give to IBM is your name and only if you provide it for this purpose.)

Slides from February 2002 meeting:
Tom Dyas "Overview of GNU/Linux"

Slides from January 2002 meeting:
Tom Dyas "Getting and Installing Free Software from Source Made Easy"

Some Links Related to David Sugar's Aug 2001 presention
"GNU/Linux Telephony,DotGNU and You" What is Bayonne?
Bayonne User Manual
From Singapore - Best New Enterprise Application - Infrastructure - Open Source Telecom - Bayonne

FreeDevelopers: DotGNU: .GNU to Face Down .NET
GNU Announces DotGNU and GNU Mono to Replace Microsoft .NET
The DotGNU Project July 4, 2001 issue

Text for Vagn Scott's Gnubies talk on July 11, 2001
"A Whirlwind Tour of Unix Architecture"

Sample PPP setup information for GNU/Linux
from an excellent very GNU/Linux friendly ISP (Eskimo North)

Some links from the October 11, 2000 meeting
Linux Document Project
The Jargon File
ESR's Home Page (Eric Steven Raymond)

Software Sources

Some Related Links from August 9, 2000 meeting
Linux, Shells Unix & Shells Online Man Pages Unix Intro+
Unix Intro+ Intro to Unix Shell Scripts zsh FAQ
Cygwin, zsh, rxvt zsh (shell configurations) Scripts

Some Other Links
The Linux Gurus: "Incredibly Simple Shell Programming"
The Beginners Linux Guide @ ILUG: Basic Shell Commands
Command and Shell User's Guide
Bash Prompt HOWTO Bash shell commands Basic command reference for UNIX/Linux
A Beginner's Guide to Linux - Common Commands

We look forward to seeing you at these meetings.
We appreciate the generosity of IBM
for providing us with space for our meetings.

Please let us know if you know of additional locations in New York City that might be interested in hosting our meetings.

Warning for all Installfests
You should try to figure out what hardware you have
before you start installing GNU/Linux...

Click here for Checklists

Make certain your hardware is functioning and
be sure to backup your data before installing Linux!

Slides from April 11th Paul Lea Presentation

Links for installing connectors to cat 5 cable from Richard Weinberg:

Upcoming Local Events of Interest

Casandra's Calendar

[New Link]

Links to audio for talk by Eben Moglen
(General Counsel for FSF, Columbia Law School Professor of Law & Legal History)
on "Freedom and the Future of the Net: Why We Win"
at ISOC-NY Tuesday, MAY 14, 2002.
Listen online:
mp3 version    Real Player version
Download: Talk (13MB mp3)   Q & A (8.5MB mp3)
Awaiting/Hoping for Ogg Vorbis version


Links to audio and transcript for Richard Stallman's Speech on May 29, 2001 at NYU
on "Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation".
The Transcript
The speech in ogg vorbis format    Part One from FSF    Part Two from FSF
or download them from punkcast
(you can use, for example xmms or look for a player at freshmeat):

Local Linux Users Groups


The Linux Society of NYPC
Anynix of NYACC

more links from previous meetings

N.Y. for Fair Use



Installation Links
Linux Hardware Compatibility Links

If you have topics you particularly want covered in upcoming meetings or
other suggestions, you can e-mail us here

If you you have not been getting our email announcements and want to be notified of future meetings,
please mail us HERE with a subject line of Please add to list.

All updates, links and future announcements appear here first.
Please continue to check back
Previous meetings:

September 4, 2002: Randy Wright: Networking & Security for GNUbies
August 14, 2002:Alex Khalil:Ad Hoc Topics for GNUbies
July 10, 2002:Bradley M. Kuhn Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation: Software Freedom and the GNU Generation

June 12, 2002: Wendell Anderson: "GNU/Linux Distributions - Which One for You?"
May 8, 2002: Tom Dyas: Easy Programming for GNUbies
April 10, 2002: Ari Jort: I've Decided to Install GNU/Linux - Now What?
March 13, 2002: Alex Khalil: Questions and Answers about GNU/Linux
February 13, 2002: Tom Dyas: Overview of GNU/Linux with Q&A
January 9, 2002: Tom Dyas "Getting and Installing Free Software from Source Made Easy"
December 12, 2001: David Hand: "Putting Together a Linux Box (or buying one)"
November 14, 2001: Ari Jort: "Free Software Email and Privacy -- GPG"
October 10, 2001: Ari Jort: "Free Software Email and Privacy -- Introduction"
------ no meeting September 12th, 2001 due to September 11th disaster ------
August 8, 2001: 7:00 David Sugar: GNU/Linux Telephony and DotGNU for You
July 11, 2001: Vagn Scott: A Whirlwind Tour of Unix Fundamentals
with examples and discussion

June 13, 2001: Chris Molnar: The GNU/Linux Desktop
May 9, 2001: Jay Sulzberger: The Logical and Social Structure of Easy Programs: How Free Software Makes Programming Easy
April 11, 2001: Paul Lea: GNU/Linux Home Networking and Samba...
March 14, 2001: Jay Sulzberger: GNU Standard Tarballs, the Debian package system, call with current continuation, and TCO/ROI of small office lans
February 14, 2001: Ari Jort: Fun and Learning with the Bash Shell
January 10, 2000: Alex Khalil: Program Installation
December 13, 2000: Wendell Anderson: Linux Distributions: Which One for You?
November 8, 2000: Jim Gleason: Linux Hardware
October 11, 2000: Michael Smith: Learning GNU/Linux
September 13, 2000:Alex Khalil: Linux Troubleshooting and General Q&A
August 9, 2000 Bruce Ingalls:Introduction to the OS Shell
July 12, 2000 David Solomonoff: Battling Web Bugs & Tainted Cookies:Part 3: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers...
June 14: David Solomonoff: Part 2: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers against both hackers and intrusive commercial/marketing entities.Finding your vulnerabilities - Saint
May 19: David Solomonoff: Part 1: Securing Linux or BSD novice users' home/personal computers against both hackers and intrusive commercial/marketing entities.
May 10: Alex Khalil: Full Q&A Session
April 28: Wendell Anderson: Linux Distributions
April 12: Dr. Ruben I. Safir: Three ways Linux can improve your life, change society and empower the user: Practical tools for Linux.
March 31st,Randy & Lucia Wright: Basic Navigation in Linux
Saturday, March 4th, Installfest from 11am-5pm
February 25th, Q&A, Preparing to install Linux (Mandrake demo)
January 27th (Q&A,RH6.1 Installation Demo)
First meeting: Friday December 17, 1999: (Q&A, Corel Linux Installation, Navigation)

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